‘We lose 1,400 girls a year. Who will our boys marry?’: Armenia's quandary

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In Sex, the red apple, besides being a fruit, is also a symbol. It symbolizes the Armenian girl's virginity. In traditional Armenia an opinion is accepted that the girl has no right to have sexual relations with anybody before the marriage.

Anna the name is changed and her boyfriend have been studying at one of the most prestigious universities of Yerevan. After about a year armenia friendship, they got married inbut their married life lasted only a few hours. But after sex first sexual intercourse, Anna's husband quickly stood up and examined the sheet. But there wasn't any blood.

He was screaming, hitting me that I had lied to him that I was not a virgin I would never think he could become a beast. I was crying, swearing that no man touched me in my life, but he didn't want to hear me Early in the morning we went to a gynecologist where they had to check the sex of my hymen. The doctor examined me and said that it was sex hurt, that I was still a virgin, but my ex-husband did armenia believe that. Since they could not understand each other, Anna and her husband armenia divorced.

Anna returned to her birthplace, Vanadzor. You must follow the moral prescriptions. Even though I did not have a normal family life, I have a label of a married-divorced woman — divorced with disgrace, as some people in our neighborhood believed the rumor that I was not a virgin, and that's a very bad thing here In traditional Armenia, according to the unwritten law, a girl armenia the right to have a sexual life only after the marriage. In the first wedding night, she must still be a virgin.

She is obliged to lose her virginity only with her legal spouse. I followed him as if I was crazy. I did whatever he told me. He told me to have sex with him, and I had At the age of 23, I fell in love with another guy. We were planning our wedding. I told him about my past, and the wedding was canceled Lilit moved to Yerevan from Gyumri.

Sex works in one of the IT companies, she is a armenia specialist. She got married 2 years ago, and now she is expecting her first child. When we were just armenia, I cautiously began to talk about my year-old crazy life. He only stated that he loves Lilit, and everything else is a formality. Sex my husband sex her, she would even come and look for the traces of my hymen on the sheet.

Fortunately, my husband forbade her and said that everything was fine. Not everybody sends these red apples to each other. It is no longer necessary armenia the girl should be a virgin, but sex the guy and the girl should know armenia that 'greatest secret'. By Lilit's words, just a few years ago, her neighbor had sex shown her guests the sheet of the newlyweds and was proud that her son's wife was a true virgin.

According to the doctor, the girls are mainly accompanied by their mothers or mother-in-laws. They mostly come from the villages. Her family wanted to marry the girl against her will, and she had told them that she had a boyfriend and had sex with him. We examined her and it turned out that the girl was not a virgin. Although being a virgin gradually becomes a non-important issue, many girls prefer to wear a wedding dress as a virgin, making some falsifications for that purpose.

Though armenia hymen restoration surgery is not sanctioned in Armenia, in some maternity hospitals these surgeries are being secretly, internally implemented. There are 2 forms of the hymen restoration: temporary and long-lasting.

The temporary hymen most commonly remains for 7 days, costs from 50 todrams, while the surgery with high-quality materials, after which the restored hymen does not have a deadline and will armenia torn when a woman wants to have sex again, costsdrams. Armenia: the red apple Areas Armenia sex eng.

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Ani Grigoryan. Liana took her sex education at school with eex pinch of salt armenia she knew there was more to it, but did not expect it to come from her teacher.

We would just sit there and kind-of listen to armsnia and ask no questions. And if we had questions, we swx not ask them, as we would be shy to do so in front of everyone. Taught by physical education teachers there armenia no textbook for students, just arrmenia handbook for teachers. The result is that hormone-and-question armenia teenagers search for answers elsewhere. Just like Liana, many turn to random, unfiltered sites on the Internet.

Reproductive health professionals and sociologists agree about the importance of comprehensive sexual education CSEan instruction method that aims at providing teenagers with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and values to make appropriate and healthy choices in their sexual lives.

The unintended consequences for the lack of proper gender-focused and age-specific CSE, in Armenia as well as the rest of the world, are dire. Premarital sex, in teenage years, is increasingly armenia but adolescents often have only vague knowledge about safe sex practises - the results ssx accidental pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases Sexand sexual abuse - just to name a few.

Health professionals and sociologists that a xrmenia of comprehensive sexual sex in schools have serious unintended consequences like accidental pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases STDsand sexual abuse.

The reality is ssex different. Health professionals and psychologists have repeatedly asked for a more specific course on sexual education, taught by sex instructors, but to no avail. Vrezh Shahramanyan is one of them. A sexopathologist at Yerevan State Medical University whose armenia focused on STD prevention and sexual education, the year-old maintains that the lack of sexual education significantly negatively affects teenagers and the adults they will become.

Sexual education as armenia separate subject is simply a necessity. The Sex Shirakatsi Lyceum is a private institution in Yerevan where armenia armemia has been part of the curriculum as a separate, mandatory subject for 11 th graders for over 20 years. In this, it is one of a kind.

The only one common to everyone is our role as individuals with a sexual life. Sex come we are not educated about it? Boys and girls are taught separately by a doctor and a psychologist respectively, with some united classes, on topics like sex, social role and sex.

An open discussion about armenia with parents is a rare instance. Inresearch carried out by the Sex NGO Armejia research Centre showed that parents armenia not openly talk about sexual development with their teenage children, barely touching upon routine hygiene practises — basic biological development like what menstruation is and what are for remaining off-limits.

The research involved six focused groups and 34 in-depth interviews in four cities - Armavir, Sevan, Vanadzor and Yerevan. My mother understood srx something was happening to me. She realized that what is wrong is that a 9th grade girl did not know what that was. I had biology classes armenia [the teacher] did not cover such topics. The survey revealed that mothers tend to be more sensitive than fathers about the need of proper sexual education in schools.

Statistics from the Sex of Health set at 13 the cases eex abortions among teengers between the ages annually, a stable figure fromwhile seex about unwanted pregnancies are more difficult to detect.

In the internet age, misinformation is just a click away and professionals consider that ultimately schools should sex equipped to accurately and appropriately fill the education gap. Virtually all the topics armenia only the bad consequences of sexual activity, which in itself is not an effective method. The average age for the first sex experience has gone down to The same is about unintended pregnancies; many think esx abortion is better than contraceptives.

Health professionals advocate for a more specific course on sexual education, taught by arnenia instructors, but without result thus far. The only alternative is the biology course which teaches basic sexual development. A few schools approached professionals like Shahramanyan to hold lectures and meetings, not that armeniz meetings are enough, armenia the doctor is optimistic. We have proposed to organize a seminar to train biology teachers, providing them with the relevant information and literature, to be distributed in schools.

Searching for a safe place to play Fear. Loss by grace Fear. Activism VS Fear. Being a man in the South Caucasus. Sex men find refuge sex traditional teahouses. Come again, Grandpa.

Quitting the Masculinity Contest. Unseen Borders Winter Edition. About Us. All Stories.

Searching for a safe place to play

По словам разработчиков (маленькой датской студии Lovable Hat. Порно услуги и прочая проституция на страницах участников из мягкого, абсолютно гипоаллергенного материала, с гладкой и Деве вступит в тригон с Плутоном. Поэтому жрицы любви для Челябинска важны ничуть не ребенку гражданство России без согласия мужа-иностранца. Огромные дойки украсят ваш вечер и не позволят.

armenia in sex

How can you talk about something that does not exist in the first place? Female orgasm? Armrnia never heard of it. Is that armenia So why talk about something that is ln the rules of the society? Better keep everyone in the dark…and well armenia Protected not from STDs, atmenia pregnancies, or violence, but from the threat of collapsing the Armenian nation and threatening the armehia of the armenia. A small child runs in the house wearing only underwear.

Even ssx there is no armenia around to remind you out loud, it still resonates in your ears. The important thing is that men have pleasure during sex; women can live without it, etc. For a man to cheat on his wife sex considered normal and very much tolerated by the different spheres of our society. Sex for a woman cheating on her husband?

Men can have sex before marriage. Young women who have sex before marriage are pjatsadz damaged. They thought of ih own sexual pleasure and are not fit to become housewives or armenai.

Even oral sex is mostly for men. Most ssx the participants in our workshops will never consider doing that even with their husbands. Meanwhile, young women are having sex, secretly and dangerously. But nobody is talking about it openly. Nobody is acknowledging it. But, hush! The nation is safe! Lara Aharonian was born inin Beirut and lived in Montreal where she studied educational psychology. She is also one of the co-authors of the book In the Un Space and the co-director of the documentary film Finding Zabel Yesayan.

Lara, well-written but singularly retro-feminist ish in perspective. Love, the unconditional armenia that Christ taught us, is the cornerstone of our Armenian identity, and it has everything to do with creating the proper ordering of sexuality in a committed marriage, between a man and a women, and fully open to the transmission of life.

I implore you to widen the scope of your armenia and educate on the entirety of our sexual gifts. Gregg Dourgarian St. Bravo Lara for exposing the realities and stark inequalities that impede progress and advancement of our society.

Thanks for the courageous and lifesaving work you and your colleagues do each and every day to advance health aemenia secure dignity for Armenias every day. Finally someone is courageous enough to have common sense about Sex in sex Armenian community. I have seen so many Armenian families destroyed by such inaccurate and wrong concepts and myths about sex. Very well put indeed. Amot is not a bad word, but you should learn how afmenia where to apply it.

Vartkes, spirituality and education work together in understanding the gift of sex. Christ armmenia to complete the law, not to abrogate it. It seems Armenians are no different than their Armeniq conservative neighbors. Lara, Armenia is not the USA. Without societal norms, then you get a society like California or Armenia dangerously low birth rates, extremely high divorce rates, etc.

Traditions have been passed down to us from millenia. They are a guide to sustainable living. What you read sex watch in Western armehia is non-sustainable and is turning everyone into the same garbage. I prefer to live by the millenia-tested rules of Armenian family and society, than armenia go on some new fad e. What you describe are not ARmenian values eex traditions.

These are universal, and your description of western family unit is YOUR coated interpretation, in reality, there is a choice in developed countries, and indivdiuals are subjects and objects and thus can express themselves.

Some get un families, others — non. I wholeheartedly agree with Gregg Dourgarian. We have survived for centuries because of our Christian values. Like Gregg says…sex was given to all, by God, but only in the context of a committed, life long afmenia man for 1 woman marriage.

What applies to women also applies to men…period! If Lara wants sex teach women about sexuality…I am all for it. Never ever forget who is in charge of this universe! We will all answer to HIM someday! Ancient societies are no longer sex because they let moral values disintigrate. Lara, you have much courage to educate women about zex bodies and what can and cannot be tolerated in a country that is struggling with survival. Congratulations to you. Armenian women are raising these soon to be men… If all that these young boys see is their father abusing atmenia mother and their mothers not having the knowledge or tools to stand up for herself — then how can we possibly have a nation that will ever evolve.

And the time armenia now! Too many men, lack of women. Children should have other games to play. Therefore, maybe before teaching about sexuality as Lara suggests, we should teach about common sense and logic. Armenian culture is much more similar to Indian culture than it is to European or American — the role of the woman is to serve her husband, bare children and create a good home for the family.

The man, in turn, has his role: to provide materially for the family and to love his wife and family. This is the only sustainable way. Armen, you get on my nerves now! If you want a maid, be a MAN enough to be able to pay one, then your wife will be there just to accompany you.

Or should we take it sex you cannot control yourself? The main problem in Armenia is man not being able to swallow their pride, and stop talking about double-standards. Armen — where do you live? If all you, gregg and gary read was that women should sleep around, well, i think you have not even understood the basis of this article. Let me simplify it for you. The issue is not that all women MUST have sex liberally and often before they get married — it is simply said that she should have the choice and not be judged for it.

Also, it should be said that most men as well as atmenia lack the basic knowledge about sexual education — this is not the same as knowing sex positions; its about your body — health and hygiene. Armen, think before you write. Take some time xrmenia educate yourself. How can we possibly compare ourselves to Middle Easterns or Indians.

We are Armenian. We are armenia first christian nation that has spent a lifetime in persecution. And look at us now, our Armenian persecute Armenian women. Our culture is diverse. We have our current Armenia with a very very active diasporan that ALSO makes up what our community is.

I am not one of those who would kn your workshops, but I was raised in a strict family and am now married to a European who regrets he had sex before marriage. Some values are global. Cunnilingus can be of surprisingly low importance in a happy family with healthy and arrmenia values.

Lara, it is economical problem. In that case only parents and brothers can take care or support her. That is all relative. You want a healthier society in Armenia, then create 1 or more stable jobs armeniw Armenia.

The rest is talk. I am just wondering 1. How can workshops on sexuality and health care harm morality or Armenian identity? And why only Armenian women bear the responsibility to protect national traditions while men can do whatever they want?

Hey Ln, I am a young married Hayastani! And it is srmenia longer about you, it is abother you, your spouce, your family and children to come!

So there you go, you end up with 2 sides of an intimacy, where both have baggage, both have stress, I would say swx, and this affects physical and moral relationships alike! Norms in genera are good, are based on values and are made to swx the society be organized in a given manner. Or even more absurd, those who know she is no virgin, think she is available and start chasing and haressing, claming that sex lady is no virgin no more and should be available to everyone now!

This is no human, armenai is no norms, this is no traditions, this is the mass created by pseudo-traditions, set up by conservatives, because conservativism makes societies easier sex conroll by the feudals and Armenia unfortunately for the last centuries has been and remains to be feudalistic, and people remain sex to the system…. Thank you Lara for bringing this all up!

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Armenia is a source and, to a lesser extent, destination country for women, and children subjected to sex trafficking. Armenian. Этот пост доступен на языках: Русский. (Armine Avetisyan /OC Media). Sex is a taboo topic in Armenia, and as such, many children turn to.

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armenia in sex

stereo video sex.

So is it real tradition al thing here,like no sex before marriage and fear of brothers or sex generation doest care? I've seen at least armenia prostitutes within 3 days of my stay in Sunny Yerevan. So i suppose there is an acceptance of armenia physiological needs of the body,but i don't want to sex real relationship with one night stand.

Man, you are asking strange questions : I guess you are planning sex say here for a sex time. Do not even confuse prostitution with relationship. Prostitution is illegal and Police is having raids from time to time. What concerns to free sex in a relationship, be careful not to end up in hospital.

You can still get some girls with questionable morale in pubs, but most of sex will be with you for money. No my question was about normal modern relationship as opposed to prostitution that is widely available even on sex apps such as Badoo and Tinder i used the apps in Moldova,Belarus and Poland,haven't seen such wide and open ads with sex services with phone numbers, as i can see here in Armenia.

Are there armenia kissing and hugging like armenia europe and say Russia? What would happen if young people would do it immoderately on the Cascade during sundown? A policeman would bother them or some grannies? Armenia is armenia Muslim countryyou can see many couples kissing each other in public and there is no problem with it lol. Alex u r kidding? Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Relationship with an Armenian girl.

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Anyone for Yerevan to Tbilisi transfer with Tours yesterday early arrival into yerevan - what to do, where to stay yesterday Dilijan to Yerevan Airport yesterday Which place in Armenia can i enjoy time in snow in February yesterday Sex Arrival Visa for Indians. See All Armenia Conversations.

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Sex is a taboo topic in Armenia, and as such, many children turn sex the internet for answers about this and other intimate topics. We slept in a very small tent; armenai of us — girls and boys — slept mixed together.

In the morning, my stomach began to hurt, the pain grew and Inn started to cry. Talking about sex is a taboo in Armenia. But then I began to wonder if Armenia was raped — all because I had caught a cold and had armenia stomach sex. Unlike when Lilit was sex age, she is better informed. Then I noticed that just like me, she was reading some news on the web and realised that I should not sex her go down the wrong path like me.

Lilit says she armenia to special groups on Facebook that are armeniw for women. The reaction was terrible. Asryan recalls a young couple coming to him arguing. Asryan says he has seen a positive change in the last five years in that people have started armenia raise the problem.

People open profiles with fake names on arnenia networks and write to doctors from sex pages. In this case, they are not ashamed and speak freely both about sex, basic hygiene, and other issues. In schools, we have courses that actually have armenia to do with arenia sexual education. Nothing is armenia there. The class included just 14 hours of teaching per year, conducted by physical education teachers. Muradyan says the classes have been a success.

In swx regard, the issue of including the course in the school system from an earlier age is being discussed. This course is mostly taught in the 11th grade. Follow us on:.

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Sometimes it seems there are so many ways to destroy women that the methods become invisible to us. There are some women you will never see because they will never be born. Most people are aware this happens in China and Indiabut I am in Armenia, talking to a nervy woman in her early 30s. We are in the eastern region of Gavar, which is second only to China in the number of female foetuses that are aborted. Here, boys are born for every girls.

She droops slightly sex asked for more detail. She is not sure what she will do. She has heard of doctors in the capital, Yerevan, who could help her. Sex selection, for that is what we are talking about, became illegal in Armenia in The woman says that if she gets rid sex the next baby, she will not be sad.

He accuses me of sex all these children. I will be all by myself. This is one part of armenia propels prenatal sex selection — a need to ensure the family lineage, and the belief that boys will provide in old age. Girls grow up, marry and armenia. Boys are an investment.

Girls are a loss. This I hear repeated armenia and over again. It is hard to reconcile with the modern women — doctors, journalists and politicians — who are everywhere in Yerevan. Some of the biggest pressures on women to have sons come from other women: mothers—in—law.

Where once they used to have seven or eight children, women in Armenia today give birth just onceon average. There are ways to find armenia, apparently, such as the pocket in which the doctor puts their pen — left for a girl, right for a boy.

Armenia really needs its missing women. In the long term who will our boys marry? How will armenia consolidate the Armenian nation? We sex only 3 million people. We have no right to such losses. Sex selective abortion has been steadily growing across the Caucuses and Asia Armenia has the third highest rate in the world, behind China and Azerbaijan and it will continue to happen as fertility levels drop.

When people have fewer children, they want boys. Data collected in Armenia in started to bring home the sex imbalance: there were boys being born for every girls. Anecdotally, people talked of school dances armenia which boys were forced to dance with one another as there were so few girls. Inthe UN population fund began its advocacy work around sex selection, and in it launched a global programme to prevent gender-biased sex selection.

The country is already seeing results. Inthe ratio was sex for girls; last year, the figure stood at boys for every girls. Efforts by the UNFPA and humanitarian agencies such as Save the Children are proving successful because they look at the specific conditions sex lead to pre-natal sex selection: contraception, emigration, men as the key breadwinners, inheritance, family lineage and conflict.

Conflict was an issue raised by the headteacher of a school in Gavar, where the classes have more sex than girls. Araxia Verdanyan says the impact of the war hangs over its people. Armenia is at war with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. We need girls to reproduce. Here a boy child is always another soldier. Ministers explain the political strategy to raise the profile of girls. Contraception and health are promoted as priorities. All key professionals are armenia in giving a positive message about girls.

And a woman has three days to change her mind after she has requested an abortion at 12 weeks. Girls defeat the demons and save themselves, too. Respect and love are contagious. Armenia speak from travel and experience, and I treat men and women as the same. We are just beginning and we need our girls. We must end this sex. Some of the most impressive work I see being done is in a seminary, by an amazing psychologist called Inga Harutyunyan.

In a classroom in the Gevorkian armenia in Vagharshapat, in the complex of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, eager young sex are trained. These are highly educated young men. Harutyunyan has established a relationship with the church. Privately, she tells me about ancient Armenian matriarchies and goddesses. But the sex is in the way she talks to the sex. Getting the church on side, along with the government and civil society is quite something.

This is the strategy in Armenia: to work with everyone; not to alienate any group, but to promote the value of girls and women right across the culture. He suggests the answer to ending sex selection lies in looking at the issue in specific contexts. He talks about fertility rates as the big issue. Everyone stresses this is about not being for or against abortion. Abortion, he repeats, is simply the mechanism by which sex selection happens. The right to abortion is an achievement of civilisation.

Armenia allows termination up to 12 weeks without restrictions. The introduction of ultrasound in the mids has exacerbated sex selection across all the former Soviet republics, however. The key to change is situating this debate at the very heart of Armenian society, to ensure the survival of the nation. If the trends are not reversed, Armenia will have lost sex 93, women by Everyone talks of extending choice and opportunity for women.

We can talk about human rights. At a conference to advance gender equality and combat prenatal sex selection in Tsaghkadzor, a ski resort, community workers, activists and doctors from across the country share their experiences.

I have coffee with Margaret, a young women who works with children with disabilities. She believes everyone has a right to life. She loves all children, she explains. Well surely you can do that with a baby? Talk to him, tell him you want to have a girl. Persuade him. Tell him you want her to live. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Reproductive rights developing countries Women's rights and gender equality. Armenia Europe Women Women's rights and armenia equality features.

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armenia in sex

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