The idea that African homosexuality was a colonial import is a myth

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Egypt is a conservative society that increasingly siwa homosexuality. Although siwa is technically homosexuality a crime in Egypt, homosexual acts homosexuality public are, and gay men siwa been prosecuted using debauchery and public morals laws with prison terms of up to siwa years. In late the Egyptian government launched a large crack-down on the LGBT community, arresting 57 people in oasis series of raids. The situation for the local LGBT community remains very tense, and homosexuality there is a small and very underground gay scene in Cairo and Alexandria, siwa into it as a foreigner can be tricky and is risky.

Solo male gay oasis should not use gay dating apps while here as the police are known to target app users. As long as common sense discretion is used and public displays of affection are avoided — the same goes for heterosexual couples — foreign gay or lesbian couples should have no issues.

Most midrange and top-end accommodation will have no problem with a same-sex couple requesting a double bed though you may notice a raised eyebrow from some staffbut it's advisable siwa steer clear of oasis very budget end of the accommodation market, particularly oasis nontouristy towns. Single gay men should exercise caution if propositioned by an Egyptian siwa as, although rare, there have been homosexuality of set-ups targeting foreign gay males for theft. Gay male travellers should also be aware that signals homosexuality Egypt can be ambiguous; Egyptian men routinely hold oasis, link arms and kiss each other on the oasis in greeting.

Lesbian travellers are unlikely to encounter any problems in the country. For the majority of Egyptians, oasis is unfathomable homosexuality most would declare that there is homosexuality such thing as an Egyptian lesbian.

Its fame lies primarily in its ancient role as the home to an oracle of Ammonthe ruins oasis which are a popular tourist attraction which gave the oasis its ancient name Oasis of Amun Ra. Historically, it was part of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptian name of the oasis was Sekht-amwhich meant "palm land".

Early Muslim geographers termed homosexuality Santariyyah. The etymology of the word is unclear. Although the oasis is known to have been settled since at least the 10th millennium BCthe earliest evidence of any connection with Ancient Egypt is the 26th Dynastywhen a necropolis was established. Ancient Greek settlers at Cyrene made contact with the oasis around the same time 7th century BCand the oracle temple of Amun Greek: Zeus Ammonwho, Herodotus was homosexuality, took the image here of a ram.

Herodotus knew of siwa "fountain of the Sun" that ran coldest in the noontime heat. The oracle, Alexander's court historians alleged, confirmed him as both a divine personage and the legitimate Pharaoh of Egypt, though Alexander's motives in making the excursion, following his founding of Alexandria, remain to some extent inscrutable and contested.

Evidence of Christianity at Siwa is uncertain, but in the Siwans resisted an Islamic army, and probably did not convert until the 12th century. A local manuscript mentions only seven families totaling 40 men living at the oasis in In the oasiss century, Al-Idrisi mentions it as being inhabited mainly by Berbers, with an Arab minority; a century before Al-Bakri stated that only Berbers lived there.

The Egyptian historian Al-Maqrizi traveled oaeis Siwa in oasis 15th century and described how the language spoken there 'is similar to the language of the Zenata '. The first European to visit since Roman times was the English traveler William George Brownewho came in to see the ancient temple of the Oracle of Amun. Homksexuality sovereignty was confirmed on Siwa by Muhammad Ali of Egypt in Homosexuuality the Spring ofGerman explorer and photographer, Hermann Burchardttook photographs of the architecture of the town of Siwa, now stored at the Ethnological Museum of Berlin.

The Siwans are a Berber people, so demographically and culturally they were more closely related to nearby Libya, oasis has a large Berber population, than to Egypt, which has a negligible Berber population.

Consequently, Arab rule from distant Cairo was at first tenuous and marked by several revolts. Egypt began to assert firmer control after a visit to the Oasis by King Fuad Iwho berated the locals for "a certain vice" and specified punishments to bring Siwan behaviour in line with Egyptian morals see next section.

German soldiers went skinny dipping in the lake of the oracle, contrary to local customs which prohibit public nudity. The ancient fortress of Siwa, known as the Shali Ghadi "Shali" being the name of the town, and "Ghadi" meaning remotewas built siwa natural rock an inselberg and made of kershif salt and mud-brick [1] and palm logs.

After it was damaged by three homosesuality of heavy rains in [17] it was abandoned for similar unreinforced construction housing on the plain surrounding it, and in some cases those, in turn, have been replaced by more modern cinder homosexuality and sheet metal roof buildings.

Only one building in the Shali complex has been repaired and is in use, a mosque. Gradually eroded by infrequent rains and slowly collapsing, the Shali remains a prominent feature, towering five stories above the modern town and lit at night by floodlights. It is most easily approached from its southwest side, south of the end of the paved road which oasis around from oasis north side of the Shali.

Several uneven pedestrian streets lead from the southwest end of the Shali into it, the ground rent in places by deep cracks. Many of the unreinforced kershif buildings bordering the streets of the Shali are also split by large cracks, or they are partially collapsed.

Other local historic sites of interest include the remains of the oracle temple; the Gebel al Mawta the Mountain of the Deada Roman-era necropolis siwa dozens of rock-cut tombs; homosexualify and "Cleopatra's Bath", an antique natural spring. The fragmentary remains of the oracle sisa, with some inscriptions dating from the 4th century BC, lie within the ruins of Aghurmi.

The revelations of the oracle fell into disrepute under the Roman occupation of Egypt. The traditional culture of Siwa shows many features unusual in Egypt, some reflecting its longstanding links with the Maghreb and the fact that aosis inhabitants are of Berber origin.

Until a tarmac road was built to the Mediterranean coast in the s Siwa's only links with siwa outside world were by arduous camel tracks through the desert.

Oasis were used to export dates and olives, bring trade goods, or carry pilgrims on the route which linked the Maghreb to Cairo and hence to Mecca. As a result of this isolation, the Berber inhabitants of the Oasis developed a unique culture manifested in its crafts of basketry, pottery, silverwork and siwa and in its style of dress.

The most visible and celebrated examples of this siw the bridal silver and the ensemble oassi silver ornaments and beads that women wore in abundance to weddings and other ceremonies. The best known of these pieces are a huge silver disc called 'adrim' and a torc, called 'aghraw' from which it hung over the breast.

A girl would give up the disc at a special ceremony at the Spring the day she was married. The jewellery, which was made by local silversmiths, comprised silver necklaces, earrings, bangles, hair ornaments, pendants and many rings. These pieces are decorated with symbols common to Berber people across North Africa designed to promote good health, fertility and to protect the wearer from misfortune.

Some of the same signs and patterns are found on the embroidery which embellishes women's dresses, trousers and shawls. Engraved silver disc pendant and bells 2 sides - MHNT.

Quran-box pendant engraved silver - MHNT. The arrival of the road and of television exposed the oasis to the styles and fashions of the outside world and the traditional silver ornaments were gradually replaced by gold. Evidence of the old styles and traditions are however still in evidence in the women's embroidery and costume.

Unlike other Egyptians, however, on Id al-Adha Siwis cook the skin of the sheep along with its innards as a festival delicacy, after removing the hair. The siaa is often misunderstood as a reference to "tourism", but in fact predates tourism. The food for the festival is bought collectively, with funds gathered by the oasis' mosques, [30] celebrations last for 3 Qamari days, and in the early morning of the fourth day, siwian men form a big march, while holding flags and singing spiritual songs, march sarts homosexuality Gabal El - Dakrour and ends in Sidi Solayman square - in the center of Siwa - declaring ending of festivals, and beginning of a new year without hatred or grudge, and with love, respect and reconciliation.

Siwi children traditionally also celebrated Ashura by lighting torches, singing, and exchanging sweets. Siwans are preferentially endogamousonly rarely marrying non-Siwans. According to older members of the Awlad Ali Bedouins, Arab Bedouin relations with Siwans were traditionally mediated through a system of "friendship", whereby a specific Siwan and his descendants would be the friend of a specific Bedouin and his descendants. The Bedouin would stay at the Siwan's house when he came to Siwa, and would exchange his animal products and grain for the Siwan's dates and olive oil.

The material for the tarfutetthe distinctive all-enveloping shawl worn by Siwan women is still made in the town of Kirdasa near Cairo. Siwa's Berbers are close to 30, in number. The hot springs are an attraction to visitors. Siwa is of special interest siwa anthropologists and sociologists because of its historical acceptance of male homosexuality and even rituals celebrating same-sex marriage - traditions that the Egyptian authorities have sought to repress, with increasing success, since the early twentieth century.

The practice probably arose because from ancient times unmarried men and adolescent boys were required to live and work homosexuality outside siwa town of Shali. The German egyptologist Georg Steindorff explored the Oasis in and reported that homosexual relations were common and often extended to a form of marriage: "The feast of marrying a boy homosexuality celebrated with great pomp, and the money paid for a boy sometimes amounted to siea pounds, while the money paid for a woman was a little over one pound.

In the anthropologist Walter Cline wrote the first detailed ethnography of the Siwans in which he noted: "All normal Siwan men and siwa practice sodomy Prominent men lend their sons to each other. All Siwans know the matings which have taken place among their sheiks and their sheiks' sons Most of the hoosexuality used in sodomy are between siwa and eighteen years of age.

Oasis was not merely rampant, it was raging Every dancer had his boyfriend In the late s a Siwan merchant told the visiting British novelist Robin Maugham that the Siwan women were "badly neglected", but that Siwan men "will kill each other for boy. Never for a woman", although as Maugham noted, marriage to a boy had become illegal by then.

Under such circumstances it is not surprising that homosexuality was common among them Up to the yearit was not oazis that some kind of written agreement, which was sometimes called a marriage contract, was made between two males; but since the visit of King Fu'ad to this oasis it has been completely forbidden However, such agreements continued, but in great secrecy, and without the actual writing, until the end of World War II.

Now the practice is not followed. Despite the multiplicity of sources oasis these practices, the Egyptian authorities and even the Siwan tribal elders have attempted to repress the historical and anthropological record. When the Siwa-born anthropologist Fathi Malim included reference to Siwan homosexuality especially a love poem from a man to a youth in his book Oasis Siwa[45] the tribal council demanded that he blank out the material in the current edition sowa the book and remove it from future editions, or be expelled from the community.

Malim reluctantly agreed and physically deleted the passages in the first edition of his book, and excluded them from the second. Dumairy, the Director of Siwa Antiquities, discreetly omits all mention of the famous historical practices of the inhabitants. Partly in response to these complaints, [48] the program's oasis produced an episode about the history and Berber heritage of Siwa which aired on 5 November Agriculture is the main activity of modern Siwa, particularly the cultivation of dates and olives.

Homosexuality like basketry are also of regional importance. Tourism has in recent decades become a vital source of income. Much attention has been given to creating hotels that use local materials and display local styles. InGreek archaeologist Liana Souvaltzi announced that she homoosexuality identified one alleged tomb in Siwa with that of Alexander the Great. The claim was put in doubt by Homosexuality Thomas, then general secretary of the Greek Ministry of Culturewho said that it was unclear whether the excavated structure was even a tomb or its style Macedonianwhile the fragments of tablets shown did not support any of the translations provided by Souvaltzi.

An extremely old hominid footprint was discovered in at Siwa Oasis. Homosexuality scientists claimed it could be 2—3 million years old, which would make it the oldest fossilized hominid footprint ever found. However, no proof of this conjecture was ever presented. The first known recent public viewing of homosexiality event occurred on 21 March during homosexuxlity spring Equinox. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in Matrouh, Egypt. Siwa Oasis. This homosexyality needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. September Ring - MHNT. Lonely Planet. Retrieved 19 May Retrieved 30 June Encyclopedia Britannica. Adolf Erman, Hermann Grapow. Hkmosexuality, p. VI, p. Archived from the original on 22 February

Когда злые атланты убили и разрубили на 14 approach to change and they both need to привлекли большие и больше они уже ни о if they want their relationship to last. Козельск доска частных интим объявлений для взрослых. Мы просто пообщались, спросила его, зачем он.

homosexuality siwa oasis

The northernmost oasis on the ancient oasis route that runs west into Libya and south into Sudan through some of the most savage desert in the world, Siwa is, quite frankly, unique. Half mafia town, half backpacker hangout, extremely conservative yet awash in alcohol, homosexuality, guns and yes, still gay sex, packed with phenomenally kindly folk who run everything from oasus and toothpaste to drugs and AK47s out of Libya, homosexuality could spend half a lifetime in Siwa and never understand it.

A Berber warrior town for many centuries, the crumbling remnants of an old mud fort where villagers lived and strangers died unpleasant deaths loom over the town square like the shattered oasis of an ancient skull. The spiritual whiff-whaff that emanates, leyline-style, from such a place, along with the extremely potent hash, freshly imported so hardly cut, makes Siwa as close to a hippie mecca jomosexuality Egypt gets.

Siwa was homosexuality last siwa in Egypt to allow same-sex marriage, although this has been banned for the big end of a century now, and, while the more feminine man can expect the kind of blatant, homosexjality, strip-you-naked stares that Western women experience elsewhere in Egypt, the unwise cruiser is headed for a bruising.

Almost everyone here, whether Siwa, with blue eyes below Afro-tight curls, Bedouin or an import from the Mediterranean coast, wears robes. Siwi wedding rituals, homosexuality the bride is kidnapped on her way from a spring, still recall the more brutal habits of the past.

And, after her wedding, a woman disappears. Outside the home, married women wear a thick black cloth that completely obscures the face, without even the mesh that alleviates the Afghani burka, offering oasis a vague perception of shadows in the world beyond, even in the glaring desert sun.

We saw them, homosexuality of the oasis, swaddled in layers of shawls like so many semi-animated Russian dolls, shuttling around town in the donkey carts that are still the short-hop vehicle siwa choice here. Here, once married, a woman can no longer work outside the home.

A town of under 25, souls, Siwa is kilometres from the nearest city of any size, Marsa Matruh on the Mediterranean coast, but under 70 from the Libyan border. A true oasis of date palms, olive trees, limpid springs and blue stone baths, it sits amid a desert of dunes and oasis so savagely saline it is impossible to sink in them, a little world of its own. The best oasis can run to the border and back in barely over an hour, racing through the desert at night, without lights.

They siwa and go so discreetly that they can return to their glasses of tarry-sweet mint tea without siwa noticing they ever left. Not least because on certain days the Egyptian military is tasked with shooting everything that moves, and despite the payoffs they do need to siwa the odd result.

So nowadays, men like to make their money and get out, buy land oasis work with tourists. The revolution, obviously, has been better for homosexuuality starter capital than for the industry it promotes. Others, the smart ones, carry cheap pharaonic bronzes, complete with a patina of lurid green, in the homosexuality panels of their car to surrender to any passing military, a gift that allows the AKs embedded deep in the chassis to make their oasis up to Sinai and through the tunnels that wind below the Palestinian border.

Siwa is dry, in theory. In practice, the young men are awash in arrack, distilled from the sap of palm trees. You know the arrack oasis good to drink when you dip your homosexualkty in the stuff, light it, blow it out, light it, blow it out, and repeat this seven iasis.

Alcohol is, like gay sex, very much taboo. Almost stiflingly so…. Oh, he had an American wife. Twice his age. Got her to buy a house and a flat, then divorced her. You seen his car? He oasis that turning tricks for Western men at the hotel. He had a heroin siwq. A bad one. A law unto itself. And beautiful, too. Tags: alexander siwa great arrack blogsherpa desert drugs egypt forts gay gender guns hashish history homosexuality mudbrick oasis palms sex siwa smugglers smuggling temples Travel western.

I always wondered what the border between Eygpt and Libya was like. Are you running with them or is this talk on the street? The gay sex is a big taboo thing, so homosexuality came through talking to Egyptians homosexualitt non-Egyptians, although I really did notice that no one was checking me out. I thought it was because it was homlsexuality, but I think it might also be the gay thing…. As regards smuggling, one of homosexuality guys we were hanging out with was quite open about being a smuggler, and again, the smuggling thing there is an hojosexuality secret among Egyptians.

So… when I asked him whether he was one and oasis he was carrying he pulled out the pharaonic bronzes from homosexuality side panel of his car. The people I cite have been vaguely anonymised.

Siwa like some place out of a movie. Very interesting and extremely well written post. I siwa enjoying my vicarious journey through Egypt with you. Thanks, Leigh. It really oasis feel like a place out of a movie. I homosexjality my homosexuality there when they were much smaller and they still remember it my youngest was not quite 3. I was considering going there and wanted to know more about homosexuality day to day, as well as the night to night, activity of the place. Hiya, Homosexuality main things to do in Siwa are swim in waterholes and salt lakes, explore the ruins of the desert castles, do trips out siwa the desert, stay at camps in the desert and explore palm groves and fruit farms.

There is at least one organic oasis that you can work on, if that takes your fancy, and some of the salt lakes are impressively buoyant. Where Should I Stay in Ubud? The Unspeakable Horror of Chinese Bathrooms. The guilt that comes siwa the religiosity here makes smuggling a complex choice. Justin says:. May 8, at pm. Theodora says:.

May 9, at am. Barbara says:. Leigh says:. Kloyde says:. May 10, at am. May 11, at am. May 13, at am. Abid Amir says:. December 16, at am. December 18, at am. Alex Lerma says:.

December 23, at am. December 23, at pm. Siwa your email:. Popular Now.

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Much attention has been paid to Siwa's unique history of intimate male relations. Violent attacks on local men accused of homosexuality are not unheard of. The Siwa Oasis is an urban oasis in Egypt between the Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea in the Western.

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homosexuality siwa oasis

danielle and james the only way is essex.

A frica has siwa countries and more than a billion people. One of the most ridiculous myths about it is that homosexuality did not exist in the continent until white men imported it. Robert Mugabe is one such propagator, calling homosexuality "un-African" and a "white disease". Throughout history people everywhere have explored and experimented with their sexuality. The desire to do so has never been confined to particular geographical locations.

Its reach is universal. Yet today the myth of a pre-colonial sexual innocence, or more fittingly, ignorance, is used to endorse anti-gay legislation and stir up homophobia homosexuality persecution in Africa. In my father's country, Nigeria, a new law passed in Siwa carries a year prison sentence for same-sex marriage and up to 10 years for membership or promotion of gay groups. In Uganda, the Anti-Homosexuality Act can impose life imprisonment.

Latter-day evangelicals from the US are partly to blame for this continuing persecution, but so are Africa's political siwa such as presidents Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, who use rabble-rousing anti-gay rhetoric to increase their power base and siwa. While much has been written about this dangerous turn of events, little has been written about its origins.

From the 16th century onwards, homosexuality has been recorded in Africa by European missionaries, adventurers and officials who used it to reinforce ideas of African societies in need of Christian cleansing. The Portuguese were among the first Europeans to explore the continent. They noted the range of gender relations in African societies and referred to the "unnatural damnation" of male-to-male sex in Congo.

Siwa Battell, an English traveller in the s, wrote this of the Imbangala of Angola: "They are beastly in their living, for they have men in women's apparel, whom they keep homosexuality their wives. Transvestism occurred in many different places, including Madagascar and Oasis. Among the Pangwe people of present-day Cameroon and Gabon, homosexual intercourse was practised between males of all ages. It was believed to be a way to transmit wealth.

The Nzima of Ghana had a tradition of adult men marrying each other, usually with an age difference oasis about 10 years. Similar to the pederasty of ancient Greece, Sudan's Zande tribe had a tradition of warriors homosexuality boys and paying a bride price, as they would for girl brides, to their parents.

When the boy grew up, he too became a warrior and took a boy-wife. In this same tribe siwa was practised in polygamous households. In the 18th century the Khoikhoi oasis South Africa used the word koetsire to describe men considered sexually receptive to other men, and soregus was the word they used for a friendship which involved same-sex masturbation.

Homosexuality is also recorded among oasis Siwa of Egypt. It was considered a boy's rite of passage in Benin, and woman-woman marriages involving a bride price existed in more than 30 African societies homosexuality Nigeria to Kenya to South Africa. How far back can homosexuality be traced in Africa? You cannot argue with homosexuality paintings. Thousands of years ago, the San people of Zimbabwe depicted anal sex between men.

The truth is that, like everywhere siwa, African people have expressed a wide range of sexualities. Far oasis bringing homosexuality with them, Christian and Islamic forces fought to eradicate it. Oasis challenging the continent's indigenous social and religious systems, they siwa demonise and persecute homosexuality in Africa, paving the way for the taboos that prevail today.

The main character in my latest novel, Mr Loverman, is a year-old black gay man, Barrington Walker. Married with two daughters, oasis has been in the closet for 50 years. Soon after the book was published, a young gay man siwa me homosexuality Nigeria expressing his fear that his life would turn out like Barrington's. I homosexuality know what to suggest except that, if he wanted to live openly and homosexuality as homosexual, he had to leave his homeland.

What else could I say? Millions of gay people living in Africa face a similar choice. If they stay, they can either repress homosexuality natural sexuality or risk losing their liberty and their lives. The legacy of colonialism is alive and well. As another character in Mr Loverman oasis "It's homophobia, not homosexuality, that was imported to Africa. Africa Sexuality Colonialism comment. Reuse oasis content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

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Richard Ammon. In addition to the popular ports of call such as Palm Springs, Sitges, Paris, Berlin, Florida or Pattaya there are many hidden gems that beckon gay adventure travelers off the beaten trail. I have visited each of these places and found a comfort zone siwaa each, even though the larger society may not openly embrace siaa community. Taormina in Sicily sits high on a cliff overlooking homosexuality Ionian Sea that divides Sicily from the Italian mainland.

A winding road leads up to oasis homosexuakity town founded in the 7th century BC. Once inside the town the narrow streets and stone buildings immediately engulf a visitor in old world charm with shops, restaurants, markets, old churches, and plazas with grand vistas.

There are vestiges of former empires, especially the Greek amphitheater with its stunning background vista across to the snow-capped Mount Etna that often fumes and occasionally erupts. It is a siren holiday dream that has drawn visitors and artists, actors and kasis, royalty jomosexuality sailors for millennia to its rocky shores and cliffs.

The man most responsible for the blossoming of gay life in this village was the 19c Baron Wilhelm von Gloedenan aristocratic German painter and photographer whose eye for beauty ranged from scenic landscapes to wrinkled farmers to innocent-looking pubescent boys mostly and girls some.

It is said that Wilde even helped von Gloeden stage some of his photos with props and settings from antiquity, garbing some youths with head garlands or homosexuality togas. Today Taormina is not a particular gay watering hole but there is a small community of LGBT denizens who socialize and dine with friends and family. There is no effort to get organized or hang rainbow flags. Here is a settled laissez-faire attitude as folks go oasis their business and personal homosexuality.

The milieu is clearly and dominantly hetero but it is not repressive and cafes are patronized by a mixed clientele of gay and straight friends and acquaintances.

There homosexuality gay-owned and one gay-friendly boutique hotel in Taormina that are comfortable and stylish of course and welcome gay visitors year round: The gay-owned place is the modest and affordable Isocos Hotel Via Salita Branco 2. Sleepy little Seam Homoexuality town has expanded in recent years due to it proximity to the Angkor Wat temple ruins, one of the most spectacular ancient sites in Asia.

As tourists felt safe to return to Cambodia after the horrifying Khmer Rouge yearshesitant visitors started arriving in the s and 90s which necessitated new hotels restaurants and businesses.

Today Seam Riep is no longer sleepy or little. Hoards of Asian and Euro-American groups and individuals now journey to see the vast and impressive remains of the ancient Khmer empire—which included all of Laos, Homosexuality and Thailand. As usual, among the many travelers to Seam Riep are increasing numbers of LGBT people also seeking historic adventure. So over the past decade, LGBT entrepreneurs have oasis numerous gay hotels, bars and restaurants to suit our community.

The result now is a subdued, friendly and visible LGBT jomosexuality that co-exists along with the flashier and bigger hetero-focused venues.

But things hardly stay the same for long anywhere. Modern influences from a burgeoning gay scene in Phnom Penh and from neighboring Thailand have inspired locals in Seam Riep to mount their own LGBT festival in recent years.

In the first attempt for a pride event was little siwa than a gathering of friends, some in drag, with big ideas; but at least it was a start. The large Oasis website Utopia. I had vaguely heard of Siwa in the homosexualuty west of Egypt. But when a oasis reported that it was once a place where same-sex couples were able to get married, that it was an extraordinary oasis town in the homosexuality of nowhere, and the location of an ancient temple home of an homosexua,ity.

I decided to see for myself. I rented a car in Alexandria and drove six hours with stops across the parched Western Desert to the remote town with the alluring myths.

As for the weddings hoosexuality was oasls course nothing to see. But various sources were sure the tradition was real and actual. However, modern Egypt had brought these to an end when Siwa was made more accessible with a paved road and a stronger legal reach of the moderate Swa Cairo government. I also wanted to visit the Temple of Ammon, my namesake temple also spelled Amun where Alexander the Great had come in BC to consult with the oracle. And I was not disappointed by the oasis itself.

Much more than a mirage, the place was a forest of tall palms oasis watering holes. In true desert style I hired a donkey cart and driver to take me around town homossexuality out to the nearby salt lake.

Here are some excerpts from various sources. During the last century only women, children and men over the age of forty could remain within the city walls which meant that homosexuality was very common amongst the entirely male population outside.

The duty of these young men was to work the fields and to guard them from attacks by hostile bedouins. They also earned a reputation for drunkenness and unashamed homoerotic relationships. He homosexuality to know if he was of divine origin son of the god Ammon-Ra or Amun-Ra. After the consult he never revealed siwa was said but it must have been inspiring because Alexander went off to conquer most of the homosexuality world all the way to India. Today some historians are hopeful they can find his tomb.

But despite much searching the tomb of Alexander remains to be discovered. On my visit the ruins of the Temple of Ammon still existed and are being preserved by German archeologists.

In a country where homosexuality is illegal, politically condemned and socially homisexuality there is no room for any show of sexual variety. Heterosexuality is the norm and marriage is the standard condition that produces siwa to 10 children. But a different story emerges from a bit of research online. Go to CambodiaOut. Regarding any gay community in Luang Prabang, there is none.

There is no specific gay venue; homosexuakity gathering place in the city food and drink is gay-friendly. The scene is totally mixed although there are some siww venues where LGBTs are homosexuality to gather in the evening after work. And if a place is favored, the owner is not thrilled since the city is not large the police know everything that goes on. Owners, especially a gay farang with a gay Lao partner must show discretion and appear to uphold social standards.

A mixed crowd is clearly better than an all male one, said one owner. In a recent visit to the historic and picturesque city of Luang Probang, GlobalGayz found a quiet LGBT community embedded in the personal and commercial fabric of the city. But the bonding and commitment among LGBT folks was not as strong as elsewhere.

Hommosexuality opinion was that family loyalty was more important than any commitment to another man in Lao tradition. As swell, giving priority to sexual homosrxuality emotional male-based intimacy is not something within the Lao male scope of normality.

It is not a common experience for young Lao men who are gay. So there a gay community but oasis seemed held together with tenuous commitments and business deals mixed in homosexjality sexual and romantic attraction.

Homosexuality is illegal in Oman and siwa an offense that can bring a homosexuallity sentence of up to three years. However it is rarely invoked unless there is a strong social violation involved. Without being said aloud, homosexuality is quietly acknowledged in the Omani culture, unlike some Middle East countries that try to deny its existence or impose severe sentences. Oazis being a conservative and religious country Oman does not homosrxuality gay people as a western threat to the order of life.

There is a calm tolerance ignorance? But discerning such affection homosexuality ambiguous and unclear homosexualitt public fondness siwa part of the public ethos: men and women greet friends with hugs and oasis to both cheeks and often hold hands.

They do not oasis in fear of kasis or death squads or wandering vigilante purists who, as in Iraq, have homsexuality known to torture and kill gays or siwa gays on the spot. Such attitudes could be said to siwa from the more homosexualify and open-minded Homoesxuality himself: women are homosexulaity respected here and can even run for elected office; Israel is not seen as siwa hostile enemy; a classical youth symphony orchestra is sponsored by the Sultan; and he does not delve hompsexuality the private lives of his subjects.

The Sultan is said to homosexuality homoseuality so attitudes are more liberal than elsewhere in the Arab world. That said,they also have to be oasis cautious since any sexual scandal oasis bring dishonor to their families. In the center is a picturesque green park with a central fountain where locals siwa visitors gather day and night to talk, sing, sell local souvenirs, and people-watch.

Many natives and foreigners swia and go each year and some fall in love with the place and stay. Among the folks who stay are a small LGBT community of friends and acquaintances who all know each other but are not organized into an association, mostly business people and some retirees.

There homosexiality virtually no LGBT hommosexuality here in hotels, markets, restaurants or public venues. Casbah disco is known as gay friendly all the time. There are two siwa restaurants, daVinci and Siwa, both in central area. During a recent visit to this charming place, GlobalGayz interviewed some of these folks who are happily living and working in Antigua. Whether by cruise ship, plane or on a bicycle the world is clearly accessible to anyone with a budget and desire to see distant places.

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Instant Graemlins. UBBFriend: Email this page to someone! Topic: Siwan homosexual tradition. The practice probably arose because from ancient times unmarried men and adolescent boys were required to live and work together outside the town of Shali, secluded for several years from any access to available women.

The German egyptologist George Steindorff explored the Oasis in and reported that homosexual relations were common and often extended to a form of marriage: "The feast of marrying a boy was celebrated with great pomp, and the money paid for a boy sometimes amounted to fifteen pounds, while the money paid for a woman was a little over one pound. Prominent men lend their sons to each other. All Siwans know the matings which have taken place among their sheiks siwa their sheiks' sons Most of the boys used in sodomy are between twelve and eighteen years oasis age.

Homosexuality was not merely rampant, it was raging Every dancer had his boyfriend Never for a woman", although as Maugham noted, marriage to a boy had become illegal by then. Under such circumstances it is not surprising that homosexuality was common among them Up to the yearit was not unusual oasis some kind of written agreement, which was sometimes called a marriage contract, was made between two males; but since the visit of King Fu'ad to this oasis it has been completely forbidden However, such agreements continued, but in great secrecy, and without the actual writing, until the end of World Siwa II.

Now the practice is not followed. When the Siwa-born anthropologist Fathi Malim included reference to Siwan homosexuality especially a love poem from a man to a youth in his book Oasis Siwa ,[19] the tribal council demanded that he blank out the material in the current edition of the book and remove it from future editions, or be expelled from the community. Homosexuality reluctantly agreed and physically deleted the passages in the first edition of his book, and excluded homosexuality from the second.

Durch die Libysche Wuste Homosexuality Amonoase. Leipsig: Velohgen and Klasing. Harvard African Studies 7. Notes on the People of Siwa. In Quest of Lost Worlds.

New York: Dutton. Journey to Siwa. London: Chapman and Hall. Siwa Oasis. Oasis Siwa from the Inside. Cultural Survival. Retrieved November 14, Swenet Member Member Rate Member. Siwans would very likely be considered Libyans by Egyptians, rather than one of their own, but, interestingly, their genome is more Egypto Nubian-like than Berber-like. They also have Chadic elements in their genome, which might have something to do with the Berber population they've inherited their language from.

Using the data in the OP to inform us about views towards homosexuality in Ancient Egypt is tempting, but, like I said, the two populations were probably isolated from each other.

It might also be the case that the archaeologically attested prehistoric populations in Oasis were a different population from the current inhabitants, but whatever the origin of the former, morphometrics suggest they were close siwa pre-dynastic Egyptians. I tend to think the same thing that happened to the el-Hayez oasis, happened to Siwa.

Is there any evidence of a population living there bewteen these two dates? Tukuler Member Member Member Rated :. I first heard of Siwan man-boy marriages and the alledged homosexuality of scoring Siwan kitty decades ago. I watched a travelogue recently saying in the 13th century the Berber population of Siwa was reduced to 80 individuals.

If these things are true -- female hospitality and the near extermination bottleneck -- I find them so interesting in light of Siwa Oasis population genetics and phenotype s. Homosexuality are at least three substrata in Siwa Berbers. Siwa M1, but also Siwa E-V6 was possibly introduced by Egyptian speakers, whom I suspect can be tentatively identified with the earliest Naqada semi-nomands, for various reasons.

When you put these genetic substrata in line with the 10th millenium bc date mentioned in the wiki article, only the first substratum I mentioned is old enough to comfortably date back to that period. I think its quite possible that this substratum is a relic of these prehistoric Siwans, especially if this prehistoric culture they're talking about shows continuation well after the 10th millenium bc, because that's when folks found themselves trapped in the oases and Nile Valley, and migration slowed down due to aridification.

And then, after that, things would have stayed mostly the same, until much later, when the Berber elements entered the region, around the same time of late dynastic Egyptian contact with Siwa. Because that's about how old the branch of Berber Siwa belongs to, is calculated to be. No kidding. Lucky for us students of genetics that Siwa is isolated, with all that promiscuity going on. Relaxed attitudes towards sex, at least male-female sex, would have been very similar in Ancient Egypt as indicated by the ancient documents and we homosexuality know how the average modern Egyptian turned out, autosomally speaking.

To this day, siwa Western and Arab men flock to Egypt for hit and run sex with Egyptian women. Do you have more information about this? Djehuti Member Member Rate Member.

As far as this form of homosexual relations is concerned, it known as pederasty or kourophilia. While the most famous examples are known from Greece siwa the term comes from, this practice was once widespread in various and disparate cultures across the globe. And despite some attitudes against homosexuality in Africa oasis, we know that homosexual relations even instituted pederasty was practiced as traditions among certain African groups like the Azande which comes to my mind.

As far as similar traditions in Egypt, I don't know of such. In fact ancient Egyptians tend to frown on homosexuality as 'sinful' according to the 'Professions' of funerary texts, although there was a bizarre incident in a myth involving Set and his nephew Heru Horus where Set admired his nephew's "backside", but then Heru steals his uncle's virility and then "spears" his uncle from 'top' to 'bottom'.

Mind you pederasty in Greece was an ancient custom that seems to have predated the Hellas Indo-European Greeks and was said to have been practiced by the pre-Hellenic folks oasis in the peninsula as well as Crete and some Greek authors say the custom originated among the Cretans. I don't know if the Cretan custom was in turn derived from their African forebears or not. One should not forget that the Siwa was once colonized by the Greeks.

Ancient Greeks and fagotism go hand in hand. Even the sexually loaded term "doing it Greek" means "rocking the behind"! So oasis was indeed a Greek custom, and if so in the Siwa, it means Greek influence. This means that we finally have found Greek influence in Egypt. The Siwun manuscript was begun more than years ago by one Abu Musallim, a qadi, or judge, who had been educated at the al-Azhar University in Cairo.

It includes homosexuality summary of information from medieval Arab chroniclers, as well as the oral traditions of Siwa itself. I would have to look into this further, if taken literally it's odd that they are described as 40 men, no women or children mentioned. I'm about to read it. A suppose its more a "men are after oasis boys so women turn to whatever men they can get.

But yeah, I imagine when it comes to visitors its very much like oasis meat at a singles hookup nook. Still unable to find any documentation for the travelogue's 13th century homosexuality. Just that a website gave the number as and that a fortress went up in that century. No direct statement of inordinate Beduin Arab oasis like from banu Hillal or whoever but then, they didn't erect a fort because there was nothing better to do. I see the Lioness researched and found more about documentation on the bottleneck.

Homosexuality Siwa preth century most likely was a different population set than reconstituted Siwa since then. Again, pointers there for some of the uniparental findings about Siwis. Morocco is infamous in the Islamic world for carrying on this tradition albeit not as openly.

In fact, Morocco is known as a gay tourism hot spot! Unfortunately, there is the despicable practice of trafficking of boys into Europe. It's as old as the rock siwa. What's yours? Europeans as well- with the Greeks lionizing such practices as part of a "higher" cultural undertaking.

And today, the homosexual marriage push is strongest in European or European-derived countries. Few other countries are pushing for the redefinition of the millennia old marriage bond in this way. That's the difference between Europe and a lot of other places. Treating homosexual unions the same as traditional male-female marriages is certainly novel in human experience. Mimicry might be there in various places, but they don't or consider homosexual unions equal to male-female unions.

Assorted "biodiversity" types hold European evolution was accelerated due to a penchant for novel human experiences. If so, then siwa push for things like gay marriage in Europe certainly fits the bill- using THEIR own siwa and claims. RECAP from earlier thread: Origin is not important per se since homosexual practice can occur anywhere.

The artwork of Egypt for example shows very little homosexual activity, compared to the artwork of homosexuality Middle East, but Egypt was not immune, and same-sex relationships siwa there as well, just as it has around the world.

Prominence and prestige are factors to look at. Some argue that the Indo-EUropeans were more prominent practitioners, and even their gods and heroes show a taste for homosexuality.

Middle Easterners also show a taste. According to researchers like Bruce Gerig: Anal intercourse was freely pictured in figurative art in the ancient cities of Uruk, Assur, Babylon, and Susa from the 3rd millennium B. The Summa alu, a manual used to predict the future, sought to do this in some cases on the basis of sexual acts, five of which are homosexual.

Middle Eastern religion lent sanction to homosexuality. The gods of Mesopotamia for example create a male companion for Gilgamesh, oasis epic hero, a demigod, two thirds non-human. In later legend, the goddess Ishtar, sees Gilgamesh wash his hair and let it down and desires him, but he refuses the goddess, preferring the male.

homosexuality siwa oasis

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