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Insulin is released by the pancreas. Discovered ininsulin is a polypeptide several amino acidsformed by two united chains. Kallayova pancreas produces between forty and fifty units of insulin by twenty-four hour periods. This hormone is mostly known for the specific treatment of diabetes.

It is essential in the regulation of the carbohydrates metabolism through the liver, the muscles and fat tissues. Insulin secretion is regulated by our glycemia. When you ingest carbohydrates, a peak in the insulin release is observed in the minute that follows. Fifteen minutes later a second more prolonged peak appears. Sexi interest for the sportsman is that insulin favors kallayova stream of glucose, amino acids and potassium into our muscle cells.

The insulin has an anabolic effect by accelerating the entry of amino acids in the muscle. Certain amino acids can also support the secretion of foto. Leucine, lysine and arginine. Insulin favors the storage of fats and activates their synthesis from glucose. Sexi ingestion increases the secretion of insulin, which may vary according to the ingested food. The peak of insulin that follows too big an absorption of carbohydrates can paradoxically cause hypoglycaemia during physical exercise.

It is thus important to control the intake of carbohydrates to take advantage of the energy and the anabolic properties of this hormone, before and after working out. It sexi important to eat varied and balanced meals, split into small quantities, several times throughout the day. Sexi plenty of season vegetables and fruits. There is a time when it jana judicious to voluntary increase your insulin level: right after your workout. Never forget that its direct use can produce fatal diseases.

Why not using dietary supplements that are able to increase and control insulin levels? That is a safe and yet efficient alternative. However, in order jana to make mistakes or create unwilling effects, it is better to get advice foto qualified people".

In order not to make mistakes or create unwilling effects, it jana better to get advice from qualified people. Insulin is an anabolic hormone that works together with other hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

The use of fanciful dosages foto cause troubles, since a wide majority of the athletes takes no notice of the complexity of this hormone and its range of action. Example: Growth Hormone increases blood sugar kallayova while insulin decreases it. Moreover, insulin causes very strong water retention and overdoses can lead to jana and faints. Jana us also note that the use of insulin with anabolic steroids is highly risked.

AS increase insulin resistance and tolerance to glucose and this may worsen the decrease in blood sugar level caused by the use of insulin. Excessive dosages of insulin have already caused some cerebral damages. The big danger with the use of insulin is that it is very difficult to find the perfect dosage.

You can hardly benefit from its advantages without undergoing many adverse side effects. Nutrition shops can provide you with incredible supplementsthatmimicthemechanismof insulin. Chrome : This jana, especially in the form of chromium picolinate, helps cells respond properly to insulin. Therefore, by normalizing blood sugar levels, chromium can prevent hypoglycaemia and food cravings associated with it. Vanadyl Sulfate is the most popular form of the mineral vanadium.

This supplement is supposed to mimic insulin action in cell membranes jana acting as a kind of cofactor. Recent sexi show that vanadyl sulfate alters the concentration and effectiveness of enzymes involved in glucose breakdown. Unfortunately the lack of research prevents us from jana more precise about its mechanisms. All we know for sure is that type2 diabetics can decrease their blood foto concentration with vanadyl sulfate.

In the same way, people who experience adverse side effects during their high carb diet hypoglycaemia, bloating or dizziness should benefit from Vanadyl sulfate supplementation. ALA enhances the transfer of blood sugar into the cells by stimulating insulin activity.

But be careful, this supplement can provoke heartburns if taken on an empty stomach. The hyper lumbar lordosis is an accentuation of the physiological curvature of the spine. Fixed kallayova it by the sacrum, the pelvis is inevitably pulled to ante version. The stomach is then propelled forwards See the Zoom. It is difficult, foto grown-up, to modify the genetics, but you can improve the situation and especially not emphasize it.

It is absolutely necessary to solicit your abdominal muscles in the short position, in complete contractions. Lie on the back, on a hard ground, your legs parallel and thighs perpendicular to the ground. Execute light chest raises, without running-up and without shocks. Expire by bringing your stomach powerfully inward during the muscular contraction. Keep the contraction for awhile and loosen slowly while inspiring.

This one sexi will allow you to improve, and even to correct the position of your lower back. This exercise actually solicits the transverse muscle of the abdomen. Forgotten foto the bodybuilders, it constitutes by itself a real abdominal belt.

Kallayova uptight, from right to sexi, it helps keep your foto inward. For instance, if you choose the lumbar-bench, while raising your chest, never go beyond the horizontal plane. Mark a short time in high position and loosen completely while breathing out. Well-developed and well-drawn abs, how exquisite it is! No doubt, it is the evident sign of an excellent preparation. But there is sexi "Snag". More and more, we can see athletes with super dilated stomachs.

They look like balloons. As a general rule, the biggest stomachs are the privilege of the over 40 homebodies. This is due to a muscular relaxation of the abdominal belt. We call it languor. They are often the consequence of a very bad lifestyle.

Athletes should not be concerned! We were wrong! And the evidencecan be seenon stage. Bodybuilders of all levels are concerned. It is mainly useful for muscles like abs or lumbars that essentially have a static function, most jana in the standing position. This flexor muscle kallayova the thigh on the pelvis regrettably favours hyper lumbar lordosis. Indeed, its insertions on the anterior side of the vertebras pull them forward and, consequently, involve an ante-version of the pelvis… and a big stomach.

Whether it is from a qualitative or quantitative point of view, food plays a prominent role on the visual aspect of your stomach.

You know what I mean…this feeling jana excess, of overeating? The phenomenon is purely mechanical. Foto amounts of food cause a dilation of the organs. They become too heavy. They subside and it is not rare to notice a ptosis of not less than six centimetres. The front pressure exerted downward is usually felt in a nauseous way. When this situation remains an exception, no problem, everything comes back in order after few hours.

But when it becomes a daily habit, be sure to get the big belly… and for long. He will know how to make the diagnostic and give you the good treatment. Well, for the same reasons as anybody else. You can be a bodybuilder and yet present a hyper kallayova lordosis or make the mistake to inefficiently sexi your abdominal muscles. However, there foto another explanation for bodybuilders. A cause that should be taken into account in the sexi. Judges are aware of this phenomenon and athletes should be punished for this.

These big stomachs which are showed off by our professionals are "the work" of insulin. This dangerous and yet renowned substance has made a thundering kallayova. Very useful to make the glycemic reload kallayova success. Indeed, within the hours before the competition, the guys gulp down enormous quantities of carbohydrates and this, quite often after weeks of severe diet. The effect is fearsome. And our bodybuilders go up on stage with horrible hyper foto stomachs. It then becomes impossible to hold this abdominal pressure during the entire contest.

Our sports authorities have kallayova act quickly and severely to stop this unconsciousness which threats to make big damages. The effect is redoubtable.

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Two physiologic pathways come into action : muscle glycogen and spare fats. It is a chemical reaction. Regrettably, this reaction generates the production of free radicals, by-products that cause damages during and after exercise. They alter recovery and consequently slow down muscular development.

Training provokes an essential stress for the body. This famous stress makes the body react and force it to progress. Recovery then takes all of its sense and with it, the inevitable process of a preventive and curative supplementation.

A logical process settles down. To workout hard enough to incite the adaptation process. To neutralize the damages provoked by the free radicals.

Various substances like Flavonoids that avoid the oxidation of the ferrous iron into ferric iron. Associations of minerals and vitamins that play a role in the re-building action on tissues. These combinations are recognized for their anti free-radicals activities. The body fights against the oxidation thanks to enzymes : Glutathione peroxidase and Catalase neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. We can improve the efficiency of these enzymes with oral supplements but the studies show that these are ineffective the support of SOD.

The antioxidants that we can use are divided into two groups: those which can trap and neutralize the free radicals and those which will serve for damage repair. Nowadays, dietary supplements are high quality and very effective.

Disregarding supplementation is a big mistake. This is why you must treat it with all the regards due to its rank. Caution: It is important to follow our advices if you want to do it right. Load your barbell according to your objectives and possibilities.

Never overestimate yourself. Adopt the proper stance. Flex your core muscles abs and lumbar muscles before bending your knees. Position your feet. The space between your heels must correspond to the width of your shoulders.

Turn your toes outward to on the clock. Bend your knees in the same axis as your feet by rocking your hips forward. Look right in front of you in order not to lose balance. Inspire strongly before the eccentric phase, keep your breath until the end of theflexion and expirewhile pushing the load. Keep control of the load throughout the motion in order to protect your knees and the lumbar zone. Never relax your core muscles muscles around the spinal column.

Do not bounce and mark no stop at the end of the flexion. Be careful if you suffer from your back People who have back, legs and hips troubles should avoid this exercise. Caution: the range of motion has always been subject to polemics. For safety, most of sport doctors advise not to go down below the parallel line formed by the axis of the femur with the ground. You have the choice. The movement requires control. It is now your job to understand, to control and to use it according to your needs.

Coremuscles : They keep muscular tension in your abs and lumbar muscles. Despite what you may hear about it, good squat strengthens the back and the joints of the knees. The contest structure is almost the same like in current bodybuilding.

If there are more then 15 athletes, eliminations round is necessary. Then the top 15 competitors advance to Round 1, which include quarter turns and comparisons in 7 compulsory poses. The next two rounds are the part of the finals. Round 2 includes the posing routine 60 seconds and Round 3 comprises compulsory poses performed in a group of 5 finalists.

At the end there is a posedown 60 seconds which is not judged. This is the end of semifinals. The best five athletes advance into the finals, containing Round 2 and Round 3. In IFBB returns to the former sequence of rounds, what means that Round 2 will be the posing routine. Like in bodybuilding, during the routine judges should look for: artistic display of muscularity; definition; style and personality; athletic coordination and overall performance.

The routine should be smooth, artistic, and well-choreographed. It should include the compulsory poses and intermittent poses to display the muscular development of the physique. The use of props is prohibited. During this round the routine and the physique are assessed. Then Round 3 will be performed — compulsory poses in one group of the 5 finalists but in three different sides of the stage: left, middle and right. This will give the judges more time to came to their final decision regarding the places.

The same judging criteria as in Round 1 are applied. After Round 3 competitors will perform second Posedown to the music of the organizer. Attire is similar to bodybuilding - posing trunks but with at least 2 cm-high sides, covering at least one-half of the gluteus maximus. In Round 1 it should be plain opaque in style and solid black in color but in Rounds 2 and 3 colour, material and texture are at the discretion of the competitor.

No footwear may be worn. Except for a wedding ring, jewellery and other accessories may not be worn. It was clearly seen that if muscular development is limited bodybuilders will try to display the best muscle quality, density and definition, so we may expect really ripped athletes in What was interesting, some athletes tried to perform artistic posing routines, different that bodybuilding routines. Their routines were lighten, more dynamic, with some dance and theatrical gestures.

Also simple fitness moves were sometimes included. They really tried to show something different than in current bodybuilding. It seems to be the current trend but we may expect much more competitors in and much more styles of presentation. The attached pictures have been made during the European Championships. The first were organized here in Shanghai is now a very modern, dynamically developing city, with dozens of sky-scrapers, supermarkets, night clubs and gyms, of course.

The medals were distributed in 8 bodyweight categories, as 60 kg class was included in these Championships. Final standings, after doping tests results, are available now. These Championships were attended by athletes representing 51 countries. From this point of view, the rivalry was very interesting in most of the categories. It was for the second time in the IFBB history that Shanghai was selected to play this prestigious role.

The best world amateur bodybuilders visited Shanghai also 11 years ago, in Bikes were the main transport vehicles on the streets at that time and the construction of the first few skyscrapers had just started. It would be impossible not to mention Prof. Lou Zhuo Yu of the Shanghai University, who brought bodybuilding through the Chinese Wall and opened the first bodybuilding class there to teach students the secrets of this new sport in the region. This category is popular in Asia, was also included in World Championships in Yangon and the IFBB Congress in Shanghai decided that 60 kg class will always be included, when the championships are held in Asian country.

Nine competitors representing 8 countries entered the stage and three of them came from the non-Asian countries : Slovakia, Egypt and Tahiti. One of them, European Champion Adam Cibula of Slovakia won the bronze medal in this new class for him. It was a matter of definition and Jicheng, 35, was in the best conditions in this category.

Moreover, he was later declared the Most Improved Bodybuilder of the Championships and this title will also have its historical dimension as the last one granted, since the IFBB Congress decided to cancel it. Jicheng was only national champion, so now he revealed his international potentials. They only count world titles and medals in their collections. El Amawy, 45, is the oldest one and it is more and more difficult for him to be in the top conditions.

He still displays perfect upper body but lack separation and definition in the legs area, so finished third, far behind 14 points the top two. Samad, 38, and Santos, 35, were perfectly prepared, showing full, massive and deeply separated muscles. Santos came a bit off in to Moscow and lost to Samad and El Amawy, so he desperately wanted to proof his abilities this year. But according to the new IFBB Rules, only the two final rounds scores are taken into consideration, so these competitors who can improve their conditions till Sunday finals have the chance to move up.

Santos used up this chance and appeared harder and better ripped in the finals. Some judges appreciated these changes in his look and awarded him higher place, so he won the next two rounds and overtook Samad by 4 points in total, recapturing the bantamweight world title after his great victory in Cairo.

It is his 5th gold medal, so he will need one more victory to equal with El Amawy, having 6 world titles. Two outstanding bodybuilders: Igor Kocis of Slovakia and Kamil Majek of Poland struggled point by point during all three rounds. Kocis, three-time-in-arow world champion, had an unpleasant adventure during recent World Games in Duisburg, Germany. He decided to try the higher category, up to 75 kg, but was not ripped enough and finished second.

He did his best to improve his conditions on Sunday and he was successful. He came to the finals with better separations chest, thighs and managed to convince the judges to put him in the first place in both final rounds but it was a very tiny victory, by one point in each round. Anyway, Kocis, 29, won the fourth world title and has become one of the most renowned amateur bodybuilder. Majek, 25, took 5th place in in Moscow, so he advanced to the elite group of medal winners this year.

He finished second at both the World Games and the World Championships but what is more important he forced to the extreme efforts two multiple world champions Santos and Kocis , winning one round with them.

He needs to add some mass to his upper body and now he will have a chance to do it, moving to the upper class. True iron sport family. Every solution was possible in this constellation of stars, so the leadership was changed from round to round. Abbaspour and Zenk were at the top after the 1st round on Saturday but Mozolani and Maggiore improved their definition on Sunday and moved up into the first two places in the finals, leaving Abbaspour and Zenk behind.

But he had a very long competitive season, started with the European Championships in May, where he displayed his life-time conditions and won the continental title. Then he entered the World Games 3rd place and failed to do 70 kg class bodyweight limit in Shanghai, so had to compete in 75 kg category with more massive bodybuilders. Mozolani is a real fighter. He can improve his body quality during the contest and he can vigorously struggle for the top trophy.

He also clearly sharpened his separation on Sunday but needed to fight to the last pose to win the contest. He has short, very full and impressive muscles. Maybe he should try to compete with the pros but now he declared his participation in the European Championships in his native Slovakia.

Abbaspour, 27, world champion from Mumbai, was a big loser. He was as always massive but lost separation in the finals while his main rivals improved it.

What were the final results of the contest? Quite opposite : Castaneda, Charoenrith, Vrabel and Sarmento. Simply, the differences between competitors were very small and any change in body quality on Sunday caused the change of the place.

Sarmento, 41, won two world master titles recently but he still can compete with the best seniors, coming 4th at the World Championships and 3rd at the World Games. Vrabel, 35, won his first international title last summer, winning 80 kg class at the World Games. Charoenrith, 32, won some titles in the other federation and now came to compete against the best IFBB amateurs. Castaneda, 32, won the world title in and was runner up in but lost both titles due to the positive doping test results.

In the finals only Castaneda and Charoenrith had a chance to grasp the gold medal. In the 2nd round they were tied , so the 3rd round was decisive and this one was won by Castaneda by two points.

The overall body proportion and hardness were his main weapons, while Charoenrith looked a bit fuller but also softer.

Unfortunately, Castaneda was positive once again, so Sitthi Charoenrith is a new world champion. Sarmento, the 1st round leader, dropped to the 3rd position in the 2nd round and finally to the 4th place. Giampiero Cataldi, 39, of Italy came directly to Shanghai. Two years ago, in Mumbai, Cataldi had been ahead of Salam but there was the opposite sequence this time. Salam showed a very complete package, with massive muscles and a lot of details, specially in the abs area.

Cataldi had also low bodyfat level but displayed less details, so Salam won all three rounds without any problem. On the other hand, Cataldi had to struggle for his silver medal with muscular Brazilian Edson Serafim and after winning the 2nd round, he lost the 3rd one in the same range, so both athletes were tied at the end of the finals.

Cataldi, the winner of the 2nd round, received the silver medal but again lost it due to the positive doping test result. It was the first so successful competitive season for Serafim. Earlier this year he won the South American title in 90 kg division as well as overall category. The next world class bodybuilder from Jordan, after pro champion Mustafa Mohammed, appeared in Shanghai and went to the finals in this category but later was disqualified receiving positive doping test result.

This category was very tough. Many wellknown, experienced bodybuilders were out of the finals, being in top condition. The first electrifying meet of these champions took place last summer in Duisburg during the World Games. Their conditions were so equal that they were tied at the end of the finals and the first place was granted to Mabrouk, 46, as the 2nd round winner. In Shanghai both competed in 90 kg class what is a usual category for Tabrizi but a new category for Mabrouk.

He won most of his medals in 80 kg class, even a year ago in Moscow, when he lost the gold medal to Rustam Dgabraylov.

This year he came much heavier but it was impossible for him to achieve the same muscle quality. It is almost impossible for the older champion to keep still the same bodyweight category through the whole competitive career but Mabrouk should rather try the 85 kg class than jump directly into 90 kg division. In the 3rd round Mabrouk was only two points ahead of the new Polish star Robert Piotrkowicz, whose main weapon was an incredible hardness and definition.

Piotrkowicz needs a bit more mass on the upper body but probably will have to move to the next class to make it possible. The bronze medal in his first international appearance is his great success. Beating two former world champions: Stefan Havlik of Slovakia and Thomas Scheu of Germany he showed his great potentials.

This category was also packed with medal collectors. It was the opposite situation — we could see only one former world champion, Ahmed Hamouda of Egypt but many new faces with incredible physiques. Hamouda, 37, came in very good conditions, was hard, defined and had thin skin. Wolf kg, cm and Seccarecci kg, cm displayed wonderful body proportions, with wide shoulders, narrow waist and huge lats. Wolf was so impressive that after being tied with Hamouda in the routine round, he unanimously won the 3rd round and took the world title in his international debut.

Moreover, later he won also the overall category, ahead of all seven champions from the other classes. I even heard opinion that he is a good candidate to dethrone Ronnie Coleman.

They have the same body height but Wolf is still about 15 kg lighter than Coleman but if he improves, who knows? Wolf was born in the Tokmak city in Kirgistan part of the former Soviet Union at that time and his family moved to Germany in , when he was Seccarecci was also very impressive. He is even taller and bigger than Wolf, with rarely seen waist to shoulders proportion. He needs to be more massive but it is a matter of time and proper training.

He is a certified bodybuilding instructor and dietician, so he knows how to achieve this goal. Seccarecci lives and trains in Taranto, Calabria, South Italy. Pilikov was more massive and cut up in some body parts, so he finished third, few points ahead of Seccarecci but it was only one-point difference between them in the 3rd round.

I hope that we will hear a lot about all these three talented bodybuilders in the nearest future. Someone may wonder if they all stop to train? As far as I know, not, so the next year maybe even more exciting if many of the previous champions would come back, more massive and in better shape. They will have the possibility to choose between two new categories: up to kg and over kg as IFBB Congress decided to implement these new classes in We can also expect that many athletes pressing their bodyweight below 90 kg will now explode with bigger mass in kg category.

A lot of interesting things will happen in This year European Men Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia May 5 to 8, will be the first opportunity to watch the changes. Stay tuned! It is not so easy to climb to the top continental and world bodybuilding level for a lady who is cm high. But Aurelia has been very determined and very consistent in her desire to be world class bodybuilder. Next year she was runner-up at the World Games in Duisburg, Germany.

She wanted to compete with the best in the world. She finished fourth in her pro debut. There are not so many European women pro bodybuilders nowadays. Two former Ms. Aurelia will try to join this group of elite pro women bodybuilders. Taking this opportunity, I asked her few questions regarding her impression from her first pro contest.

Lack of pro contest in Europe? High costs of participation in the American contests? Aurelia : Maybe the European amateur bodybuilders need more courage to compete with the best bodybuilders. Money can also be a problem for some bodybuilders. Is language an important problem for the European pro to go to America? Aurelia: I felt fantastic at the pro contest.

There was a released atmosphere at the backstage. The professional competitors were not nervous compared to amateur athletes. The officials were very friendly and accommodating and they tried to help each competitor. Aurelia : The female professional bodybuilders had four rounds. At first, each competitor was introduced to the audience and did all mandatory poses alone currently female professional bodybuilders have seven poses.

The first round was symmetry assessment in turns the same like in figure contest. The second round was muscularity assessment seven mandatory poses. Of course, the judges proposed callouts in each round. The third round was in the finals and it was the routine.

This round was a big surprise for me because the female bodybuilders could use costumes and props, what is not allowed in amateur bodybuilding. The fourth round included final comparisons between the best three competitors.

How do you assess your chance? Aurelia : I have no experience with doping and I don t want to gain any. It is a personal thing whether you like to win with the aid of doping. Muscle mass, quality, overall proportions, good routi ne? Are there any bigger differences in judging criteria? Aurelia : I think everything is important to be successful in pro bodybuilding but routine is not the most important part of the pro competition. First of all, routine is a show for the audience.

I think the judging criteria are the same. Aurelia : I will do my best to come at each contest in the top sport conditions. And, of course, I will workout to develop my muscularity to my genetic potentials. But it should be. Will it make your live easier; will it create better possibilities for you? Aurelia : Participation in pro has made me more famous in my country but I will have to utilize the possibilities, which are offered to me.

Why not so many European pro body builders compete in USA, why it is so difficult to move to the top there? Aurelia : It would be great to compete in pro contests in Europe and I hope that European promoters will arrange any competition for women in Europe in the future.

In how many contests do you want to participate in? Aurelia : It depends on the dates of competitions. I am going to take part in three contests: one in spring and two in autumn. Aurelia : Currently I have sponsors but more sponsors can do my preparation for competition better. Who is your woman bodybuilding idol or roll model? What do you think will be your ultimate bodyweight in pro bodybuilding?

Aurelia : When I started to train regularly my bodybuilding idol was Sandy Riddell. I do not know where the boundaries of my body are and I try to add some muscles mass year by year. We wish you further progress and success in professional sport.

If you want to know more about Aurelia Grozajova visit www. But it is not an accidental matter. Pesat and Patyk have been working for this success 27 years! This is an effect of their consistent activity and continuous efforts. The date of the PePa contest in Opava has been carefully selected for November 5, It was three weeks prior to the World Men Championships in Shanghai, China, so the men bodybuilders were in good shape and we could see several duels at the top world level.

In the first division, up to 75 kg, two great names had appetite for the trophy: Kamil Majek of Poland and Corrado Maggiore of Italy. Majek was well-known as a silver medal winner at the World Games in 70 kg class while Maggiore is the current European champion in 70 kg class.

Majek displayed higher density and separation this time; he won both rounds and was declared the winner. Later in Shanghai both athletes won silver medals but in different bodyweight categories. Mozolani, who then took the world champion title after the very tough battle with Maggiore! Dajc confirmed his great potentials entering the finals in Shanghai 5th place — his international debut.

Both were finalists of the continental or world championships. First round gave two-point advantage to Flimel and he maintained the leadership, winning also the routine, while Giusto had to defend his second place against the attacks of Mohammed El Saban from Ostrava.

To keep the excitement at a very high level, the heavyweight category, over 90 kg, delivered the similar emotions. Havlik reduced his body weight to 90 kg and was not so full and ripped taking 4th place he should do very well in the kg class, started from this year and Szyderski also lost a bit of his muscle quality and finished seventh. Maybe, they prepared the top conditions a bit too early?

Havlik was so good in Opava that he also won the overall title. There were no big international stars among the fitness girls but we need to remember that the main world fitness events took place in Santa Susanna six weeks earlier and it is very difficult to stay in top shape for such a long time. Following this nice entrance to the international level they will be in much better position to fight for the European trophies. Body-fitness competition was much more exciting, with such big stars in the line-up like Gabriela Kubesova and Eva Rudolfova of the Czech Republic, who were challenged by Italian fitness diva Agnese Russo.

Kubesova, after winning European overall title in fitness changed to body-fitness, finishing second at the recent World Championships. Rudolfova displayed her new, attractive image, including make-up and hair style. She placed clearly second, leaving Russo behind her. Two World Championships medal winners entered the stage in men fitness: Frantisek Bartos of the Czech Republic and Tomasz Pietras of Poland but finally they were separated by very well prepared another Czech competitor Radek Cervak.

Bartos won all three rounds and his domination was undisputable. Pietras took second place in the routine round but lost both physique assessment rounds to Cervak and had to accept the third place. There is one interesting news: the promoters decided to change the date of this event in to May 13, as they also organize IFBB World Men Bodybuilding Championships in October. This year event will include new discipline: men classic bodybuilding open. B 26e-body. Kamil Majek Poland 6 2.

Corrado Maggiore Italy 12 3. Jugoslav Preradovic Croatia 18 1. Andrej Mozolani Slovakia 7 2. Martin Dajc Czech Republic 11 3. Roman Vrabel Czech Republic 18 1. Vladimir Flimel Slovakia 7 2. Dennis Giusto Italy 12 3.

Mohammed El Saban Czech Republic 15 1. Stefan Havlik Slovakia 6 2. Arkadius Szyderski Poland 12 3. Miroslava Dolnikova Slovakia 9 2. Ivana Magacova Slovakia 21 3. Dagmar Pasternakova Czech Republic 26 1. Gabriela Kubesova Czech Republic 9 2. Eva Rudolfova Czech Republic 18 3.

Agnese Russo Italy 29 1. Frantisek Bartos Czech Republic 9 2. Radek Cervak Czech Republic 23 3. D 26e-body. Unfortunately, three other big international bodybuilding events took place the same weekend in Central Europe. Most of them were qualifiers to the national teams for the World Juniors and Masters Championships in Budapest. The same was in Wels. Very nice achievement. But the brightest star of Austria Cups was one week after his main event.

He displayed nice body proportions, balanced muscle development and top quality. Walter Stuckler won 80 kg class and then placed third in the master class at the World Championships.

Austrian athletic ladies were even better. Silvia Pickelman body-fitness and Jana Linke-Sippl bodybuilding were runners up in Budapest after winning their categories at the Austria Cup. Over 50 competitors created very interesting and exciting competition in 9 categories. Austrian Federation president, Mr.

Axel Bauer, could be really happy. James was four weeks after his sixth Mr. Olympia where he took sixth place — his second best result at Olympia. Over 57 kg champion Jana Linke Sippl.

Uwe Kirschmann second from left tried to fight with Mario Hemmer in the over 90 kg category. Ernestine Hofbauer was the best in women bodybuilding up to 52 kg. Pro bodybuilder Dennis James in his favorite pose.

Axel Bauer, opens Austria Cup in front of all participants. Nobody could touch Mario Hemmer in the heavyweight division. Don t you think? They live lifes of active women, often overflowed by work and children. However, they are also real athletes. What a mystery! Their shape is captivating. Not only are they distinguished, but they are also definitively sexy.

Judge by yourself.

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