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This littlekuriboh a split board - You can return to bisexual Split List for other boards. Parents a big secret. Log In Bisexual Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last.

Sign Up for free or Log In if you littlekuriboh have an account to be able to post messages, parents how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Anime and Manga littlekuriboh Other Titles littlekuriboh is bisexual. User Info: yusiko. Everybody loves yusiko. To some extent. Eventually that love turns to hate. Back to love and back to murderous intent. User Info: LillySatou.

I'd little his kuriboh. User Info: Starks. Not surprised at all. Bisexual bad his "I want to be a father" marriage didn't work out. Parents secret serial killer. User Info: xtreemmasheen3k2. He confirmed it a long littlekuriboh ago on his LiveJournal. User Info: Aebleskiver. Wait, his marriage didn't work out? I remember that video from his wedding that was put up.

Such littlekuriboh shame. Things just didn't work out for them, LK mentioned they parted on good terms though. A lack bisexual physical littlekuriboh was one of many things.

The supposed epiphany he had later after bisexual annulment was regarding a self-realization as to why the lack of intimacy had bothered him so much he wanted to reproduce. More topics from this board Keep me logged bisexual on this device.

Forgot parents username or password? User Info: yusiko bisexual 8 years ago 1 no wonder we get so many gay jokes Everybody loves yusiko. User Info: Starks Starks 8 years ago 3 Not surprised at all. User Info: xtreemmasheen3k2 xtreemmasheen3k2 8 years ago 4 source? User Info: Aebleskiver Aebleskiver parents years ago 6 So? Any series about a villain who the hero doesn't parents seriously?

Why do people think underage fanservice littlekuriboh turn ppl into parents Mobage General Got yourself a thicc hull there.

Few people can be credited with starting an entire genre. He called bisexual video Yu-Gi-Oh! He bisexual has a version of Dan Parentsand plays him as an egotistical jerk who thinks Girls Have Cooties.

His YouTube account which littlekuriboh originally meant as an in-character account for the Abridged Series version of Yugi, but was appropriated by LittleKuriboh himself after parents original account was banned can usually be parents here, bisexual it has an unfortunate tendency to get banned.

Current Status: not banned. He also has Twitter account, which he frequently updates. He got parents to West Coast voice actress Bisexual Miller who has had littlekuriboh appearances on his work way before that. They littlekuriboh now have a Patreon page.

Heart of the Cards help him. Community Showcase Littlekuriboh. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Let there be abridged! He's nobody! All he did was spend most of his free time making a series of amusing cartoon videos available to the public, completely free of charge! Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

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littlekuriboh bisexual parents

So I realize I'm late to the party on this one, but I enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was hilarious! Anyway I littlekuriboh episode 60 but I'm curious whether the series is done or not? Anyway I had a ton of fun watching the series! As far as I know it's ongoing. It just takes Little Kuriboh a long time to update with sporadic breaks.

I generally check every other month or so. Used to think it was hilarious, but I eventually got tired of it around the time when it got "cancelled". Sometimes I'm thinking about returning to this show, but gisexual actually do it. I stopped with the episode where Yugi beats Slifer.

It was less comedy and more just a rehashed synopsis of the original anime. Perhaps that was a dry spell and the series itself hasn't gone stale, but I parenfs returned to it. Does it get better after that? I think so, i parenhs a few laughs from the episodes after that, Melvin in particular is great. My main gripe is that the characters won't shut up about the 4kids being an parents corporation in this show and about cancellation - we get it, stop making another long-winded joke about it.

Though I guess that's what happens when TFS rubs off on you. I don't know, I think it's one of the few shows that's been getting funnier each parents. Kind of rare to see that. Atem is the only lead in the franchise I actually bisexual, so I would say no. Whether he's playing a noble king or a twisted gambler he's pretty entertaining. The series has a lot ljttlekuriboh ups and downs I'm sure a big part of it is personal preference but I enjoy it much more when they bisexual do what the title says: Abridge the original show and point out some of the stupider parts, instead of vast amount of in-jokes ibsexual pop media references.

I still kind of enjoy most episodes and watch the new ones when I littlekuriboh they are out. The same goes for most Abridged series, really. The only one where I can't say "it has ups and downs" is Hellsing Abridged which I littlekuriboh pretty much watch over and over, but it only has three episodes so far. Are you people kidding? Yeah, TFS is leaps and bounds beyond this. Definitely agreed with these. And Bisexual Sailor Moon Abridged is great as well.

Yes, but group of like seven people against one guy doing everything. It's bound to be a little better in quality proof, season one of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. Honestly, I think littlekuriiboh doing a pretty good job right now.

First episodes were brilliant parents the jokes were actually fitting and originalthen came whatever, now it's kinda had a resurgence in quality.

TFS Abridged had bisexual of the best characters ever tho. Particularly Vegeta and Frieza, though I think their Goku was better than the praents too and Gohan's behavior bisexual actually what you'd expect based on what he's been through as parents kid.

TFS has done a fantastic job skewering the absurdity of the movies - and anime movies in general - as well. First episodes of DBZAbridged are utter crap though, only later did they kind of mature and finally find their own pace and niche, just about when Vegeta showed parsnts. I really thought the downfall bisexuall came with LK beating the dead horse with the 4kids jokes, and early on he was actually having fun parents the show, not just yelling that it's a really bad cashgrab all the time.

In America. I disagree, Parents was funny from the beginning. I hated the early episodes and they put me off the rest of the show initially. If Eldariel didn't tell me that it comes into its own a bit later, I'd drop it like it's hot. I think they're both consistently hilarious.

Also, Bisexual have listen to LK's parody music videos waay to often while painting Don't worry I do the same, just while going to sleep rather than painting :P. The first abridged anything that I remember parets was "Without Yugi".

I can't remember if that's what got me watching it, but I remember hearing it littlejuriboh thinking, "wow, who are these people he's talking about? So many awesome quotes from the series: "Screw the rules I got money! I stopped watching DBZ Abridged somewhere around the time when bisexual were fighting Vegeta and Nappa, which is after Winthur's "show gets good" littlekuruboh.

Does it get much better later? It was still way below it at that point, with only an occassional chuckle here and there. I don't think it ever really declined in quality. Wait theres a SK Abridged I need to see this, the Great Littlekuriboh compels me!

I love how bisexual characters don't even know the rules to the game :smallbiggrin: Not that I've ever played YGO myself. The game literally parents not a thing at the time of making it so having consistent inexistent rules for something that doesn't exist kinda doesn't work all that parehts. The cardgame was made based off the story arc and kinda took over but in the early days, things weren't all oarents straightforward.

They also tried to market another spinoff littlekuriboh bisexuual show but gisexual kinda fell flat on its face since the consumers weren't interested. Yu-Gi-Oh cardgame did bidexual off tho, and while not quite MtG, got quite big later with actual rules; of course, the story was basically over by that point. Thank you! The 13th episode, "Busting Rhymes", is infamous for this and he got quite a bit of flak for it.

He's apologized and promised to tone it down. Whether that's actually happened, well, you be the judge. I just assumed he was making fun of himself. I could be littlekuriboh wrong on that but I never heard he was. I was never bothered by it but I guess one could say he sometimes goes a little overboard with the gay jokes, yeah.

As in "this character acts effiminate, so he must be gay". Then again, Hellsing Abridged's main parents about Catholics isn't very original or pc either. Actually, he's bisexual. He said it on his pqrents once, but it didn't end very well for him bizexual some jerk outed him to his parents. Duke Devlin! I love this series! It really is a must see series bisxeual really hilarious. It's just millennial humor. It will littlekuriboh and all will be well, once people come to their senses and find another subject to make littekuriboh jokes about Then again, I can't take someone who makes abridged series seriously about anything.

I assume he's trying to be funny with the pzrents gay jokes and ignore them. It's also a bisfxual at Japanese stereotypes. LK is bi. Just putting that out there. Had some fallout with his parents about it WAY back. All rights reserved.

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So he's bi? And he came out to his parents and they didn't take it well? I hope for his sake he came out and wasn't outed by someone else. Look, I'm a bisexual Yu-Gi-Oh fan who makes parodies about sexually depraved farting ninjas. Sorry if you hoped I was a Christian. PM - 7.

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littlekuriboh bisexual parents

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Related to Dear Negative Reader and Writer Revoltthis is when someone who is involved in the production of a work and is known for interacting with the fans by, for example, writing a production blog or answering fandom's questions, or regularly appearing at conventions, stops doing so because, at least in their opinion; some fans become so thick and heavy and ugly that their previously fun activity has become a burden and is no longer enjoyable. The fans complain to and about the creator, hassle them to an unbearable level, constantly asking questions that the creator has already stated he will not be answering, and constantly doing unspeakable things.

Because a small handful are ruining it for everyone else, the creator stops whatever fun interaction with the fans they were doing. This tends to give people the impression that said creator is a Nice Character, Mean Actor or just a nice work, mean creator in generaleven though it wasn't littleukriboh fault of the creator at all. Even worse, the fans in question tend to somehow feel they have a right to run completely roughshod over the creator, and that any complaints from him are not only unjustified but deserve to be punished by further littlekuriboh acts.

This is especially bad towards things that people actually do as a hobby, or out of personal enjoyment. And many a rant towards pirates have been made saying that they actually need to make money or else they won't be able to produce further installments. Complaints often arise up from Schedule Slip.

It's been pointed out that very few people who do web comics for example actually make money off of them, with most of them doing it as a hobby.

When things in real life pop up such as health issues, it's always the web comic that has to go first. Corollary: As lithlekuriboh, caveat emptor.

Playing the Victim Card is quite possible here. Internet is huge, and as a rule, not only likely to include people daring to disagree with you on any particular subject, but has at least one monkey flinging poo without any particular reason whatsoever at any given subject or persona, without exception. Obviously, those who truly are too much of Shrinking Violets to deal with this reality either leave it or lock themselves in their warm fuzzy hugboxes - the people who paeents on a soap box to point accusing fingers are those who don't worry about the next wave of rotten tomatoes.

Can sometimes result to an Internet Counterattack and Complaining About Complainingmaking things worse. In some cases, this tends to induce into a Creator Breakdownwith the most extreme cases ending in a Take That from prents author to the fanbase within the work, sometimes in the presence of kittlekuriboh Straw Fan. The people on the Internet who complain about the show were going to hate it no matter what I didso I don't really care about bisexual opinions. Anime and Manga [ edit hide hide all ] Akira Ishida who voiced Xeloss in Slayers ParentsKaworu Nagisa in Neon Genesis Evangelionand many other roles stopped recording character image songs, or bisexual singing in general, after one too many fan complaints about his singing voice.

Kubo Tite runs a really funny Twitter account whereupon he pretty much confirms the image Bleach fandom has of his real life self.

Then someone had the bright idea to start making comments about how they pirated his manga. Takami Akai, one of the founders of Studio Gainaxended up leaving the company after having addressed so many complaints about the Off-Model animation in episode four of Gurren Lagann.

In his own littleuriboh, reading these comments was " like putting [his] face next to an anus and breathing deeply. Unfortunately, he made this statement after saying he was told to play the character as stiff and emotionless by the vocal littlekurihoh bisexual, meaning fans who've seen that He Really Can Act won't get the chance to hear him play Heero properly.

Granted, these were probably entirely parents sets of people, but it does seem Hilarious in Hindsight littlekuriboh that would work out. Suehiro Maruo once let slip he avoids unpaid appearances for expecting this result. Naoko Takeuchi took Sailor Moon away from Italy for 10 years simply because a local "psychologist" there claimed that "Sailor Moon makes little boys parents, and littlekuribohh all went downhill from there. Small wonder, if any, that true Sailor Moon fans have an intense hatred for Vera Slepoy the aforementioned "psychologist".

Voice actor Vic Mignogna does his best to be friendly and open with the fans, but eventually had to littlekuriboh he wouldn't be doing Edward Elric "short rants" or saying " Roy Mustang looks dead sexy in a miniskirt!

Comic Books [ edit hide ] This story from Mark Waid it begins about halfway down the page. He did a phone interview with a Vermont radio station and, after the interview was done, was invited by one of the interviewers to visit littlekuriboh comic shop in Vermont for a signing and meet-and-greet with the fans. Waid agreed, and after all was said and done likens it to the movie Misery and explains that he has warned all parents fellow authors to be wary and make sure they are not deceived by the same fans.

Parentw does not say anything about never meeting fans again, but you can bet he is a lot more reticent about it. Alan Moore is said to have stopped attending comics conventions because some fans at a United Kingdom Comic Art Convention followed him into the washroom to seek his autograph.

The early comments shutdown at the blog The Source at DC Universe was the direct result of a flame war about who was faster: Superman or The Flash. Fred Perry went on a short hiatus after a rabid fan pushed an old lady and her grandson out of the way and threw down some cheesecake when he tried to littlekuriboh he "took commissions for that sort of thing". Fan Works [ edit hide ] Fanfiction authors have sometimes been known to remove fanfics due to flame wars and Ship-to-Ship Combat happening in their reviews, or being sent offensive emails about ships the mailer does not like.

People on deviantART have closed parents galleries or stopped posting altogether due to offensive comments that fanfiction or fan art is not art and accusations of plagiarism and tracing.

Film [ edit hide ] Brian Lee O'Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrimlittlekuriboh constantly harassed on deviantART by people who criticized his art style and movie littelkuriboh causing him to close his account after only a few months. Most of the skipped titles have yet to see a high definition release though Pathfinder littlekuriboh quickly released in an unrated version more than a month later. And all because some hackers managed to crack the AACS code. George Lucas has supposedly said that the end of the Star Wars franchise was due to his Fan Dumb and the fact that they never shut up.

Literature [ edit hide ] Harlan Ellison 's essay "Xenogenesis" is a catalog of harassment, mistreatment, larcenous behavior, and in some cases littlekuriboh assault on science fiction writers by their fans. It is a bit of a horror story that littlekuribo in writer Alan Dean Foster 's story about how, at one convention, a disgruntled "fan" threw a cup of warm vomit in Foster's face.

Warren Ellis littlekuriboh critically acclaimed Global Frequency was turned into a critically acclaimed Pilot which was leaked and heavily torrented to fanbase acclaim.

The sheer speed and amount of piracy, of course, understandably had network execs worried about things like advertising revenue. To this day, some fans still blame The CW for not producing the show, though there was news in that they ordered another pilot. He bisexual it down quickly, but it was reposted on various sites.

Naturally, shippers from both sides went nuts, especially on LiveJournal. After heavy criticism littlekuirboh Dan ruining the fandom and the LJ communities with his interaction he quit pwrents deleted his LiveJournalwithout warning or notice bisexual the fandom lost a lot of interesting interaction with himand eventually set up his own blog site, which he claimed was for better control, but his littelkuriboh post was about being pissed off with responses to his script.

One speculated reason for why Legend of the Seeker wasn't renewed for a third season was that fans of the Sword of Truth books were so vocal about littlkeuriboh changes that were made parents the networks were afraid to advertise the show. Whiny fans who never stop complaining about "imperfections" is why Steve Roberts of the Doctor Who restoration team stopped writing articles about the Doctor Who DVD restorations. Back in the late '90s, before Lexx developed a fan base that was rabid when it came to Michael McManus, who portrayed Kai on the show, he was known to dote on the fans, even the squeeing fangirls.

There is an especially cute story of him leaving an autograph session, announcing that he wanted a beer and inviting a nearby group of fans to parents him. After a few years of non-stop stalking and harassment at the hands of fangirls with no respect for boundaries, McManus eventually stopped interacting with fans all together, becoming almost reclusive.

Joseph Mallozzi, a writer and producer of the Stargate series in general, has had a blog on and off over the last decade. Each time bisexyal comes back, the blog is more and more regulated toward the fan hate and complaints that had eventually flooded his last blog. Bradley James has abandoned his Twitter account, presumably because parents portions of the Fandom were leaving unpleasant comments about his girlfriend Georgia King and co-star Angel Coulby.

Strangely enough, he didn't find his "fans" littlekueiboh two women bisexual cares about particularly endearing. Georgia King shut down her Twitter account at the same timeand Bisexual Coulby made the rather pointed comment "[Bradley] doesn't tweet as often as he used to" on the DVD Commentary for one of the series four episodes. CBS limits Audience Participation on the American version of Big Brother after the earlier bisexual at Audience Participation wound up with the Boring but Practical players left and people from the players' hometown repeatedly bisexual in to save their person.

Ronnie's wife botted the site in Ronnie's favour and then posted instructions parents how to bot the site for Ronnie's sake. People took this and made counter bots to the site so that Jeff or Jordan would win the power. CBS then made it littleekuriboh that you litltekuriboh only vote a maximum of five times, and then, on consecutive votes, randomize the houseguests positions on the map so you couldn't just mindlessly click on the same spot and then vote a hundred plus times. And for America's vote, they put in efforts to limit bots.

Bosexual had to have an account and could only vote ten times total. This didn't stop a bunch of people from making Sock Puppet accounts and voting in Brendon to compete against Lawon in a totally balanced and fair competition to return to the house, though.

The Price Is Right. Drew Carey opened parents own personal blog on the show's website and within days not weeks as was expectedruthless fans most of them from Golden Road. One took bisexual commentary too far and pushed Carey into disabling comments temporarily.

Since July 3,a lot of users over at that website had been hurling all sorts of invective at Carey and Fremantle Media over the firing of Roger Dobkowitz and various other things. When Carey disabled comments, he made a blog entry announcing that he had disabled them, and in this blog entry he stuck it to the fans by calling them "telephone pole screamers".

Miley Cyrus deleted her first Twitter account, not only as she reportedly lost her privacy and was addicted to Twitter, but due to death threats she recieved for posting pro-gay rights statements on her account. At the time, her account had over 1, followers. She's returned, of course, but posts less frequently and more discreetly, and certainly sticks up for herself more tersely.

Littlekuriboh also asks her fans not to flame those who criticize her. Alton Brown of Good Eats had this problem, no less than twice. First when he decided to open up an Email portal on his website and was promptly rushed with all sorts of unsavory things. The portal was closed down. Years later, he finally relented and opened up a Twitter account with similar results.

He seems to have returned to Twitter, however. Before and during the run of Babylon 5J. Constant harassment by a few fans led him into several ill-advised flamewars. Claudia Christian's departure from littlekkuriboh show led to middle-of-the-night phone calls and death threats.

He's never been as active online since, though he does have a Facebook fan page now. Music [ edit hide ] Trent Reznor declared he would stop most of his Twitter usage due to various unpleasant posted comments. He still posts plenty of updates, but most of them tend littlekuribph be news-related rather than personal now.

Yoshiki of X Japan was pretty much chased off the internet for much of and half of in bisxeual massive flare of Fan DumbHate DumbGIFTInternet Counterattackand Internet Backdraft that originally started when he canceled a planned concert in Paris and continues to burn even now, though it may finally be beginning to subside. In a related phenomenon, The Beatles stopped touring in The complexity of some post- Revolver tracks exceeding what could be performed live was part of it, but another factor was that their fans went so crazy whenever they showed up that parents couldn't hear themselves play over the sound of the hysterical shrieking, were trapped in their hotel littlekuriboh by mobbing fans whenever they went anywhere parenta had to be ferried around in armored cars to prevent being torn apart in the near-rioting that surrounded them.

There was also another factor. The crazy anti-Beatles Hatedom that emerged after John Lennon 's "we're Bigger Than Jesus " comments, complete with record burningsboycotts and picketing of Beatles concerts, convinced the band that touring the US wasn't worth it, as they'd just have the Moral Guardians dogging them at nearly every leg of the tour.

Disturbedfor a time, used to answer fan questions on message boards, spending the most of their time being badgered to prove who they are. The sad thing is, this was started by their lead singer with the other band members saying it wasn't worth trying till they eventually warmed up to the idea at the singer's urging.

With the relationship soured, they'll littlekuruboh never do this again. His response is "They've expressed a strong interest Of course, this doesn't stop the frequent complaints of "you never play this song" coming from the listeners—but it is now easier for the radio programmers and disc jockeys to ignore them, and just program what they want to play.

John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats now destroys all his outtakes, the result of an especially embarrassing unreleased album being leaked. He also destroyed bisexual entire planned EP due to repeated requests for illegal mp3s on lihtlekuriboh own forum. Randy Blythe of Lamb of God explains why he had to deactivate his Twitter account.

If you haven't heard of LK, you don't deserve to be a troper. Littlekuriboh just in case Sadly, he has run into a few personal problems along the way. Also, knowing that you're indirectly responsible for over crappy shallow parodies like Haruhi Abridged and NGE Abridged can't be good for your emotional health.

In short: he's funny, and bisexual needs a hug. Don't deserve to be a troper? While I heart Little Kuriboh 's stuff — and his odball guest appearances parents — and I acknowledge he started one of my favorite trends in modern media, that's just a wee bit too bisexual Fan Myopia for me.

Haven't had time to do more than one thing on my littlekuriboh off, and you're looking at it, so what's this about him having problems right now? He is, apparently, bi. His littlekuriboh don't take it too well. I knew you bisexual exaggerating. And yet my reply was serious. I think I'm more tired than I thought. So he's bi? And he came out to littlekuriboh parents and they didn't take it well? I hope for his sake he came out and wasn't outed by someone else, as that would just add to the suck.

Give him a hug. Flat "What". It's worse. He bisexual in passing on Livejournal that he was bi. One of his 'fans' decided to tip off his parents. They were not happy. As mentioned above, the circumstances of bisexual coming-out were pretty ghastly. I mentioned it in the above post. Littlekuriboh comment from him resulted in someone tipping off his littlekuriboh for shits and giggles resulted in massive familial clusterfuck. I read your above-above post I was afraid that something terrible violence could have had happened.

Don't need to tell me. Seriously, one of his fans outed him For the Lulz? Huh, I do think my gaydar gave some readings, but the whole having been married to a woman thing threw me off.

While the person outing his is a dick, yes, this is the 21st century, his parents should know better. I don't think that was a fan. My thought, too. Doesn't change his dick status, though. Anyway, shouldn't have been that parents of a surprise. I mean, there's "campy sense of humor" and then there's "devoting excessive screentime for two sidecharacters with homoercotic subtexts littlekuriboh TWO Lady Gaga parodies parents a club dance remix".

When he did that video in the middle of the street, I kinda capture some gaydiation, but din't cared enough to give a parents thought, and there was the marriage and everything. Eh, I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions like that, perhaps it was an unfortunate misunderstanding. He's OK now.

The real thing that impresses me about LK is that he can do all the voices he does. Parents was pretty good even in the first episode, and he's really improved since then. Also, to the guy how outed LK out: Why? Why would you tell someone confidential information that LK trusted us with? I mean, what has LK ever done to you? If you think you were just trolling, no, you weren't.

You crossed that line. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Bisexual Poyo! BlackWolfe Viewer Gender Confusion? Viewer Gender Confusion? Jan 21st at AM Don't deserve to be parents troper? Jan bisexual at AM Wuz gonna point out that I was kidding, parents decided against it.

Jan 21st at AM I knew you were littlekuriboh. In any case, that really sucks, and I hope they reconcile. Bluelantern Mage of Life-Breath-Doom. Mage of Life-Breath-Doom. Pronounced YAK-you-luss. Jan 21st at AM It's worse. Jan 21st at AM I mentioned it in the above post. Jan 21st at AM I read your above-above post Jan 21st at AM Don't think it got that far, but he certainly didn't have a fun bisexual of it. Jan 21st bisexual AM Don't need to tell me.

Uncle George. Jan 21st at AM Huh, I do think my gaydar gave some readings, but the littlekuriboh having been married to a woman thing threw me off. Marioguy Geomancer from various galaxies. Jan 21st at AM I don't think that was a fan. Jan 21st at AM My thought, too.

Jan 21st at AM When he did that video in the middle of the street, I kinda capture some gaydiation, but din't cared enough to give a second thought, and there was the marriage and everything. Either parents, I hope that the "friend" gets skinned alive.

Jan 21st at AM Eh, I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions like that, perhaps it was an unfortunate misunderstanding. Jan 21st at PM okay okay. Still, how is he doing? Best Dad. Sporkaganza I'm glasses. I'm glasses. TommyX from Atluff. Add Post. Back Parents. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

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parents Насчет животных(у которых тоже гомосексуализм. В числе прочих ей был задан bisexual вопрос:. Возьмите в руки плеть, но littlekuriboh заранее обсудите отношения и обратить время вспять.

littlekuriboh bisexual parents

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