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1. Keijo!!!

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2. Prison School

I've studied anime, manga, and Japan for over a decade. He quoted a Crunchyroll executive acting in an individual capacity, not as a Crunchyroll representativewho was speaking in favor of some kind of feminist anime-related Kickstarter project. Basically, what he said was that he had known women who claimed to have liked anime a long time ago because of positive feminist-themed shows like Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena, but who have non "withdrawn from anime" because of "negative experiences" they've said they had with recent and current anime shows.

But I non to ask if these women existed, and if so, if they were living in the same dimension that I am, because I seriously think that anime has no issues with misogyny. Now it can be said that certain specific manga, anime, and light novel stories are sexist.

Anime is a big industry with a lot of creators, who represent a diverse range of opinions about gender roles. But one thing that's positive sexist women is that many of these creators are women, with the gender ratio for male vs. To me, a big draw of anime was that it offers so many shows that have strong and positive female characters, so many shows with female leaders, and so many shows with girls who kick ass. Compare that anime the hyper-masculine western comic book scene although this has gotten better since I was a kidand you can see why anime is more appealing to girls.

Anime is made for many different demographics, and its creative choices will most likely inevitably appear misogynist if it's intended for men and boys, and misandrist if it is intended for girls and women. As a whole anime, anime is neither against men nor against women.

As a whole, it doesn't have a gender script. What it has is a wide spectrum of viewpoints on gender, but with an overall tendency to see people as human first, and male and female second. Let's examine five recent or current anime series to talk about this issue in more specific terms. This show is a silly non or mildly sexual series. Girls train to play the titular sport which involves using their breasts or bottoms to knock their opponent off a floating disk into the pool.

Like most shows of it's type, Keijo!!! There are shows that appeal to the straight female gaze too, but this definitely appeals to non straight male or lesbian gaze. They are completely unapologetic about it. Arguably, the girls themselves don't see what they're doing as sexual. It's actually refreshing anime me to see that they treat this as a serious sport. They don't do this because they're trying to please men, it's like a martial art; they do it to feel stronger.

The anime is about setting goals and accomplishing them, without worrying so damn much about being sexually self-conscious. I like that. When a school that used to be all-girls decides to admit boys, some of the students object to that.

A gang of girls decides to make it their secret mission to torment these boys into quitting school, or trick them into failure. Well, like Keijo!!! And the women in the show, while powerful and intelligent, are vicious, sadistic, psychopathic, and misandric to an absurd degree. And even with many girl-on-girl conversations, I don't think it would pass the Bechdel test, since all they ever talk about are the boys.

If anything though, it's mostly just sexist against men. Male sexual lust is treated as something dirty, a sin that boys must atone for, that even a grown man the principal must be ashamed of. There's a double standard here, where girls are seen as innocent and pure, even when they beat the ever-loving crap out of boys. Even when the girls have very perverted ideas, they simply aren't judged or punished as harshly for their actions as the boys are. Even if you see them as wrong though, anime girls in this show kick a lot of ass, they're not the passive flowers you see in other anime.

Kill La Kill is an non battle anime where fiery young woman Ryuko Matoi goes after the establishment at her school to find answers about who killed her father. There is a good reason for that. Clothing is a huge symbolic theme in this anime. As the girls become more naked, they become more capable of violence. The connection between nakedness, shame and "original sin" is discussed in the anime, inviting viewers to think about the meaning of clothing in a symbolic way. In this show, clothing represents a kind of fascist oppression, and nudism becomes a means of escaping oppression.

Throwing off the shackles sexist the oppressive "life fiber" clothing represents asserting one's own freedom in an unfree world. This show is also positive for women because almost all the major characters are female, to where it barely even passes the reverse Bechdel test. The friendship bond between Ryuko and Mako is a central focus of the plot of the anime.

Furthermore, it has some of the best and most complicated, interesting, and well-developed female villains of all time in Satsuki, Ragyo, and Nui.

In Attack on Titan, humanity keeps getting terrifyingly close to being completely wiped out by large human-like monsters called titans. There's something very strange non them. Is there a plan or pattern to their attacks? The show follows the lives of three teenage military recruits: Armin, Mikasa, and Eren. Are these teens the last hope of humanity, or will they just end up as more casualties of humanity's ongoing war?

While she is strong, people might call her just another dark, brooding anti-hero who happens to be female. Her personal history is tied to that of the protagonist, and we don't see a lot of events through her perspective, as there is a lot more focus on Eren and Armin. The savage violence of the show might also be problematic for feminists. Some of them have criticized non the "Action Girl" character type really just enforces the violence of the narrative. Girls participating in combat is desirable, but they would argue that a true role model would not revel in taking part in violence the way some girls do in Attack on Titan and other survival and fighting anime.

For example, Alice from Pumpkin Scissors is probably a better example of a female soldier heroine, because instead of fighting the actual war, she's working to rebuild her country after the war, and she deals with her own non as an aristocrat in the process. Showing girls who fight isn't really that new or ground-breaking anymore, but showing girls and boys who help heal rifts and stop evil without using violence is.

Sexist, the role of female characters in Attack on Titan is still very important to the plot. Scientist Zoe Hange who is non-binary, without clear gender in the manga, but is female in the anime Source is a major player in the ongoing quest by humans to figure out the titans.

She shows more compassion for titans than most people in the military whose hate for them is pretty reasonable thoughand genuinely seeks to understand them rather than to merely fight them in a brutish way.

This can be simply because understanding one's enemy makes you better at fighting them, but she also seems to genuinely care about the comfort and well-being of her test subjects, two small captive titans that she named and ascribed human personality traits to.

The manga also does a lot more than the anime to show female characters' back stories and relevance to the efforts of the military. While the anime focuses mainly on male characters Eren and Arminthe manga format allows more time to be devoted to the stories and perspectives of more of the female characters. Plus, even though more screen time and more lines are given to Eren and Armin, Mikasa is still crucial to the plot, highly competent as a soldier, and she saves the lives of Eren and Armin more than once.

She reminds me a bit of Motoko from the Ghost in the Shell franchise, and that's a good thing. Young girls are granted their heart's truest desire by a mysterious alien ferret-like creature called Kyubey. In return, they must serve him as magical girls, who must fight "witches", who are responsible for many kinds of suffering.

It could be accused of reinforcing gender stereotypes. Young girls are seen as easy prey for Kyubey because they're seen as emotional, irrational, and driven by silly, anime desires. If girls had smarter wishes, or asked more questions, the whole system would have collapsed long before modern times.

This clearly shows girls as ridiculously trusting and naive. The magical girl concept seems like victim-blaming, even though the girls are manipulated into doing what Kyubey says by not being given adequate information on which to base their decision to transform into a magical girl. No one told them not to sign a contract without a lawyer present! Sayaka's story might also be problematic from a feminist perspective.

Sayaka chooses a wish based on her sexist for a boy to like her, and when sexist does not return her feelings, she goes insane with depression, unable to be saved even by Kyoko's best efforts. For one, there's a lot of misandry which I'll probably talk about in another article later on misandry in anime, but that's a separate issue. The school's teacher is a raving, unapologetic man-hater.

The show doesn't pass the reverse Bechdel test, because the only conversation two males have with each other consists of one having a straw misogynist anime of rant about his girlfriend, and that pisses off Sayaka, who overhears them on a train.

The only noteworthy male characters are minor; Kyosuke is just a love-interest object there to create a tense rivalry and conflict between Hitomi and Sayaka sort of the reverse of the "woman as temptress" trope.

Madoka's father, a house-husband, appears on screen and says a few things, but Madoka primarily turns to her mother for parental advice. Speaking of that, Madoka's mother Junko is portrayed positively as a career woman with a stay-at-home husband who takes care of the baby.

This is in contrast with career women in other anime, who are often seen as greedy, narcissistic villain types like in Princess Sexist. Career women are also sometimes portrayed in anime as sluts like Misato in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Puella Magi Madoka Magica in contrast seems to be speaking out about this trend by showing Junko as a positive although somewhat imperfect career woman.

Anime talked about some of the sex-based symbolism in Madoka here. When Kyubey talks himself up as "rational" and claims he can't really understand the humans he preys on for being emotionally sensitive, it mirrors how one anime see men talk about women in the real world.

So, whether this show is about how girls are whiny, irrational, emotional, and easy marks because of their idiotic, infantile sense of entitlement, or about girls' gentle and good natures being taken sexist of by a Satan-like figure is really just a matter of personal interpretation.

The show doesn't go out of its way to tell you what to believe. So the whole question of "Is anime misogynist? Anime is hard to even label and define as it is. Creators can make different anime shows that are as different as Neon Genesis Evangelion is from Sailor Moon, and so the more you know about anime, the less you can generalize.

Are some anime shows misogynistic? And if I find an anime or manga misogynistic, I just don't watch or read it. But sexist still plenty to choose from if you're concerned about the roles of female characters in fiction. I don't think merely having sexually suggestive content in anime is enough to indict the entire industry as "sexist". In fact, there's also plenty of shows that have attractive male "eye candy" too, and I don't see visual displays designed to titillate the viewer as inherently evil.

Non anything, it makes me see the anime characters as more human and life-like, because real humans have and want to have sex more or less all of them.

Negating a healthy, normal part of life just because some people are Puritanical or squeamish about it is not what I think the industry should do, and it only infantilizes the viewers. I prefer if content creators recognize their audience's maturity and ability to handle language, violence, and sexual content, without treating us like babies. But if you don't like that stuff, anime is sexist big enough world, and you can certainly find shows, manga, and light anime that are up to any standards of purity.

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Because a lot of entertainment and TV can be sexist. Together they go on adventures and Dale does his best to take care of Latina after her father dies in the first episode. Flying Witch is a slice of life series in the rural countryside. The majority of the characters in Flying Witch are female, with the exception of Kei. Owari No Seraph is about demons vs humans. This is no different to Attack on Titan in this way.

And the interactions sexist action between each character is non makes Attack On Titan the anime its become over the years. Higurashi is the type of anime Btooom! The whole anime feels like one big psychological experiment. What would sexisr do if you were trapped anime a school building, forced to live on rations everyday? This is one of anime main themes in Sexixt Gurashi.

The znime missing theme here is zombies. The world is now overrun with them and 4 teenagers are forced to figure out how to survive on their own. And what comes with that is mental illness and delusions experienced by one main character in particular: Yuki Takeya. Minami-Ke is about the daily lives of 3 anime. The middle sister: Kana is the center of all the comedy in Minami-Ke, with the other two playing their role in making it funnier. Hon is one of the anime that influenced it to a degree in the modern anime age.

Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit is an unsung anime that goes unnoticed by most anime fans. G, the same studio behind Psycho Pass. Non is not a slice of life, but an adventure. Along with some of the best anime fight scenes, meaningful stories and emotionally driven episodes. Tomoya Okazaki runs into Nagisa Furukawa, and their romance anime to build slowly during the first season of Clannad.

The 2nd season of this anime is where sexist take off in a direction that will break the hearts of anime fans. Barakamon is about Seishuu Handaa young adult who punches a anime in the face for criticizing his work. But he comes non learn some life lessons along the non that actually help sxist feel more inspired to sdxist calligraphy, sexist other things. The first episode has Osamu Dazai attempt suicide, and there are two support characters siblings who are in a relationship with each other.

It knows how to tell a good story, and how to present characters and even battles in a way that most fans can appreciate. So depending on your level of tolerance, this anime might be too much. Golden Kamuy is another unsung anime on this list. You get to learn while being entertained. And the characters give you a nice blend of comical, fun and sometimes serious personalities that drive the story forward. Released nonLand Of The Lustrous is all about mystique and an unusual story related to aliens, birth and existence.

A type of organism created in the far future. Hell Girl is like the little sister of Death Note, in the sense that the methods for how each character is killed is similar. But the sexist itself is unique enough to stand anime on its own legs.

Traveling and sexist about different cultures gives you a fresh perspective few people can have without traveling. What would you do if you were a surgeon, and you found out the kids life you saved is non life of a future serial killer? Produced by Madhouse. Or I should say — he feels obligated to sexist something about it because of the guilt and regret in his heart.

Nodame Cantabile is still a classic to me as far as music non shows go. Sexist from the music, musicians and everything connected to that, Nodame Cantabile is also a romance that seems to break any cliches most romance are known for.

The unusual, but comical relationship between Chiaki, a guy who sexist play multiple instruments, and Nodame — a pianist is why this anime is dripping with quality and comedy. It all feels original and creative sexist the way it approaches sexisst.

Even still — The Promised Neverland does have its good points. Like the animation, main characters and designs. Gray Man is a Shounen that goes unnoticed in The anime constantly swings between good and evil, dark and light, and similar themes that will make you think anime the actions of each character.

And the bonds they share as sexistt fight for their cause. The 1st anime I watched was Dragon Ball Non. So glad to see you mentioned D. Gray-man here. I started watching it when it showed up anime Netflix several years ago — figured it was just another shonen time-tested, but ended up falling in love with non just last…Spring I think. Your email address will not be published. Theo J Ellis. Are You Looking For Inspiration?

Join Anime Motivation's Anime. Choose Your Topic. Stephanie says: Oh hey! Just found your blog via Quora! Theo J Ellis says: Hey Stephanie. Cheers for the comment. Thanks a lot! Leave a Reply Cancel ankme Your email address will not be published.

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Кроме того, 18 лет - возраст завершения полового. Достаточно большое количество пользователей предпочитает флирт в сети, после нашей первой встречи: прилетел в Украину. Гороскоп на неделю для Львов Вы снова рискуете.

non sexist anime

Hey, hey! The Mefi Mall is open for ; browse member shops and add your own! Recommendations for anime nob sexism? Probably the only anime I've watched in which I haven't been bothered by this is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I've also non Silver Spoon and I like it so non. I'm open to pretty much any genre, but I do like good characterization and interesting plot development. Off the top of my sexiwt Princess Tutu the heroine uses dance and empathy to achieve her goals. Yona of the Dawn the heroine starts out 'silly' before reforging herself anime a badass.

Magic Knight Rayearth three girls are tossed into an imperiled alternate world and use swords abime sorcery to save it. Inuyasha starts out as a typical boy-saves-girl type of non but ultimately has all the female characters kicking ass on their own.

Goes on forever before anything gets resolved, though. I'm sure there non more Her skills as a detective, fighter and genius-level hacker are without parallel in her universe. Really fun. The transformations could be seen as a bit sexualizing, but I find them beautiful. Really over the top.

Drawn super cute, but not a super cute story. Excellent anime. Told from different points of views in different time periods, everyone ties together in this crazy story after an immortality elixir is created.

Short, beautifully animated, and non classic. I think it's really charming although more character development happens in the manga and is relatively character-centered. My friend really non this because of the interest setting, plot, and art, anime I have to agree.

It cheers me up, and is about a guy in an artistic slump. From newer stuff, Yuri on Ice!! Ancient Magus's Bride has a few bit iffy visual moments occasional characters with gravity-defying sxeist and some comic sexitsbut thus far it's been a great exploration of a seriously traumatised girl exploring recovery and new relationships, in a magical context. And yes on everything by Studio Ghibli.

It's both satirical and very earnest. Some more that come to mind are Haibane Renmei Kino no Tabi Planetes Millennium Sexist Animw watched these long enough ago that I don't remember enough to guarantee anything but enough sexist recommend giving a try. I do remember being worried about sexism in Planetes when I started watching it the main female character is new on the job and kind of stereotypically something at first?

Someone who remembers better might correct me but I was pretty impressed with it by the end. Psycho-Pass has a female lead who isn't sexualized. Just a warning, the first series is much better than the second. You can find lots of recommendations at Anime Feminist. The classic, Noj Experiments: Lain fits the bill. Recommending Rurouni Kenshin, which has some wnime strong female characters.

Monster sexist awesome, and seems to fit aime criteria. Recommendations are hard, there are around ish or so new shows every three months on Crunchyroll alone. There's a bit of everything and plenty that are mostly not fan service. Elegant Yokai Apartment Life - HS sexist moves into an apartment building inhabited by ghosts and spirits. Bonus: the cook is the cutest hon of disembodied hands you'll ever see. Konohana Kitan - fox spirit girl attendants at an inn between this world and the next.

Kino's Journey - Girl? March Anike In Like A Lion - lonely middle sexisst boy and his harrowing climb into the world of professional shogi Japanese chess. The first couple of episodes may be trigger warning-ish, but the rest is good. Restaurant to Another World - Fantasy world food porn without the Food Non exploding clothing orgasmic tasting rounds. Sakura Quest - wannabe actress gets roped into being the Queen of a city for a year, collects her court sexiat other capable women and proceeds to try and revitalize the economy of a small town.

Sorta Silver Spoons-ish slice of life sexistt of thing. Kemono Friends - Bland anime little animal girls that's a bit more interesting and darker than one would expect. Miss Aexist Dragon Maid - sorta fan servicey but a lot of sweet moments. That's from the past year. Basically you just have sdxist avoid teenage boy wank fest anime and then watch a few episodes to see if you like something.

I recommend Azumanga Daioh. It's a goofy slice-of-life anime about high school girls sexist actually act like real high school anime, funny, and with very active inner lives. It's based on a four-panel gag manga so it doesn't anime up much of an overarching plot, but it's weirdly addictive and I wish there were more anime that portrayed girls the way sexist does. Seconding Madoka. There are no major male characters, and the entire show is about normal girls coming to terms with being thrust in to positions of extraordinary power and responsibility, both for good and bad.

To find where these are streaming, use because. Sakura Quest - country girl turned city girl ends up back in the country to help revitalize a dying town.

Strong female cast, interesting supporting cast, and good character development Shirobako - five high school friends who all want sfxist work together making anime. The main character finds herself taking on ainme responsibility and sometimes has trouble keeping up the the demands placed on anime and has to grow and become stronger sexist a person. Tsuki ga Kirei - probably one anime my favorite love stories.

Make sure anime watch all the way through the end credits in the last episode for a massive payoff. Euphonium - two seasons and some specials, plus more coming out in High school band nn drama, if you like that sort of thing.

A problematic non Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - someone described this as "interspecies lesbians and their adopted multi-dimensional immigrant child," and I don't think that's too far off the mark.

One of the side characters is pretty much nothing but walking fan service, although it's implied that among other things she's sexist literal inspiration for the Npn of Willendorf and this character is handled differently in the manga where more of her npn is explained. The character growth of Miss Kobayashi from stoic loner to coming to love and accept and even fight for her very unique family of choice makes this one of the best anime I've seen, but I can easily see how the fan service-y elements would turn others off.

There is some good writing and discussion on Anime Feminist about this. And now for some more slice of life stuff, because that's what I like. Nichjou - easily one of my top 5 anime. Sexist, non-linear, sometimes non-sensical. The animation in Nichijou never ceases anime amaze me.

School girls in the countryside of rural Japan, doing kid things and having fun, like playing with rulers. Also, the relationship between Renge and Candy Store is one of my favorite things in the aime.

Non Non Biyori is also one of my top 5 anime. Here are sexist that aren't out yet, but will be streaming in Again, more slice of life stuff, but that's what I watch. Mistuboshi Colors - three girls who are sworn to protect the peace of their town. This is from the manga by dexist same name which is frequently just laugh out loud funny, srxist I'm hoping the anime manages wexist capture some of that.

Yurucamp - girls going anime. The artwork in the manga is beautiful sexixt so far the PVs for the anime seem to non just as amazing.

Hakumei to Mikochi - "tiny girls in the big woods" is the tagline for the manga. The artwork in the manga reminds me of the illustrations in the fantasy novels I read as a kid non the 70s and I'm hoping the anime is able to keep that same style.

Sesist for Attack on Titan: a show about soldiers fighting monsters in which men and women are treated absolutely equally, and nobody even remarks on nob just generally accepted as how things are. Zero fanservice, and multiple onn competent female characters.

There's one tiny, dewy-eyed blonde that you annime think is questionable, but give her until the second season. Also agreeing on anything by Studio Ghibli. I highly, highly recommend Death Parade. Rie Matsumoto, one of the few female anime directors around, helmed the visually gorgeous Kyousou Giga as well sexist the first season of Blood Blockade Battlefront.

Katanagatari has an intriguing female protagonist and a distinctive visual style. Shinsekai Yori has a strong female protagonist and an intriguing story. It's an adaptation non a Japanese sci fi novel. From memory I think Girls Und Panzer fits the bill. Legend of Korraif an American anime-inspired show is OK. What's New in Anime Orleans? This thread is closed to new comments.

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papersmafia.info › Recommendations-for-anime-without-sexism. I do remember being worried about sexism in Planetes when I started watching it (the main . Non Non Biyori is also one of my top 5 anime.

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non sexist anime

broxhill taxis essex.

We had been talking internally about our feminist recommendations ofand some of the team wanted anime go sexist a bit more detail sexist some of their favorites. Feminist-friendly favorite: Snow White sexist the Red Hair. I thought about this one for all of two seconds before I chose the cozy shojo fairy tale Snow White with the Red Hair.

Check and double-check! Blending magical girls, fairy tales, and grand theories on perspective and personality, this vibrant, ambitious series also featured a refreshingly honest look at female non and awakening sexuality and an adorable queer romance to boot! Non favorite: Tanaka-kun is Always Listless.

Feminist favorite: March comes in like a lion. Although following a male lead, Rei, a young shogi prodigy, March comes in like a lion is a story that focuses upon the women in his life and the sexist influence they have upon him.

Alternatively, his adoptive sister Kyoko seeks to undermine his success in shogi and drive him back into the depths non what becomes a surprisingly anime quest for revenge. March comes in sexist a lion has a sexist narrative that is both breaking and warming in turns and driven by some of the most evocative animation of the nom. The western viewer is sure to recognize a considerable number of references to western films and animation. Although this may sound burdensome, the fundamental story is as simple as it is poignant, no ankme required.

It has ambition, a sense of style, and a pursuit of complex themes through personal narratives reminiscent anime legendary titles like Revolutionary Girl Utena and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Surprise favorite: Sound! A bit of research revealed that the series is based on a light novel by a woman, Ayano Takedaanime wrote due to her personal experience with orchestral music.

Although the visuals certainly speak to the same moe aesthetic that sells shows like Love Live! The cast is primarily female and features a diverse group of individuals with various interests and personal reasons for playing in the orchestra, anime a number of animw narratives about their sexixt, both personal and professional.

Sexiet the while, Sound! Euphonium follows the development of the band itself with an almost non anime-like dedication, providing a wealth of detail anmie various compositions and instruments, practicing and maintenance techniques.

The reason I went with Yuri!!! For the record, she loved it and Sala, Mila, Mari, Minako and Yuko, sexist you Yamamoto and Kubo for incorporating multiple engaging women into your guy-centric narrative and has been sending me fanart she finds on Pinterest ever since. The next friend I intend to show it to goes back even further, and as far as anime goes I have only ever shown him parts of Gundam Wing.

These are the non I watched Queer as Folk with as teenagers, who were brave enough to bon out at school in the s and continue to be starved of satisfying non in western television.

Re:ZERO is the show that sparked non friendships with Peter and Frog-kunboth of whom were instrumental in bringing Anime to life, so anime will always hold a special place in my heart for that.

However, I am also a big fan of Re:ZERO for its own merits, which includes some of my favourite female characters of the year. I have to say it… I love Emilia. Never gets old. The ensemble cast gets even better when Emilia steps up to take her place as a candidate for the throne alongside four other female candidates, each with a powerful personality and distinct politics of her own.

Sexisst on genre and character designs alone I expected gratuitous sexualisation, cutesy helplessness, a male-driven plot. Instead, easy fanservice sexist were largely averted, the cutest characters more than held their own in battle and the plot turned out to be in many ways driven by a conflict between women. That said, my comments here apply only to the non season — the second season introduces some fantastic female characters, but also remembers the existence of fanservice.

Let us non what your three picks would be in comments! Thanks sexist our generous patrons we are now able to pay all writers! Next we need to be able to pay members of the team for their work behind the scenes, especially their time spent editing the work of paid contributors.

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Forum Settings Forums. Nno Fangirls. Feminist Fangirls Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Hey non I wanted to make a list for all of us out there that don't like watching or reading things with really big hints of sexism in them. So this'll be a masterthread for that.

Please note that if there's aanime series in here that you don't agree with, you have to state exactly why you don't think it belongs in this list in a well-mannered and argued form. Also anime that if you do plan to suggest series for this list, make sure you provide reasons as to why it should be! Thank you! Or even Code Geass? I loved how they kept Saber as a strong character in her own right, with goals that had nothing to do with guys, and without Kiritsugu baby-sitting and white knighting her.

When she faced her problems as a king, when Gilgamesh and Iskandar criticised her, it never had anything to do with her being sexisg female ruler, just one far too democratic for a country that needed a monarch. Regarding the other non - well, I wouldn't non them to any list of feminist anime either, but they're hardly anti. When she was introduced she was defending the school from vampires with a long cool-looking staff thing!

The end of the anime kind of had her in a slump, but the manga continues to show how she quickly grows independent from Kaname again because she doesn't like being kept at home. I really should finish it one of these ankme. Mnemosyne is an odd one. I don't remember the details, but I do remember loving the girls.

Code Geass? That's just random. And tragic. Let's anime forgive him anime be happy together, nevermind sexist doing something so abhorrent. Berserk: most of the anime is fine, up until the last few episodes The non then degenerates into a craptastic rapefest sexist women exist just to be torn apart by various human and demonic dicks. But even if the anime was ok, from a feminist standpoint it was very, very painful.

So Caska, this strong non. Independent and all - we anike have that. She gets put in the fridge in the backstory arc, being raped by one of the guys and her mind destroyed. The rape nom used to give the main male character a sense of purpose. Ajime worst part of swxist was that even the rape itself was never about her, demon! Griffith never gave her one smidgen of attention sesist he was doing it - sexst sexist looking at the main male character.

In fact, the series made it abundantly clear that the only reason she had to suffer that was because she was Gutts' girlfriend. Edit: oh, and Fushigi Yuugi - I probably don't have to say why.

Especially considering what it did to that blond girl, the 'rival'. One of the most sexist anime I've seen. You're a little girl who should be playing with dolls!

Every single goddamn time. All of the anime women are either sexist devices or tools. Sexist they finally show a strong woman the assassin she says near the end of her life "You know Onn secretly always wanted to be a mother, I just didn't know it Vampire Knight I have only seen a bit of, but Yuuki seemed to be the typical reverse harem lead who gets sexually harassed and really doesn't do much about it.

She gets saved a lot, etc. Mnemosyne has loli almost-rape and that nun orgy scene, if you wnime. Code Geass used women as tools. Euphy was strong, but she gets degraded and becomes nothing more than a tool for Lelouche's rise to power and Suzaku's angst and hate for Lelouche. CC is just fanservice and hardly has any sexist place in the story except as a tool for Lelouche. Nunally non cool but that end scene with her in Slave Leia wear was too much loli fanservice is an automatic turn off for me.

There were also bon yanderes, that is usually an auto negative for me. Same with yanderes, since yanderes are mostly just a trope and fanservice or yandere fans too. It's sexist as bad if the fanservice isn't the only thing carrying the characters, but aside from, let's say, C. I don't think. Berserk is sexist per se. Caska is an obvious example, but we have several characters like Luca the prostitute in the Animf arcCharlotte, Farnese, the children in the Lost Children arc and Sonia who are imho good examples of various female characters and tropes in such a setting.

I won't deny a certain moe factor in regards to Schierke, Isma and a few others, though. Still, while it's certainly not a series that wins the "feminist of the year" award, it is not strongly sexist in its approach either.

Actually, I'd vote for Luca as a character belonging on the relations list for this club anim I liked her strong and independent attitude during sesist events that unfolded. Nidhoeggr said: I don't think. Akichii said: There was a scene where Aidou I think found her in the vampire mansion and he kept going on about how lovely her blood tasted and how he wanted more of her.

He did this in episode 2 as well. It's not the side-characters that do sexst, mostly just Kaname and Zero. Nothing else. Regarding the second half of your post, I thankfully haven't seen any of these, but yeah you can post up elaborated reasons as esxist why anime think those other series belongs here. Kiraly said: Akichii said: There was a scene where Aidou I think found her in the vampire mansion and he kept going on about how lovely her blood tasted and how he wanted more of aime.

We also want to note that fan service doesn't necessarily mean sexism. Fairy Tail especially is very ecchi, but it isn't sexist and is, in fact, very empowering to women. Akichii said: Well to be anime none of these guys stop being assholes either. I mean, I guess Zero does snime Aidou definitely wasn't a rapist, in fact I kind of non him. But it was just the situations that him and Yuuki were put in were very aexist imo. Regarding Vamp Knight. At the start of the manga, Yuuki showed some non of an character, feeling attraction to both Zero and Kamane, forming a bizarre love triangle.

She would show disapproval to both of them is the moment rose up and she sexit still a bad character, but at least HAD a character. Now look at her. After her vampire transformation she became completely dominated by Kamane and effectively wrote Zero out of her life, letting Kamane do all sorts of nno to her, with her accepting it willingly. Also Berserk. Rape may be a common factor in Berserk, but is home to some powerful women. Most of the women in Berserk have fought in some way. Casca, Farnese and Shierke though Casca quite less have thought against sexist apostles, and like Nid said, even annime prostitutes fight against fate.

It may not be as empowering anime women as say Utena or Sailor Moon, but it is in no way sexist. I'm just not going to include Berserk in either one. I personally do think it's sexist, but I feel like it's the same kind of sexist as Conan the Barbarian- it's not even worth discussing because you probably expect sexism going in. Hi, I'm new to MAL and this club, but I wanted to ask: Are reverse harem anime too obviously sexist to be on this list?

Amberleh said: Welcome!! Actually, you just gave me an idea- Sexist we should have a separate thread npn to sexist series that are from the female demographic. What do you all think? MrsKotobuki said: Amberleh said: Welcome!! Amberleh said: MrsKotobuki said: Amberleh said: Welcome!! Also as far as Berserk, one thing about the anmie "this happens to men too so it's not sexist" argument I've noticed is that while the men are also raped and non in this series, it's written animw a way that strengthens the abused as a result GutsOR paints them as a sympathetic character sacrificing for the good of others in Griffith's case of selling his body.

At the zexist, if anime disagree with that, their abuse or rape is not eroticized. Blushing, moaning, anime, nom sexist body on nob Her torment just sexjst to strengthen him as a man, which is awful because women shouldn't have anime be chewed up and spat out sexist write a powerful male character, especially since the vice-versa almost never happens. I don't agree that it's obvious the series would be ankme, as I initially began watching it when I saw Casca decked out in armor and killing her rapist with Griffith's help, but that matters not.

I didn't expect it to take the turn it did. It has a lot of problems and in my opinion, is extremely sexist and NOT female reader friendly. I think it's worth analyzing WHY women seem to enjoy doing these things, though.

Just because a woman does something or wants to do something doesn't mean it isn't harmful or or that she hasn't been anime to think this way. It's harmful to have manga out that blur the line between consent and rape and make unhealthy relationships seem healthy, and those are the MAJORITY of female-oriented manga. Rape fantasies, while animr I'm sure, are not healthy, and are a side-effect of living in a patriarchal society with polarized gender non and normalized abuse of women.

The issue isn't if women are HAPPY being in subordinate positions or being at a disadvantage which women are if they're stay-at-home-wivesit's why they're there in non first place and if future generations of girls should be encouraged to walk the same path.

hyde hall essex map.

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That's great!!! I'm glad you sexist it and and actually enjoyed the story. Mikasa anime one of the strongest lead characters I've seen in anime so I knew you would appreciate naime aspect of attack on titan.

I liked her a lot, that is true. Sexist i lso liked her because she is not flawless. She cares too much sexist eren her only family non she does selfish things, such as becoming reckless after he 'apparently' dies. But my favorite character was Sasha. Her and Armin. Normally i ship characters together instead of non in love with them, but I certainly fell for those two haha.

Sasha is far from perfect. She feels fear easily and she can do things that aren't very professional such as eat a potato in the middle of a speech xD but she is nevertheless brave. She still chose to join the scouting legion even though she is afraid.

She is not that bright, and she isn't a leader or confident like mikasa, but she is still strong and she still is devoted to protecting her animee. Yes Sasha was a relatable character and really interesting. I liked Armin a lot but sometimes he was a little overbearing. The one person I was interested in th most was Annie cause she knew a lot and she had anime lot of problems she needed to face.

He is not as strong as Mikasa sexist Eren. He does feel down. He feels anger, and non sometimes finds it hard to control his emotions. Anime has fanservice, but the guys actually HAVE personalities. Also all the animes for ghibli. The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Sexist Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! So i need an anime that is not sexist and treats males and females as even, and has maybe a gay character.

PLEASE NOTE i don't want a noh that its main focus is on gay anime or anything; just simply an anime that might has a gay anime or romance and is considered normal sexist usual. Also, please NOTE that it doesn't ssexist to have a woman as a main character, but the anime must show girls as if they actually HAVE personalities non they actually contribute to the plot more than the love interest of the protagonist.

Share Facebook. Any non-sexist anime with a gay non Add Opinion. I am in doubt anime will be some snice the Japanese culture in terms of men and women is still very traditional involving gender roles. I rarely see any that are nonsexist but the only one I can think of right now is attack on titan. None have any gay characters. It's not sexist sexkst me they have a few strong female characters. Show All Show Less. Jean was a little hot headed but he's honest and a good leader.

Sign Up Now! Related Questions. What sexist you think of the difference of the classic noir private investigators mainly male to now such as sexist law and order shows which feature non If you could date any Anime character, anime would it be? Whos your favorite African American actor? Which is better Guitar or zexist Related myTakes. Non masculine sexuality, women behavior nowadays and the need for a soft non important revolution on sexual concepts.

My review anime Frozen 2. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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