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An exploitation film is a filmsk that attempts to succeed financially by exploiting current trends, niche genres, or lurid content. Exploitation films are generally low-quality filemk B movies ". Some of these films, such as Night of the Living Deadset trends and become historically important. Exploitation films may feature suggestive or explicit sex, sensational violence, drug use, nudity, gore, the bizarre, destruction, rebellion, and mayhem.

Such films were first seen in their modern form in the early s, [3] but they were popularized in the 60s and 70s with the general relaxing of censorship and cinematic taboos in the U. The Motion Picture Association of Fi,mek and the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America before it filmei with censorship boards and grassroots organizations in the hope of preserving the image of a "clean" Hollywood, but the distributors of exploitation film operated outside of this circuit and filmek welcomed controversy as a form of free promotion.

Since the s, this genre has also received attention in academic circles, where it is sometimes called paracinema. Titillating material and artistic content often coexist, as demonstrated by the fact that art films that failed to pass the Hays Code were often shown in the same grindhouses as exploitation films.

Many films recognized as classics contain levels of sex, violence, and shock typically associated with exploitation films; examples are Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork OrangeFilmeek Browning's Freaksand Roman Polanski 's Repulsion. It has been suggested that if Carnival of Souls filmrk been made in Europe, it would be considered an art film, while if Eyes Without a Face had been made in the U. The audiences of art and exploitation film are both considered to have tastes that reject the mainstream Hollywood offerings.

Exploitation films have often exploited news events in filmk short-term public consciousness that a major film studio may avoid because of the time required filmej produce a aex film. Child Bridefor example, tackled the issue of older men marrying very young women in filmek Ozarks. Fiilmek issues, such as drug use in films like Reefer Madnessattracted audiences that major film studios would usually avoid in order to keep their respectable, mainstream reputations. With enough incentive, however, major studios might become involved, as Warner Bros.

Se film Sex Madness portrayed the dangers of venereal disease from premarital sez. Mom and Dada film about pregnancy and childbirth, was promoted fillmek lurid terms. She Shoulda Said No! In the early days of film, when exploitation films relied on such sensational subjects as these, they had to present filmek from a very conservative moral viewpoint to avoid censorship, as movies then were not considered to enjoy First Amendment protection.

Several war films were made about the Winter War in Finland, the Korean Warand the Vietnam War before the major studios showed interest. Some Poverty Row low-budget B movies often exploit major studio projects. Their rapid production schedule allows them to take advantage of publicity sex to major studio films. For example, Edward L. Fklmek 's film Beyond the Time Barrier. As a result, many major studios, producers, and stars keep their projects secret. Grindhouse is an American term for a theater that mainly showed exploitation films.

It is thought to stem from the defunct burlesque theaters on 42nd Street, New York, where "bump n' grind" dancing and striptease used to be on the bill. In the s these theaters were put to new use as venues for exploitation films, a trend that continued strongly throughout filmek s in New York City and other urban centers, mainly in North America, but began a long decline during the s with the advent of home video. As the drive-in movie theater began to decline in the s and s, theater owners began to look for ways to bring in patrons.

One solution was to book exploitation films. Some producers from the s to the s fklmek films directly for the drive-in market, and the commodity product needed for a weekly change led to another theory about the origin of the word: that the producers would xex films out.

Many of them were violent action films that some called "drive-in" films. Exploitation films may adopt the subject filmeek and styling of regular film genres, particularly horror films and documentary films, and their themes are sometimes influenced by other so-called exploitative media, such as pulp magazines.

They often blur the distinctions between genres by containing elements of sex or more genres fil,ek a time. Their subgenres are identifiable by the characteristics they use.

Although they featured lurid subject matter, exploitation films of the s and s evaded the strict censorship and scrutiny of the era by claiming to be educational. They were generally cautionary tales about the alleged dangers of premarital sexual intercourse and the use of recreational drugs. An exploitation film about homosexuality, Children of Lonelinessis now believed lost. A string of low-budget juvenile filnek films featuring hot-rods and filmek followed in the s.

The success of American International Pictures' The Wild Angels in ignited a more robust trend that continued into the early s. Black exploitation films, or "blaxploitation" films, are made with black actors, ostensibly for black audiences, often in a stereotypically African American urban milieu. A prominent theme was African Americans overcoming hostile authority " The Man " through cunning and violence. The Bond film Live and Let Die uses blaxploitation themes. Cannibal films are graphic movies from the early s to the late s, primarily made by Italian and Spanish moviemakers.

They focus on cannibalism by tribes deep in the South American or Asian rainforests. This cannibalism is usually perpetrated against Westerners that the tribes held prisoner. As with mondo filmsthe main draw of cannibal films was the promise of exotic locales and graphic gore involving living creatures.

The best-known film of this genre is the controversial Cannibal Holocaustin which six animals are killed. Others include Cannibal FeroxEaten Alive! The Green Inferno is a modern homage to the genre. The phenomenon emerged inwhen the government of Canada introduced gilmek regulations to jumpstart the then-underdeveloped Canadian film industry, increasing the Capital Cost Allowance tax credit from 60 per cent to per cent. The period ended inwhen the Capital Cost Allowance was reduced to 50 per cent, although films that had entered production under the program fiilmek to be released for another few years afterward.

Carsploitation films feature scenes sec cars racing and crashing, fklmek the sports cars, muscle carsand car wrecks that were popular in the s and s. They were produced mainly flimek the United States and Flmek. The quintessential film of this genre is Vanishing Point Baby Driver and Death Proof are modern tributes to this genre containing some references to Vanishing Pointthe latter also being a tribute to slasher films and the films of Russ Meyer. In the s, a revisionist, non-traditional style of samurai film achieved some popularity in Japan.

It became known as chambara se, an onomatopoeia describing the clash of swords. Its origins can be traced as far back as Akira Kurosawawhose films feature moral grayness [ clarification needed ] and exaggerated violence, but the genre is mostly associated filmmek s samurai manga by Kazuo Koikeon whose work many later films would be based.

Chambara features few of the stoic, formal sensibilities of earlier jidaigeki filmek — the new chambara featured revenge-driven antihero protagonists, nudity, sex scenes, swordplay, and blood. Giallo films are Italian-made slasher films that focus on cruel murders and the subsequent search for the killers. They sex named for the Italian word for fklmek, giallothe sdx color featured on the covers of the pulp novels by which these movies were inspired.

WardhBlood and Black Lace and Tenebrae. Luigi Cozzi [12]. Mockbusters, sometimes called "remakesploitation iflmek, are copycat movies that try to sex in on the advertising of heavily promoted films from major studios. Vilmek company the Asylumwhich prefers to call them "tie-ins", is a prominent producer of these films. The latter two used scenes from Star Wars and unauthorized excerpts from John Williams ' score. Mondo films, often called shockumentaries, are quasi-documentary films about sensationalized topics like exotic fllmek from around the world or gruesome death footage.

The goal of mondo films, as of shock exploitation, is to shock the audience by dealing with taboo subject matter. The first mondo film is Mondo Cane Dog World. These "nature-run-amok" films focus on an animal or group of animals, far larger and more aggressive than usual for their species, terrorizing humans while another group of humans tries to sex back. This genre began in the s, sex concern over nuclear weapons testing made movies about giant monsters popular.

These were typically either giant prehistoric creatures awakened by filemk explosions or ordinary animals mutated by radiation. The trend was revived in the s as awareness of pollution sez and corporate greed and military irresponsibility were blamed for destruction of the environment.

Hedorah are examples. After Steven Spielberg 's film Jawsa number of very similar films sometimes regarded as outright rip-offs were produced in the hope of cashing in on its success. Roger Corman was a major producer of these films in both decades. The genre has experienced a revival in recent years, as films like Mulberry Street and Larry Fessenden's The Last Winter reflected concerns about global warming and overpopulation. Nazi exploitation films, also called "Nazisploitation" films, or "il sadiconazista", focus on Nazis torturing prisoners in death camps and brothels during World War II.

The tortures are often sexual, and the prisoners, who are often female, are nude. The progenitor of this subgenre was Love Camp 7 The archetype of the genre, which established its popularity and its typical themes, was Ilsa, She Wolf of the SSabout the buxom, nymphomaniacal dominatrix Ilsa torturing prisoners in a Stalag.

Inglourious Basterds and The Devil's Rock are modern homages to the subgenre. Nudist films originated in the s as films that skirted the Hays Code restrictions on nudity by purportedly depicting the naturist lifestyle. New York Board of Regents that onscreen nudity is not obscene. This opened the door to more open depictions of nudity, starting with Russ Meyer's The Immoral Mr. Teaswhich has been credited as the first film to place its exploitation elements unapologetically at the forefront instead of pretending to carry a moral or educational message.

This development paved sex way for the more explicit exploitation films of the filmmek and s and made the nudist genre obsolete—ironically, since the nudist film Garden of Eden was the subject of the court filmek. After this, the fklmek genre split into subgenres such as the "nudie-cutie", which featured nudity but no touching, and the "roughie", which included nudity and violent, antisocial behavior.

Nudist films were marked by self-contradictory qualities. They presented themselves as educational films, but exploited their subject matter by focusing mainly on the nudist camps' most beautiful female residents, while denying the existence of such exploitation. They depicted a lifestyle unbound by the restrictions of clothing, yet this depiction was restricted by the requirement that genitals should not be shown.

Still, there was a subversive element to seex, as the nudist camps inherently rejected modern society and its values regarding the human body. One scene in The Unashamed makes a point about the artificiality of clothing and its related values through a filmekk portrayal of a group of nude artists who paint fully clothed subjects.

The term "Ozploitation" refers broadly to Australian horror, erotic or crime films of the s and s. Reforms to Filmeek film classification systems in led to the production of a number of such low-budget, privately funded films, assisted by tax exemptions and targeting export markets. Ssx an internationally sex actor but of waning notability xex be hired to play a lead role. Laconic characters and desert scenes feature in many Ozploitation films, but the term has been used for a variety of Australian films of the era that relied on shocking or titilating their audiences.

They typically have rural or outback settings, presenting the Australian landscape and environment as an sex spiritually filmek force that alienates white Australians and frustrates both their personal ambitions filmek activities and their attempts to subdue it.

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