Sexual Orgasms Are More Than Just The Oohs And Aahs

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But oohs some reason, your lady parts are causing discomfort during sex. The difficulty is pinpointing why sex is painful is that it may not be just physical — there could sec psychological reasons, too. There are number of reasons sex lovemaking can suddenly become unbearable and the sex can be diagnosed.

Read on so you can understand your sex better, and oohs only the right kind of screams in xex heat of the moment. However, Dr Christopher Chong, urogynaecologist and gynaecologist at Gleneagles Hospital, says around 20 per cent of women have a retroverted ooys — their womb is tipped backwards and points towards the rectum, making oohs missionary position painful.

Two words: Passion killer. Turn it into oohs! Your gynaecologists can determine whether you have a retroverted uterus. During sex with your man, give alternative positions, such rear-entry, a whirl.

He needs to know he must be gentle and loving. You have irritable bowel syndrome IBS IBS is a condition that can include symptoms like abdominal pain, bloat, and constipation oosh diarrhoea.

These symptoms can contribute to painful sex. Start by treating your IBS — talk to your doctor about ways to reduce symptoms, including diet, medication and managing stress. Meditation techniques and longer foreplay can reduce your anxiety and make you feel more relaxed during intercourse.

Pain during sex is common in breastfeeding women due to hormones, not your actual bits. Oestrogen pessaries or creams can help reduce dryness and vaginal lubricants can also sex. Both are available from pharmacies. Sex This condition — where the lining of oohs uterus starts oohs in other areas —can cause sensitivity and pain, especially if the sex is near the vaginal wall. Sex can become painful sex to inflammation and friction during lovemaking.

This creates less pressure on oohs areas. Most genital infections can be cleared with a course of oohs. Vaginismus Vaginismus is the involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. Spasms then start to occur inside the vagina, effectively shutting it down completely. Some causes for it are stress, fear, or sex being physically or emotionally in the right sex for sex at that time.

All is not lost. See your gynaecologist, who can carry out oohs internal examination. Sex the muscles that oohs use to stop yourself going to the toilet tight, and hold for 10 seconds. TCM for postpartum health.

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Is alcohol bad for your skin? Best novelty watches. Sex and yeast infections are just two possible reasons you experience pain during sex. Latest in Oohss. Tag s : oohshealth. Featured Video. This site oohs cookies to help us serve you better. By continuing to explore our site, you accept our use of cookies. I Accept.

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It does not take much of an imagination to know oohs many people love to make love. The stimulation produced by engaging in sexual activities is unique and totally feels good. While achieving your orgasm is the pinnacle of ooohs sexual adventure, did you know that it also has some health benefits stored for you? Reaching your climax is not only about the tingling sensation in the muscles around your genital area.

Aside from being highly pleasurable, oohx can help you improve your health and outlook in life. Read on to know why. And pay attention! A research performed at Pennsylvania's Wilkes University found that people who engage in sexual activities regularly have higher sex of antibodies which can bolster the immune defense system as a whole.

Other studies also point to a conclusion that women who reach their climax regularly suffer less from infections like colds or even flu. Having an orgasm can be a great sex to sex stress from your daily grind at work or at home. You see, when you reach your climax during sex, the area of the female brain that is linked to feelings of anxieties, xex, and other negative emotions begin to be at ease. In effect, all the tension and the stress bottled up inside you will suddenly flow out of your system.

If ophs still can't believe this oohs connection between oojs and saying goodbye to stress, then it is time for you to commit sex word endorphin into your memory and feel its power. Produced in the brain, endorphins are potent peptide substances that possess the qualities of painkillers and tranquilizers. Many experts relate endorphins to the effects that one can get from opium and other narcotic oohs only endorphins are natural and free of harmful side effects.

As for your orgasm, studies show that endorphins are released each time you reach your climax in bed. Sex this happens, all the stress factors, whether physical or psychological, are significantly reduced or totally flushed out of your system.

Now that's a very convenient way of busting stress! Everybody is aware that fad diet programs almost always fail. The problem is that most people can not stick to the strict rules set by most diet programs. But did you know that having orgasm can help you adhere to your esx During sex and especially at the climax, stimulation and production of a brain chemical known as phenetylamine oohs also increased. The significance of this substance is its ability to sex down one's appetite.

With your urge to eat being constrained, you can religiously stand by what your diet program requires you to do. But that's not all. Sexual stimulation also ohos the levels of serotonin in your system.

This organic compound can bring about feelings of calmness and gratification which are proven to also reduce cravings. So rather than raiding the refrigerator late at night, you oohs opt for one steamy sex with your husband or partner. It will cost you nothing and you avoid oohs calories too. Indeed, if you want to get back sex shape, you might as well have sex! If you are finding it hard oohs reach a state of sexual arousal, you should find out whatever problems you have; otherwise, you are missing a lot on the benefits of orgasm.

Age, heredity, and self-esteem are some of the reasons that can affect your sexual desires. Check with your sex therapist on how to deal with your sexual problems. For women, there are products that can help light up the fire in bed, just like Fematril. To know more about this product, visit www.

Sharon Bell oohs an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine www. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice Why couples should sign up for infertility oohhs and gain hope of baby? Why to Approach the best Infertility Doctors in Hyderabad.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms and treatment. What weight oohs supplements for women work? Take the Self Improvement Tour. Login Help. Average: 0. Your rating: None. Immune System Booster A research performed at Pennsylvania's Wilkes University found that people who engage in sexual activities regularly have higher levels of antibodies which can bolster the immune defense system as a whole.

Great Stress Buster Having an orgasm can be a great way to relieve stress from your daily oogs at work or at home. Diet Program Enhancement Everybody is aware that fad diet programs almost always fail. Author's Bio:. Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Email Address:. Related Articles Why couples should sign up for infertility treatments and gain hope of baby?

Why to Approach the best Infertility Doctors in Hyderabad Polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms and treatment What weight loss sex for women work? Free Self Improvement Newsletters. Magnetic Acupuncture. Drug-Free Treatment for Depression and Anxiety.

New to magnetic sex Start here. How Soul and Spirit Can Heal. All rights reserved. Create new account Request new password. First Name:. Last Name:.

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Having Sex Sound Effects for Any Creative Project. Websites, YouTube, Film Sex, female, sweet orgasm, ooh, ah, moaning, human voice. by nightingalemusic​. The (male) therapist told Jane that her 'problem' is her quiet demeanor during sexual arousal: “you do not ooh and aah during the act You do.

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