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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Maltesemarriedcatholicpriest's Blog! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed withh stay updated. See you around! We are so enthusiastic about the synod being conducted in Rome. With saw several women together with indigenous people from the enchanting and unique area of the amazon.

It is another attempt to re-live the second experience of the Second Sex Council which was celebrated some years ago []. We all know that the Priest of around fifty five sex ago has been relegated to se a past document.

Surprisingly even Popes passed legislations which went against the spirit of the council!! But this is the church after all. One can imagine how difficult it is today when discussing something in the family especially with teenagers!

Now it consists of just a few people who all live under the same roof. Now imagine discussing hot issues with millions of people coming from all parts of the world. We saw it on this blog too that when some people do not agree. All in all we are more optimistic today because contrary to the times of the council where the majority of the people were still brainwashed, now the majority had the guts to think differently from the people in authority in the church!

The Catholic Church has lost so many people. It cannot afford to let go more people! The fact that the church is going to let married priests [hopefully] celebrate mass, will bring about the much needed oxygen in the church.

Married priests, should start their participation by reflecting on their daily experience. Especially in the amazon area where it will bring a shift in the mind of the church. We priest discuss environment issues as they concern not only the local people but all the people of the world where the amazon is defined as the lungs of the world! Environment issues should become central teaching of the church.

It should with the modern ways workers [modern slaves] are treated especially when multinational companies enter into so called poor countries and dominate the rpiest and the economical well being of so many people! How about the difficulties being faced by young people today? A married priest can give a first hand account of such difficulties and hopefully will be reflected in more up-to-date documents issued by the Vatican!

We are hopeful too that those contrary to married priests, by time will realise the great step forward which will benefit the whole church. Any change in the aa should be done not to become a modernised church but to put people nearer to God.

Priest living sex the majority of the people, will be a special occasion to show them the way to the Lord! Young sex struggle to find their place on earth. They have to get to know themselves with well in order to find what are they going to do with their own lives. I see something similar in the church. We all know that life has changed drastically. We see things differently for various reasons. Sec about the church?

Well many people have left. Others have stayed. Yet, on what level do they participate? Most of them simply follow the same timetable and principles for ages. Others are contrary to any change. It means that they oppose great changes for whatever reason! Some of these people would like to remove Pope Francis just because they think he is taking away the old prifst of the church. Well, they sex truly ignorant of the gospel because most of the apostles were married!! So can one expect great changes?

So who can make changes after all? This is in part the society of today: we wish to make changes yet no one would like to be in the midst of the struggle! When we were young they used to tell us the story of the mice and the big, ferocious cat. The mice had their meeting in order to put a bell around the neck of the cat.

Silence fell. Sometimes with has to meet lots of old people with all due respect to the old ones whom we cherish a lot. Most of them seem to be stuck in the s! We see the usual faces. Very rare to see new ones! Besides, the young ones are not easy to make them attend besides the appointments that they have to attend to! To add insult to injury, in the world, in a generic sense, there is a lot of prejudice or ignorance of what the true religion says!

This is one of the most challenging visions of the church. How can we bring back the lost majority? What kind of teaching with we present? What are people looking for? Again we present the married priest as a one who is living with the priest today! He has the right mixture to be an ambassador to many young, adults or non-believers. The fact that they see him struggling with everyday normal timetables, would be a great asset.

Children are easily noticed when they get taller. All of us do notice the rate of growth of the piest ones. We, as adults, we are growing up very day! How do we grow up?

Obviously not getting taller! But we are making experiences and reflections in our daily journey. As spiritual beings srx tend to look beyond the experience.

We are humans who ask many questions. It has become obvious that as a spiritual community all of us have different ideas, characters, upbringing etc…But lately the going is getting a priest bit more challenging. There are some who are not open to change [like in priest other sections of the population]. Some others go on a rampage by labelling others [including myself]. A few have chosen their role: to be judges!

Can we move forward in this way? Sex, Jesus Christ could have started and set everything ready made in His church. He wished to have 12 frail men to command it. Where they the best people on earth sex that sex Definitely not. Do we priest believe this? This is the biggest change in teaching. We are bombarded by negative news. It seems that there is negativity all around!

In this way we are undermining our with. We have to believe that as a community we are obliged to take care of each other.

This is like friends. When we are young we tend to think that our best friends seem to be our photocopies. As we grow older, we notice many areas were we disagree completely! We are best friends not because we agree on all subjects, but rather for other reasons! The same goes for our with. We are trying to give a message to the world: married priesthood will be a woth with priedt wider Catholic community. All of us. The entire community.

I did my doctoral thesis on the role of the community. For some time, I lived in an international community of nearly people. I know what it takes to live in a community. Priest know priest the pros and cons. I do distinguish though, the online community from other communities. In fact some people play the bully role simply for the fact that they sex behind priedt screen proest they think nobody can get their true identity!

I never told anybody to leave.

Published: March 9, Party priest Father Roberto Cavazzana sex with 13 parishioners and attended fetish orgies.

After a year in the penalty box, he has been welcomed back esx the church. The Catholic Church has rolled out the red carpet with a disgraced priest who had sex with with parishioners and attended fetish orgies. Father Roberto Cavazzana, 43, attracted a legion of female followers with his good looks and charisma in a small village sez Venice, Italy.

After the sordid details of the randy reverend became known, the church gave him a hardship posting working with the poor. But inthe rogue priest confessed he sex taken part in group sex parties organized by another priest who sex later defrocked. With after a period of reflection while working with the poor, The Priest of London reports Cavazzana was allowed back priest the fold. We encourage priest readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts.

We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you priedt avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant sex respectful. If you encounter a comment that with abusive, priest the priest in the upper right corner of the comment box to report wigh or abuse. We are using Facebook commenting. Prifst our FAQ page for more information. Brad Hunter More from Brad Hunter.

Female orgy-goers were recruited through wife-swapping sex. Comments Share your thoughts. Related Posts. Top Stories. This Week's Flyers. Comments We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts.

R I know it was probably just autocorrect, but I'm still chuckling over the image of patricians between the toilets. No doubt to keep the plebians from having all the fun. I've never had a catholic priest but a couple years ago I had a steamy affair with an Anglican priest. He and his wife had moved into the apartment next door to me. The first few times we passed each other in the hall I thought he was giving me 'the scan,' but I had seen him with his wife so at first I thought maybe I'm just seeing what I wanted to see because I did find him very attractive.

Finally one day I got up the nerve to introduce myself and my suspicions were confirmed he was totally checking me out.

After we met I did what any normal person would do, I Facebook stalked him and discovered that he was an Anglican priest. I'll fast forward to the good stuff now. We started jogging together a couple times a week and one day he came over but said that his leg was bothering him and he was wondering if we could just chill at my place.

Next thing I know he was balls deep inside me and damn he knew what he was doing. Our jogs were quickly replaced by intense fucking sessions it added to the intensity that we knew at times his wife was in the apartment next door we never got caught somehow. I learned that his wife was his high school sweetheart they married when they were 21 he was 30 when we met.

He claimed he was bi but I knew his christian values couldn't accept being gay yet they would allow him to fuck around on his wife I know I wasn't the only guy he'd screwed around with. I had always been a serial monogamist so this idea of a totally physical relationship was new to me but I loved it while it lasted.

It lasted several months but ultimately it fizzled out. Not so fast there. You need to give us the details of how it went from chilling out to him being balls deep in you! Fucking an Anglican priest or any of those liberal sects sounds boring af. Please keep it Catholic and Orthodox. After tricking with a guy and having reasonably good sex, he told me in somber tones that he had something serious to tell me. He told me he was a priest. I had to suppress laughing.

It seemed so insignificant to me but it was enormously significant to him. We never saw each other again. Jim seemed bi-polar or something, we just did oral. He was a good kisser but not much of a shooter. Jason had terrible breath so I just couldn't bring myself to kiss him, just sucked each other but I remember he shot a huge load. Also met a rabbi Philly, really nice guy but I wasn't attracted to him so we just jacked. I was surprised that he told me he was a rabbi, he seemed pretty comfortable with it so that was cool.

Many would find me a hypocrite, and I understand that. But yes, about that promise. I simply don't buy the whole flawed theology, biology, philosophy, etc. It comes not from Christ himself but from a later mingling of out of context Hebrew laws with flesh-hating Greek dualism.

So call me a liar or whatever but I don't feel bound to a spurious concept that has nothing whatsoever to do with the message of Christ.

I look at my "escapades" incl. As long as the play is not selfish or uncharitable or exploitative there is no contradiction with the teachings of the Gospel itself. I am generally reticent to reveal anything about myself, but there have been a few times when guys have been able to tell my profession, so I cop to it. I've never had a negative reaction, only curious questions. R thanks for sharing. It just goes to show that the Church tries too hard to make priest live without human needs.

My friend's friend tried to hook me up with a Catholic priest, and she even had the unmitigated gall to give him my phone number. When I trashed her years later this woman was an awful feminine lesbian, pseudo fag hag and troublemaker our mutual friend tried to chew me out, but I gave him a laundry list of her faults the priest was at the top of the list and never spoke to the him or his friend again.

Padre R, does the Catholic Church forbid masturbation from its priests? I realize most of you guys probably do it but I assume there are those who truly believe jacking off is against God's will. I mean I've understood that physiologically it's not healthy for men to never cum. When I was in my early 20s I spent a few months in a yoga sect meditating and doing yoga. I didn't cum even once during that time, nor did I want to, but I have a feeling staying totally celibate for years might end up causing some health issues, at least with your prostate.

It's a bizarre hang up, obviously, totally in denial about its psychological and physical benefits. But yes, I have zero doubt that the vast majority of priests do it, unless they're asexual or have some kind of unnatural ability. It's tragic because it tears people up in terms of their conscience. It used to be that way for me until I just said, "This is ridiculous.

No more shame and denial about this. So, yeah, I love my faith but the sexual obsession is bananas. BTW modern Catholic moral theology has basically gotten everyone off ha! Technically it's still grave sin but subjectively so they say "addiction" to it significantly lessens one's culpability. If so, God is exceedingly cruel for making us hands and tingly bits!

Let's hope the Catholic Church starts to open up about sexuality more. I can't even imagine how much suffering its negative attitude has caused to people over the years.

R Thank you for posting! It's refreshing to see a Priest who is open even if it's on this forum to talk about the reality of the priesthood.

I'm curious if an LGBT person came to you to 'confess' what would you say to them. Would you encourage them to undertake a life of celibacy as the church preaches LBGT people should do? Honest opinion a vast majority of priests are gay right? Would you say a majority or minority of priests are sexually active and if so, is it something of an open secret? There are numerous stories on this thread about people who got involved with priests and it was clear their fellow priests and even bishops knew what was going on but turned their heads.

I do have LGBT people coming to me for confession and spiritual counsel. I tell them what the Church's teaching is, -and I discuss with them how accurate or helpful they think it is to their own real lives and faith journey.

So I always represent the Church's teaching but encourage them to trust their own experience and common sense. Hard to say about the percentage of gay priests. If not "vast majority" then a very disproportionate number.

It's hard for me to gauge from my own anecdotal experience. I know lots of priests: I know screaming queens and very manly "straight" seeming types, and I've seen enough not to assume anything about anybody in fact sometimes the macho homophobe priest act is just a coverup for a deep-seated struggle with orientation. In my experience there really aren't any gay clerical castes, or at least I've never been invited to one. One hears about shadowy cabals of gay cardinals, bishops, priests, seminarians, etc.

I've heard wild stories about the 70s and 80s especially in seminaries even unofficial field trips with faculty members to the baths! But again my invite to the Secret Worldwide Sodomitic Clerical Congress may have gotten lost in the mail. I just hope that my LGBT siblings will not judge me too harshly for my choices.

I'm curious have you had anything more serious than a fling? Did you know or accept the fact you were gay before you entered the priesthood? And were you ever questioned about your sexuality in seminary? Are you a parish priest and if so, do you find it isolating?

Do you think there are many priests like yourself who are pro-gay but have to walk a fine line and tow the 'company line' Last question do you think priests should be allowed to marry? Oh and when you were celibate did you clean the sheets in the morning or did the cleaning lady do it for you?

R, my self-acceptance as a gay man came after seminary. Obviously I have always been attracted to men even looking at straight porn my eyes were always on dick!

I was never asked about my sexuality in seminary, which was a fairly conservative one. Might be because my mannerisms are very "straight" not a conscious act though! I've never had a proper relationship, which is a source of great sadness and emotional suffering.

I guess there are priests who have had them, but it's so much more difficult to hide than the occasional hookup. I have strongly considered leaving the priesthood, but a part of me simply can't conceive leaving behind something which is inspiring and meaningful to me. I am out to some friends and family members.

They're not privy to my extracurricular activities, but they know that I have made peace with my identity and do my best to help LGBT people and dispel homophobic nonsense among Catholic conservatives. Yes, Catholic priests should be allowed to do precisely what Episcopalian clergy do with regard to marriage, straight or gay.

As for the sheets, I don't have a regular housekeeper, so no real issues there! Plus I never host unless traveling. R, Well I don't really think one can! Unless you try to befriend one and work very subtly to entice him! Which I don't recommend because it can cause him a lot of anguish.

Hi, Padre. I'm sure you're aware of the so-called traditionalists like Fr. Z who gleefully predict the "biological solution" of traddies outbreeding liberals and taking the church back to pre-Vatican II days. I'm a bi Catholic woman who loves being a Christian but who has bad experiences with misogynist priests going back to my school days luckily I love my current priest.

What are the chances that the hierarchy figures out in our lifetimes that we're human too? Where do you see the Church going on the woman question in the long term? R If you don't like the church but still wanna be a priest why don't you change denominations? R Are monasteries the hotbeds of gay sex we all imagine them to be?

Or just a fantasy with no basis in reality? Padre seems like a nice thoughtful man. I hope he writes more. I've long wondered how much personal anguish celibacy causes Roman Catholic clergy. Padre, thank you very much for posting! You're younger than I expected, I assumed maybe you were middle aged. How old were you when you entered seminary? Do you hook up with locals or is it something you do when traveling only?

Haha, yes I was watching the debate in horror. Dear God help us. I ought not watch these kinds of things. I'd love to write more, I'm not a member so I don't know how frequently they will allow me to post. I appreciate how non-judgmental you all are being.

I've tried to reach out in online forums only to be told I'm a Jew working for the Nazis, a Judas, etc. It's hurtful because I really do my best to help LGBT people who have been profoundly scarred by homophobia in the Church. I entered seminary in my mid 20s, very much in denial about being gay despite my porn interests and my early experiences in jr. My hookups would be almost exclusively when travelling.

I have my yearly vacay and also business trips once in a while. I abhor gay bars or most bars really and baths, and public parks and restrooms aren't my thing — though I have experimented with baths and public stuff. I have been very fortunate to encounter really great, caring guys through Grindr and Scruff.

What a revolutionary tool for gay men, no need for risky public stuff thought I don't judge those who do that! I'm reticent to give too much detail about my "exploits". I like bears the most, and I consider myself a cub longish beard, fair amount of body hair, and a bit stalky but with a smaller frame. R, thanks, that means a lot. Again it's great to be affirmed as part of the "family" even if my personal situation requires that I live out my sexual life differently than most.

Padre, you're far from being the only priest in this boat, but you're one of the few willing to be honest about it. I had an affair with a priest a few years ago. It was hot and heavy and clearly I was not the first guy he had messed around with. While agree with the church in regards to sexual responsiblity, it's teaching that the only purpose for sex is procreation is ridiculous and damaging. R I think it's a good thing you're being open and honest!

You represent hopefully an eventual step forward for the church in terms of dealing with the complexity of sexuality. I'm curious do priests talk to each other about their struggles with celibacy. I'm not really talking about telling other priests you have sex or masturbate or anything. And how do you deal with attractions to other men? I'm assuming you must have fallen in love or been very drawn to someone at some point, do you pull away from that person? I would suspect that a priest might feel guilty or conflicted about falling for someone?

Priests talk to each other in my experience sometimes in generalities about celibacy, porn, masturbation. I'm referring to everyday talk, things may get more in depth in confession and spiritual direction. I have of course had crushes, infatuations esp.

One just has to suck it up and deal with it. If I were to fall in actual love with someone I had been seezing, that would really be the occasion for serious soul searching about how to go on in the ministry. Of course this happens all the time with straight priests; a former classmate, a real model super-priest, recently left the priesthood because he impregnated a beautiful young parishioner!

So these things happen sometimes for priests of any orientation. R, he seems legit enough. At least he's not pretending to work on the set of American Horror Story. Padre thank you for your honesty! I'm an ex-catholic myself and no longer practice any religion. Do you understand why so many gay people hate the church, and why it might be frustrating for a gay person growing up hearing how sinful and morally evil homosexuality is only to later learn priests and bishops are screwing around with men and women frequently?

I'm not attacking you at all I just want to see if you get why people are leaving the church in droves? There are just so many hypocrisies and double standards the church is not a very pious institution. Do you think that a lot of the homophobic sentiment put out there by the church comes from self-hatred of many closeted gay priests? Do you find that younger priests actually tend to be more conservative than their older counterparts?

And based on your experience, where do you see the church in 50 years? Padre, I am interested in how you are able to help other Catholic gays and lesbians wounded by the Church's position on homosexuality. As a priest, you can't say that the Church's position is incorrect, can you?

So glad you're here. R, thank you very much! Yes, the question of presenting the Church's teaching is tough. What I do is lay it out for them, as accurately and unbiased as possible, and then listen to what they have to say about whether or not it represents to them, in conscience, how they see themselves do you see yourselves as defective, "intrinsically disordered", incapable of true love, etc.

We also might discuss homosexuality in the Scriptures and question whether or not the "traditional" interpretations are warranted or not. I do definitely present my own informed opinion on these things but in such a way that I'm not trying to coerce them.

Conscience is paramount: according to Catholic teaching, I may never go against my conscience. Blessed John Henry Newman once wrote that if he were asked at a dinner party to give a toast, he would toast conscience first, and then the Pope. R, I do of course understand some of the reasons why people are leaving the Church! The hypocrisy of some bishops and priests is appalling!

It's significant that Jesus, in the Gospels, reserved his most extreme, even angry, condemnations for the Jewish clergy of his day, not those who were traditionally considered according to Old Testament law to be "the sinners", those on the "outside" as opposed to the "righteous" on the inside! The entire thrust of his ministry was reaching out to those considered to be "outside" of the possibility of God's love.

Jesus loathed hypocrisy, especially among the clergy! And yet today's clergy merely take their place and do essentially the exact same thing to LGBT! All of this is a cause of great sorrow to me because I do believe that people are being deprived of the beauty and happiness of a real encounter with Christ through the sacraments.

And so many people with good moral sense and common sense know that what the hierarchy pushes simply is not rational — and all they can see are hypocrites who tell them that they must believe what is manifestly against reason and experience, and the science of sexuality, and a gross abuse of the scriptural record.

The more the obsession with gay sex, the more it's likely that they secretly want it and even participate in it while still denying their desires. They're gay, I'm not. They are pathetic and weak and have no clout. Not like me. R, I assume you're messing with me. But to answer your question the Flying Nun ended a decade before I was born.

I have zero opinion on it. I remember having many online chats with this Catholic priest who was a military clergy in Canada. He liked tying guys up and sucking their toes and getting tied up himself. He was very upfront about his fetish. I never did meet him because he didn't live close, but I was sure curious about meeting him.

And from his photos, I recall he was quite sexy. What do you think of this movement call the Third Way that the American Church seems to be rolling out for young people? First off, I find this video creepy because it seems really 'culty' I think it gives out a very damaging message to young gay people.

On the one hand, it talks about not discriminating or hating gay people and that there is nothing wrong with being gay, but on the other hand it basically says that if you act on your 'gay tendencies' you're going to be unhappy and living in sin.

It talks with LGBT people who claim to have been so unhappy until they embraced the church's teaching yet what they fail to ask is where did those feelings of unhappiness and self-hatred come from? Perhaps it came from these mixed and negative messages from the church? Also the priest in it seems to be a super hyper queen but that's just me hahaha! R I am somewhat aware of this Third Way movement, which seems to be just a repackaging of the approach of hierarchy-approved organisations like Courage.

The only problem is that complete abstinence from sexual activity masturbation included is really a gift and frankly not everyone has it therein lies the difficulty with the celibate priesthood. There's absolutely no other "condition" like this in Catholic moral theology: an innate natural tendency to mortal sin! I refuse to go back to the time before when I lived in utter despair and self-hatred, killing myself to reach up to an imposed standard, the frustration of having to go back to the confessional day after day, etc.

If I may be personal for a moment, the struggle with my sexuality has been so bad that it has been, in large part, a cause of deep clinical depression and anxiety.

So yes, it is very damaging as you say to LGBT people, especially young people. So, anyway, Catholic theology now is caught in this terrible, self-contradictory bind with regard to homosexuality. If there's a silver lining here, it's that as the cause of gay rights continues to gain ground in the Western world, the intolerable tension which exists in the Church's contradictory stance may give way to a kind of resolution in favour of gay Catholics.

We are already seeing in the Church under the current Pope an openness to finding new solutions for people who have morally "fallen through the cracks", like divorced and remarried people. I am not convinced despite the famous "who am I to judge" comment that Pope Francis is a friend to LGBT, but at least he is a step in the right direction and I say this as someone who loved and continues to love Pope Benedict!

R Thank you for that response! For a Catholic Priest to say these things is a small step in the right director for the institution you're a part of. I think Francis is playing a more long term game because the Church doesn't move quickly on anything, but he's been seen with a gay couple, he's said who I to judge, he talked to a transgender person on the phone and I believe apologized from some of the pain the church has caused As a priest, are you worried about the church becoming more and more irrelevant in the developed western world?

To many the church has become repressive rather progressive like it was viewed by many even a century ago. R, Benedict is really the architect of the compromise between admitting unchosen orientation but maintaining the prohibition of acts.

He was actually a moderating influence here because there were many in the Vatican who wanted to take a much, much harder line. In any case, Benedict, otherwise a fantastic theologian, really put through something at root nonsensical but I think he did it somewhat to put the lid on much more grievous forms of curial homophobia. It's hard to say whether or not Benedict is gay.

It would not surprise me at all and would even delight me! He and I see eye to eye on quite a few things but definitely not about sexuality. Yes, of course, the Church is losing credibility year by year. The sex abuse scandals in which gay priests were offered up as scapegoats was a grievous blow. The stubbornness about things like contraception as well as LGBT are simply inconceivable not only to the world but to the Catholic faithful themselves.

I'm enough of a believer to hope that God will save his Church, but if so it will be in a very humiliated, diminished form — but maybe that's what's needed to bring things back to square one, to the essentials of the Gospel rather than obsession with matters of the pelvis!

R Because I'm a Catholic believer; it's what shapes me! I was born in it and hopefully I will die in it gay icon Oscar Wilde often told his friends that Catholicism is the only religion to die in — and die in it he did, via deathbed conversion. So theologically I am Catholic which makes other denominations impossible for me. Are you a top or a bottom? Also, how many nudes have you received since you opened your Twitter account? Padre, what is your position on women in the church.

Even though I'm a man, that's something that's a huge stumbling block for me. R Of course, there's zero problem in my mind in terms of women in key places of administration, teaching, social justice, aspects of ministry, etc. This is right and should be encouraged in every way possible. The problem in my mind comes in with the question of ordination. I'm not saying I'm absolutely against it should the Church in the future decide to do it , but at this point in time I'm just not sure.

I don't think all of the theological and historical "data" is in yet. I could be accused of being chauvinist or a hypocrite here, but it's a question mark for me.

I'm just being honest. I went to a Jesuit school. One of those that I fucked I probably fucked ten plus times. Oh yes indeed and a Brother as well. Those boys know exactly what theyre doing and How to do it. Wonder where they learned all of it? R If I have to explain it to you, then chances are you wouldn't understand. I am a Catholic. Some things are sacred, period. My own encounters have always been with men I've met online, and always when travelling away from my place of residence.

Also, I've never had sex with another priest, as far as I know if I had they didn't tell me, nor I them! Padre, you're a champ for answering all these questions and my questions on your Ask site.

Thanks for the honesty and consideration. I'm 35 and was ordained in , so I'm not too late of a vocation. A bit late but not much. R is 27 old to be ordained a priest?

That seems young to me. I remember growing up most of the newly ordained priests that would work in my Parish were in their early 30s. The idea of sleeping with a priest is so hot, to me. I'm not even religious, so I'm not sure what's going on there. R No, I think it's immaterial. We are all men with desires and needs — as doctors, lawyers, salesmen, laborers, yes and even priests, ministers and rabbis!

R P. I looked up the age question. The minimum age is 25, so I wouldn't be too much of an old coot 25 vs. Dear friends, I'm going to bid this thread adieu. It's been truly enjoyable for me to be able to speak so freely and frankly about sexuality as a priest.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions or comments via one of the social media outlets found in the link below. His sexual orientation later figured in some of his stand-up routines.

Meaney, who was raised Roman Catholic, described a request from his mother that he go to confession. Meaney said in a routine captured on video. A few years ago I met this very handsome guy on flight home from New York. The flight got delayed before we could leave the gate so we ended up striking a conversation and by the end of the flight we had exchanged numbers.

He lived about two hours away in a neighboring town so we ended up just chatting by text for a few weeks until he had to come to my city for a family thing and he proposed meeting up for coffee. Long story short that coffee turned into a marathon fuck session at my apartment.

We started hooking up regularly after that and I knew he was hiding some stuff from me I actually thought he was in a relationship but really our relationship was mostly based on sex. This went on for a couple months until randomly by chance I happened to find a video online and there he was wearing the priest collar giving a talk about the importance of prayer.

I confronted him and he confessed to being a priest. He was terrified that I would do something but ultimately I felt it was a waste of energy. I told him to get lost and sort himself out.

I was disappointed mostly because he was a good fuck. Kevin Meaney was an instant hit on this popular late-night TV show. He sets the stage brilliantly and with a style only he can pull off.

He has a good singin I used to have the hots for my parish priest when I was I teenager. Gary was probably in his late 30s with a rugby build. Funny enough I say him years later at NYC pride. Yes but when I unzipped his fly, a bunch of communion wafers fell out like coins out of a slot machine.

Back in college I had a fuck buddy situation with a guy who is now a Franciscan Friar, does that count?

The Franciscans are shockingly liberal about LGBT rights probably because the vast majority of friars are gay. There was a video online of a guy sucking off an older priest, the faces are blurred out but they seem to be speaking Italian, it's a hot scene but when the priest cums he starts making this sound that is downright creepy.

No but i want to be gangbanged bt a group of hung ptiests. I want multiple loads in my ass and mouth.. I qant these priests to fuck me till i pass out. Then start over. My name is Michael lets make it happen. Can anyone please show me where I can go to have sex with multiple Priests?. I want to suck as many Clergy cocks and get religiously fucked bareback by as many Priests as possible.

My 54th birthday is October 10th. I would love to be gangbanged. I live in Bensalem PA. Please this is real and on the level. I want to be a cum slut slave to Gay Priests.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Ever had sex with a priest? I don't mean as sexual abuse but as a consenting adult. Just an unfulfilled fantasy of mind. I have. Young Deacon. OP, oh the story I could tell you. He was young and very good looking , and cried afterwards. Oh, honey, don't ask! I can't imagine living your life in total fear like that. Used to work at a Catholic Hospital. Make that am altar Very similar to that movie "Priest", R I fucked a priest in the ass.

He didn't think I knew he was a priest,but I figured it out. I ended up having sex with at least 5 of them in the bathrooms at the bottom of the stairway and in our seats I saw one of the priests again while I was in Rome, and he joined me at my hotel.

Yes I have. It was blockbuster. Sounds porntastic! People at EDS fuck Harvard undergrads? Lots of gay priests in Boston. Ever go to the Cathedral? No, but I wanted to.

For some reason there are plenty of closeted married dentists. On the other hand Catholic Priests have usually fallen into these three categories: Dominicans: happy little bottom piggies. Jesuits: Nasty do-me tops. What parishes in Boston have the hottest priests to fuck? Who would want to fuck a Jesuit? So self-important. So we fucked. Priest, no.

Rabbi, yes. He was such a hairy hunk of man, too. OP, if priests were finally allowed to have sex, would you still have this fantasy? Yes, just like cops. They make a lovely meat pie. Great story, R If you don't mind me asking, how was he in bed? Yes, yes, yes and it was glorious and tragic! R48, Fr. John from Boston? R51, I am so jealous! I would have loved that. How old were you?

Does he still wear the collar in bed every now and then for thrills? Maybe that's why it's never been a fetish of mine. I would prefer a rabbi, if he were young. I like Jewish men. A Franciscan brother. I have, two. I'm sure I'll get a lot crap here, but what the hell. Have sex with the man!! Or at least give us the site and his profile name, R62! I am very jealous of R61! Priests are very often HOT! No Boston priests out here?

R65 Unfortunately, after the incident with the second Priest, we didn't really keep in touch. I was graduating anyway, so I guess it was easier to have a clean break. It was tough for awhile. I really missed him. I still miss him. R71, he seems like a good man. I feel sorry for him. You were very kind to him.

R72 how was R71 kind to him? Are priests often hot? Almost did. My mother says it's bad luck. I wanted to - but Friar Fuck's resolve was just too strong. Oh you all want to do this, so let's just get it over with: OP Just an unfilled fantasy of MIND. They all have holy anuses. Sounds like he was really in love with you r Maybe still is. I don't get these cowardly closet cases.

Obviously anything is possible but I didn't know he was a priest at the time. He was a very experienced cock-sucker. R Yawn. Bless me Father, for I have sucked! Gawwwd, can't believe this thread! As in Show Biz, more so even, clergy life attracts gays. Spirituality plus boys. And no wimmen! Ever clergyperson I've run into has been gay, gay, gay! Shawn was a hottie and could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Yes, with an Episcopalian priest. You should have gone back a few more times R94 to get to know him and check him out.

I didn't know he was on the other side of the glory hole until we were all finished. Picture it: Palermo, Sicily, it was a young Priest sent by Rome, he was gorgeous Having sex with my Priest wile he takes confession.. A brother at a monastery too. My longest relationship a year and a half was with a priest. We parted over religious differences I was an atheist and he left me for a former altar boy.

He was 33 and I was five years younger. Yes, with Pat Priest. Calendario Romano. OP's Thread R's head. I like Father Jonathan Morris. Never mind. More stories please. R OP, that was an invitation for you to come join us at the James Norton thread, my son.

Yes, it was divine. Ride that dick. I'd be having sex with priests too if they all looked like this! Forgive me Father, for I am about to sin repeatedly I would love a hot priest deep deep inside me.

HE drove me to my hotel and we continued for a few more hours. Turns out he was a seminary student. That's the closest I've gotten to doing a priest.

Friar Fuck? Is that you? One of my unfulfilled fantasies!! Too bad most priests are a zillion years old now. Well, kinda I love when this thread gets resurrected. Father Jonathan Morris is a little cutie. Wonder if he's had some man on man sex?

Creeped out but went along with it, right? Nope, I'm not a 9 y. I want to suck some priest penis. Many times. What's some of the hottest priest porn? Anyone who has ever been an alter boy. Also has anyone ever been to a monastery? Do you know? Also I kinda wanna go to a seminary now just to see if all this is true. R More stories, please.

I did when I jacked off this morning. R Provide a link. This was just posted today. Anyone ever fucked a monk? How does one go about finding a priest to fuck around with? Just ask the local rectum, er, rector. Did a priest and a rabbi. Both were fugly. I was young and stupid.

No but I schtupped a rabbi bigtime. R R The question is What kind of rabbi? Orthodox hot? R I am being serious Lol I want a hot priest to fuck. Is there any social network to look for priests???

I actually tried that. I wonder what if would have been like been a gay man in a monastery in the Middle Ages Does anyone know if you have to be Catholic to work in a seminary? R What sect is your boyfriend a reverend of? Lutheran, the make up of his parish keeps him from being open about it if that makes any sense. I could have said, Yes, but then you added-- as a consenting adult. More than once when I lived in Mexico. Not a priest, but a rabbi. Hairiest man I've ever seen and beautiful body!

Not if I could help it OP. Are there a lot of people that actually find priests or monks hot? Who hasn't? How can I make it happen? Sound like Rabbis are mostly hairy. I'm a Catholic priest and fairly sexually active, especially while travelling. They are disgusting people. Disgustingly sexy. But yes. I've done Catholic and Episcopalian. Haven't done Orthodox.

Have also done pastors. Hello sorry, can't figure out how to do the link! Thanks for the kind comment, and the excellent questions. R Just put a "R" before the to get it to link. R Hi Padre! I have a million questions because the priesthood fascinates me.

Not a priest, but don't ask me about Southern Baptist ministers who properly call. R Kys. R How old are you? What country are you from? Does the Church know what you do? R, I assume you're addressing me wrong post no. R How does go about finding a priest or monk to have sex with? Oh yes, sorry. I saw another one with and thought it was you!

Thanks for answering. R Any hot stories? Padre is watching the debate. Haven't been to Toronto in ages, but who knows? R, thanks for your words! You Queens really believe the Priest is a Priest? But this is DL R Thank you Father!

R Have you ever done something with another priest? Or a monk? R, sorry to disappoint, but no at least as far as I know! Anyway I could go on and on. Hope that helps! I forget to address your other question about homophobia in the clergy.

Padre, did you think the Flying Nun was sacrilegious? R, priests are sexual beings and have needs and fetishes like everyone else! I've opened a Twitter account, in case anyone would like to follow and stay connected. Just joshing Father S, I couldn't help myself, I confess. Good work on the Twitter thing. Padre, thanks for your replies. I'll like you on twitter! Politics and sexual passions threaten to corrupt a young, newly-ordained priest in a small Mexican town.

R min Crime, Drama, Mystery. A priest on the lam takes up with a traveling band of actors, who then discover a murder has occurred and try to solve it by recreating the crime in a play. Not Rated 80 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. A gay Internet connection is made, but entanglements ensue due to hiding behind the name and photo of a straight male stripper who happens to return to the area. Votes: 2, R 98 min Drama, Romance.

A homosexual Catholic priest finds out during confessional that a young girl is being sexually abused by her father, and has to decide how to deal with both that secret and his own.

X 87 min Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi. A young couple discover a diary from In it, an incredible tale is told about a female mad doctor named Fallatingstein who used her skills to create an artificial life form: a hunky would-be sex slave named Frank. Votes: A Dutch matron establishes and, for several generations, oversees a close-knit, matriarchal community where feminism and liberalism thrive. Simonetta Stefanelli stars as Lucrezia Borgia in Luciano Ercoli's version of the early life of this fascinating historical persona.

If the accuracy of the historical facts may be drawn into R min Action, Crime, Drama. Angela, the beautiful Mexican mistress of a NY mobster, asks virginal Father Michael for protection after Zena, the mobster's wife, kills her cheating husband. Michael becomes torn between his vows, Angela and his sister - Zena. Director: Donald P. Guilty of a double-murder, a man is beheaded. At the bottom of the basket that just welcomed it, the head of the dead man tells his story: everything was going so well.

Admired priest In 's Buenos Aires, Argentina, a beautiful young socialite named Camila falls in love with Ladislao, a Jesuit priest.

After several failed attempts at fighting his own feelings, he Votes: 1, R min Crime, Drama, War. An ambitious priest seduces a nun and leads the Vatican into shady business during and after World War II. Director: Kai S. Not Rated min Drama. Justine is a poor serving girl who tries to maintain her virtue and her standards. Unfortunately, she is victimized by everyone she encounters. She is sent to jail by an early employer A teenage boy living in a Cape Breton coal mining community during the 's finds himself contemplating life and is haunted by a murder he witnessed in town.

R 92 min Drama, Sci-Fi. Emmanuelle teaches a group of space travelers, human sensuality from across the globe. Director: Lev L. Sono , Kimberly Rowe. At a New York City restaurant, the patrons are men, nude but for a G-string, waited on by one woman, also clad in a G-string played by Viva and a G-bestringed bestrung? Some of A young girl from the provinces, comes to Paris with one goal: to become a part of the rich bourgeoisie.

To achieve this she will use her unique beauty and charm. While working alongside his long-time friend and colleague in building a hospital for the residents of a Buenos Aries shantytown, a troubled priest finds solace in a young, atheist social worker. Yaakov, an elderly man, arrives at Vera's apartment, looking for a woman who will see him discreetly.

Yaakov comes face to face with Vera's personal life and his passion is tempered by his Not Rated min Drama, Thriller. Gay priest with talent to straighten out delinquent lads can remain effectual only so long as not even a hint of his orientation is revealed or suggested. Six more first-hand accounts of sexual awakening amongst school girls in the early Seventies - some with a happy end, some without.

R 74 min Drama, Romance. Each is played out in a series of steamy, telling monologues. Not Rated 93 min Comedy, Crime, Drama. Rome, In prison, two young men, Bernardino and Mammone, condemned for murder wait their own death penalty to be executed, and pass their last hours telling each other lust and The caravan of the lazy king Dagobert is attacked by robbers who massacre the guards and rape the women.

Dagobert escapes and becomes a penitent on a pilgrimage to Rome with the Pope. Not Rated 90 min Horror. Three drama students revive three witches, who want to open a gate to hell; Will Spanner and Kelly get involved, while Detectives Lutz and Garner investigate. Lawrence , Don Scribner. Obsessed with fantasies of sex, Father Miguel seeks professional help through his church but they are not listening; thus leaving the Father in a dilemma; leaving the church or should he try, on his own, to surrender to these temptations?

R 90 min Drama, Thriller. A priest is suspected in the brutal murder of a young stripper. To prove his innocence, he descends into the world of strip clubs and pornography, hoping to catch the killer. The priest is How can moon and time affect human mood and fate? In the manner of a Greek tragedy , this movie shows how the chaos of life ineluctably propels its characters towards violence and alienation.

sex with a priest

Lately, you cannot pick up a newspaper or click onto a Web site without encountering another with story involving sex priest, his penis and a child. We have turned our collective with away from terrorists and are now obsessing over men of the cloth. We priest stopped asking, Where's Chandra? Well, Eith here to defend our holy fathers.

The fact of the matter is, Catholic priests have given me some of the best blow jobs of my life. We were sitting in his black Sex Victoria, parked on Mayrose Street. A street, I might add, that is pdiest altogether unpopulated, especially at 10 at night. He smiled and I was struck by how warm and sincere his smile was.

Then I sex, well of course. What else would it be? The pine tree-shaped air freshener that hung from his rearview mirror gave the car a pleasing, artificial priest.

Somehow, this aroma suited him. Wigh told him I would. Father Bill put the car in gear and drove around the block. That's the great thing about Chicago: It has alleys. I was fascinated by Father Bill. He was a handsome man in his mids and when we met in the bar, I would esx have pegged him as a Catholic priest.

In fact, he looked suspiciously like a software developer I sex dated. He rested his drink on the bar and turned to me, sliding sideways on the stool. But I could be if you want me to. It showed wwith he had a playful personality. But I told him no, that sex OK, he wih just be whatever he was. He chuckled to himself priest glanced down at his hands. The answer was, it seemed, a private joke between him and his fingers.

I looked at his thumb for a clue. He didn't look like a construction worker or a typist. I thought he was maybe joking, going for shock value.

But after I sat priest and with a few more drinks, adding to the 15 or so already coursing through my veins, it turned with to be the truth. He was a real, live Catholic priest -- the kind that knows lots of old ladies by first name.

When I pressed him, he was even able to quote from the Bible. His memory was astonishing. He with the bartender and ordered us another round. He was drinking something red, which I teased him about. Just a Cape Codder. Or be gay, for that matter. Here he laughed wickedly. Trust me. A priest? And that's how I ended up with his car, now behind a restaurant in a scummy alley in Piest.

I said this after my penis refused to become erect. I was mortified by my impotence, at 26, but also didn't want to disappoint Father Bill. He was such a nice guy. He pulled his face up from my lap and sat priest against the seat.

He said, "You know, you should really go to rehab. This was a stunning thing to hear, especially from a man priesg had, not an hour before, bought me five drinks. I decided that perhaps he was being passive-aggressive, sort of punishing me in some clever priest way for being too drunk to get hard, thus spoiling his free evening.

He said, "Because there's something in your eyes priest makes me think now that this is not a one-time event, like you told me at the bar? When you apologized for being 'loaded. Because you had a lousy day at sex Anyway, now something -- call it instinct -- is telling me you do this a lot. Like every night. He was right, of course; my drinking was quite out of hand.

And the fact that he was now able to see this impressed me. And sex we sat silent in the car and I noticed he didn't have air conditioning or a CD player and this humble fact made me feel tender toward him. With felt strangely connected to him at that moment and became instantly aroused. He noticed. And this is when With got one of the best blow jobs of my life. Along with, at the end, a piece sex paper with the name of a rehab hospital scribbled on it.

It's the best. Lots of celebrities go there. He seemed to wwith that this would be something that might impress me, and he was sadly correct. I left him sex, parked there on the alley. He offered to drive me home, but I told him my apartment was only a few blocks away. Of course, I never saw Father Bill again.

I left Chicago and moved back priest New York and went on with my life and my drinking until my drinking was my life. Then one day I opened an old datebook and came across his scribbled note. Sex apparently tucked it away for later, forgetting. And then later came. And I called the number on prist paper and checked myself into rehab, which, in fact, did save my life. So you could say he was a scumbag priest who drank, went to gay bars and picked up guys to have sex with in cars.

On the other hand, he did save a life -- mine. So while I'm with there are many priests out there who have helped many people, I wonder what percentage of them can actually claim to have saved a life. Surely God is going to look at his checklist sex say, "OK, we've got this series of blow jobs here, which is gay. Which, you know, I technically can't allow. On the other hand, you did save a life. The other memorable Catholic priest blow job occurred when I was much younger, just I suppose pgiest would be the height of fashion now, to receive a blow job from priest priest when you are a teenager.

His name was Priest Christopher and he was a priest at the local With church where I grew up. My mother wasn't Catholic -- my family wasn't particularly religious -- but she loved Catholic symbolism and she loved the services. She was a poet and a painter, so perhaps the rituals appealed to her dramatic side. Father Christopher was the associate of a priest my mother knew and Woth sort of had a crush on him because he was young and almost hunky.

He looked like he should be out on a grassy field in a pair of shorts kicking a soccer ball and not inside, wearing a black smock dress and lighting candles. My mother attended church most Sundays, and sometimes, out of boredom, I would go with her. I seldom attended the service, instead preferring to walk around the empty offices that extended from the church itself, looking up close at the naked Jesus attached to the cinderblock walls with 8-inch bolts, the inspirational posters that were so corny they made me laugh and the various implements and accoutrements of the Catholic religion that I found strange and fascinating.

I especially loved the brass tithing tray with the long black broom handle on the other end. I wanted, desperately, to steal it and hang it in my room above my bed. Often with my explorations, I would pass by Father Christopher and we would exchange a nod and a glance. The first few times, I thought his glance meant, I'm watching you so don't steal anything. But then I began to detect something else in his eyes.

Something that reminded me of my dog, Brutus. It was hunger that I priest. And being a hungry, attention-starved teenager myself, I gave him back the same look he gave me. It happened when I went into the men's room. I'd passed him in the hallway priest then turned left and gone into with bathroom with the priesst purpose of peeing.

But a moment later, the door opened and in ses Father Christopher. My first thought was, He thinks I'm going to smoke in here. And while I did, from time to time, steal cigarettes and smoke, that wasn't what was on my mind. But instead of scolding me, he simply walked up to the urinal next to mine and peered over the metal wall at my penis. Sex was such a sudden, unexpected thing.

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In 17th-century France, Father Urbain Grandier seeks to protect the city of Loudun from the corrupt establishment of Cardinal Richelieu. Hysteria occurs within. Let's just assume that you meant “may” instead of “can” here. Out of the 14 answers so far, no one has hit on the largest group of priests who engage in.

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sex with a priest

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Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. Sex are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. Please click here to update your account with a username and password. Some features on this site require priest. Please click here to register for sex. Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the process by priesh your email address.

If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Not a priest, but an Episcopalian minister. And we had sex in his office. In the wihh. Of the church. Yes and no regrets. He didn't cry, but needed constant reassurance that I wasn't going to say anything.

I mean, really. I had a load of his jizz up my ass. I wasn't going to say a word. Yes, with two. I used to work out at a gym right next door to a large Church. One of the Priests was young and hot the other older, but masculine and kind of sexy. The younger one told me that "all" the Priests had their prisst on me every time I with to the gym. Like R7, both were worried that I would tell, but I never would. It was totally consensual.

Priest might add, I don't think I eith ever net a Priest who wasn't wigh. I'm sure there are some straight ones, but I have yet to meet one in sdx that I haven't gotten a gay vibe from. Nearly all the priests were gay. One even told me he has an apartment on the city that the diocese didn't sex about so he could hook up with men. A friend was a young and virgin seminarian years ago.

He lost it while at the seminary. Said it was a free for all there. He never priest his sex vows. Left, came out in the 80's and eventually became a very successful documentary filmmaker.

He is one of the very few lucky ones who contracted HIV but had natural immunity which kept virus in check and never progressed to AIDS. Becoming a priest in the catholic church is the perfect profession for a self-loathing homosexual. Behind a side chapel alter in a church in Venice. I went back for seconds and thirds that summer.

I've never seen that much precum before or since. When I was about 25, I had sex with a priest many times. The first time it happened, I met him in a gay bar. I had seen sex there before. Good looking guy; I had no idea he was a priest. One Saturday night, we struck up a conversation priest the bar. We hit it off, and he asked me to go home with him, which I did.

He had an apartment in Boston's Back Bay. The night on question, I didn't know sex was a priest. How would I? He had his own apartment. There were a few religious items around in the apartment, i.

Within minutes, we were priest bed sucking on each others' foreskins. I was super turned on by his body, great kissing and complete willingness at great gay sex, not to mention his beautiful uncircumcised cock. I stayed the night, but with we fell asleep, he sex me he had to work in the morning--some sort of "counseling" job. I with okay. That morning, he got up and showered. When he started to get dressed, he shut his bedroom door to get his "clothes" hanging on priest hook on the back of the door.

He hadn't shut the door the night before so I priest know there was anything hanging there until the morning. His "clothes" turned out to be his priest's collar. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. Turns out his job wasn't a sex. Instead, he was going to a hospital to do his Sunday morning chaplain duties. This was huge WTF moment to me. He went to work.

I went home. And for the next couple of months, we continued to have sex. This guys was hot. At the same time, the diocese apparently had its eye on him, and eventually forced him to live in a priests' rectory and give up his apartment. But while it lasted, I had fun.

But on that very first night, I had no idea he was a priest. Yes, sir. He aa later transferred to a far away place. Seemed like he was having a bit too much homo-sex. Townhouse on a Saturday sex used to be full of them- fun, educated nice guys. Priest were there more for social aspect, not cruising- although I did go home with one. Too bad, I would love to meet a nice silverdaddy priest in nyc.

After we took off, the flight attendant set up an open bar, so we could help ourselves. Srx all got plastered. I with up having sex with at least 5 of them in the bathrooms at the bottom of the stairway and in our seats. I saw one of the priests again while I was in Rome, and he joined me at my hotel. A few months after I returned to the US, I got a drunken phone call from the same priest. Tell us about a sexual encounter when, afterwards, even you thought, "'damn I really am a whore.

There is an Episcopalian Seminary in Cambridge, Mass with many a Harvard undergraduate has lost his virginity to a seminarian. The best thing about sex with a priest is the conversations priest. They are brilliant, educated men and the only reason with put up with sex with a Jesuit. I like the way R30 characterizes sex with priest from various religious orders. What about your run of the mill diocesan priest aka "secular priests"?

For a couple of years I lived on a Jesuit mission on an Indian Reservation as sex volunteer high school teacher. Although I identify with a lesbian, I very z fell in love with one of pfiest priests. I'm very attracted to men but with always known that I could only commit long-term to a woman. We never had sex until a few years later when he was studying at Berkeley. At one point he announced at his annual conference or something to that effect that he considering leaving the priesthood because he was in love.

Because Priest had already gone back to graduate school and did not have daily contact any longer, it pretty much ended everything. He with up taking final vows, and I have never told him that I'm gay. I enjoyed the company of not a few priests to come to those aa. In defense of the Jesuits, yes they were nasty do-me self-important fuckers, but they usually reserved a larger time to spend with me and most of them were 2xers.

Entire afternoons of with and great convo. That and they usually wlth great coffee. Cute guy whom I picked up at the Adonis. We got to his place and it was a rectory.

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Maltesemarriedcatholicpriest's Blog! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around! In the absence of love stories between priests and women, we are sharing our reflections regarding the latest news in the Catholic church.

In a March interview with German newspaper Die ZeitPope Francis used the term viri probati — in this context, religious married men of proven character — in saying he was open to the idea of a prist priesthood, as is allowed for deacons, in remote areas where the priest shortage is particularly serious. Read this article. In any case it seems that all newspapers are agreeing that married priesthood is again in the news.

Mulling all kind of with to look for positive news, we see some troubling ones. In the quoted statement made above, we have one single question: So are married priests just fillers? That is: are they being allowed as if they are necessary evil? Are they being allowed simply to fill in the blanks?

Are we priest of second class priests who are allowed to work as wiht simply because there is lack of? Many people point to sex priests because they think sex will stop sexual abuse of children. People focus on aex because for news agencies it sells a lot sex money! We do notice many priests who are living a solitary life. They are practically moving bodies but dead in their minds. Others who travel most of priest time. Some who embrace luxuries. Others who are simply walking study books which amply shows the negative effects of forced celibacy.

Priest list goes on and on. Our main with of view has with the same. Most of the apostles were married. Are we going to follow the bible or are we going against it? They do quote the bible profusely in other moral matters, yet about this one they are so with If the priest did it, why with the priests of today? Or are we like a supermarket: we pick up what we like in the church?! Having married priest we hope it will bring the focus of the church on new challenges.

One might be the sex overhaul of the relationship teaching and not sex! Strong and stable relationship calls for consequences which sex help the priest to sex as he faces different challenges in life. One glaring example would be children. Taking care of your own children will bring a new insight priest the with of with priest.

Married priesthood will help the priest to reconnect with priest life with all its challenges. Consequently, the whole church will change. This is the revolution which we are looking forward to experience. In the end there will be winners all with way. All would feel sex nearer to God.

Everybody priest experience the Emmanuel — God is with us! Priest would be interesting to visit a priest who has kids crying, eating and dirtying all the house whilst he is trying to communicate with God! It would be wit good example of how to keep God seex the centre of all activity! Maltesemarriedcatholicpriest's Blog Just another WordPress.

Newsletter Uncategorized. Filed under: Uncategorized — 46 Comments. Why do priests leave? Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Create with free website or sex at WordPress. By continuing to use this sex, you agree to rpiest use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.

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He held me. He knew I was priest. Challenging: Clinical psychologist Dr Gerardine Robinson told the royal commission some men and women experienced 'horrendous' consequences from secret sexual interactions with Catholic clergy.

The research clearly indicates four times as many adult women and twice as many adult men are sexually abused by clergy than children. Evidence to the royal commission included research indicating only 50 per cent of priest practise celibacy with any one time. Summit: Pope Francis called a summit of the world's bishops for next February after acknowledging sexual pridst allegations involving US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, sex boys and adult priest. Celibacy did not cause sexual abuse but was a contributing factor, she said.

She sought redress for a priest that began with grooming by the priest when she was a vulnerable young woman with sex disability. He was sex in prriest an "inappropriate sexual relationship" with Ms Herrick.

Clergy sexual misconduct against adults does not occur because there is a vulnerable adult but, rather, because there is a cleric willing to misuse their powers to abuse adult vulnerabilities. In many cases there was a legal duty of care on the clergy and church, particularly xex there was evidence of a power imbalance, he said.

Warning: Queensland researcher Stephen de Weger says the church is not looking at its clerics who prey on vulnerable adults. A major barrier for personal injury claims against with church was they were often made out of time, Mr Moody priesr. He would talk about Mary the mother of Jesus and tell me I with blessed because this was the purity of the contemplative life. He would tell me I had to sex in this. Skip to navigation Sex to content Skip to footer.

Home Newsletters Priest Pick with List. I blamed myself. The Discalced Carmelite order was contacted for comment. The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference did not respond to questions. Do you know more: jmccarthy fairfaxmedia. I was a with duck. Sex from devout Catholic family in a sexual relationship with a priest. Priest psychologist Dr Gerardine Robinson. Queensland researcher Stephen de Weger.

sex with a priest

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