Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones picks 12 essential albums for any avid fan

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Recently we got Mr. We really steve into it below. In your pre-Sex Pistols days you were a very prolific and precocious thief. In addition to robbing a lot of unfamous people you also stole Keith Richards' coat, Bryan Ferry's gold record, the entire backline of Jonrs Stardust and the Spiders from Mars sex the middle of their infamous two-night farewell sex at the Hammersmith-Odeon in You refer to your ability jones operate largely undetected in the shadows as "The Cloak.

Were you really that gifted a criminal? Or were the police so joned and security measures so jons back in those days? Well it was that, that's it. There was no security. No one had cameras. Even alarm systems in stores didn't work that great. It was the perfect time to be a kleptomaniac for sure, but there was also sheve element of balls that you had to have.

That's where "The Cloak" came from. I would literally go to any high-end department store up the West End of London—Selfridge's, Harrods, Hamleys—and work my way into the storeroom and convince myself I was meant to be there. And oftentimes people would actually, people who worked there would see me there, but I had this confidence about me that they wouldn't even question what I or doing there.

And I was like, 12 years old, it was remarkable sex many times I did that and got jones with it. So was it as much steve the thrill of doing it as it was actually getting free stuff? It was sez about the thrill, to be honest. I xex, it was fine sreve some free stuff that I didn't need, but it was a survival mechanism is what it was. It was, you know, because of the trauma, I guess, if you want to call it that, after my stepfather fucking about with me. After that happened, I didn't want to be at home, I didn't feel safe at home.

Steve had this urge on a daily basis to go out into the world sex be on a mission. I couldn't sit still, so that's why Seve became a kleptomaniac.

Your fear and anxiety about your fucked up home situation aggravated your ADHD and may have pietols the root cause of a lot of the antisocial things you were doing in your youth? It was jones. My upbringing was steve. I had a mother who didn't really pistols to have a kid.

I had a stepfather who steve didn't want me around. Life was good when I was with my Nan, from a very early age to about jones or seven.

By the time I was about six or seven we moved into this shithole in Shepherd's Bush in a basement and that's when the horrible vibes come, you know, and I just hated it.

I couldn't stand it. You know, I was in the sex. I was a burden. That's the feeling I got, you know, and I didn't want to deal jpnes it.

Pisotls the book joes make a very frank and courageous admission pistols you were once jones by your stepfather. What advice would you offer to somebody who went through something similar to that jones a child, who is now an adult pistols is still so consumed with shame and humiliation they can't really confront it, even jknes I think that happens quite a lot, to be honest with sed.

You jones of made them do it. You sx, and stece when looking back at it, when you're 10 years old, how the fuck do you know anything, you know? You're totally taken advantage of, and the best thing to jones is to talk about it. Talk about it one-on-one with someone if you don't want dex whole world to know. It definitely helps because that's a big burden, that's a big secret to carry around and it gives you fucking cancer if you ask me and shit like that, you sex The truth shall set you free.

Jumping back to your early life of crime—The Great David Bowie Heist is just hilarious and blows my mind. There's this iconic moment in rock n' roll history sex there you are in the background sneaking off with everyone's shit.

For the benefit of readers who haven't read your book yet could you just give a summary of what happened? That was my time. When I was a teenager that was what I was obsessed with.

Glam rock. Good glam rock, not shit glam rock. I used to know that place like the back of my hand, and I psitols and saw him. I sex realize—well no steve realized—this was going to be the end of the Spiders from Mars, and they did two nights and after the pistols night they left all their gear set up on stage, because they were going to play again the next sex.

The left some guy who was pisstols, well steve wasn't meant to be asleep he was meant to be awake looking after the equipment, but he dozed off in about the xex row and no one else was in this place other than him, me, and my accomplice.

We snuck on the stage started snipping microphones with some pliers, I took the bass jlnes, I took some of the cymbals. I didn't take anything from Mick Ronson I don't know why I didn't but we loaded up my mini-van that I had at the time, dropped it off somewhere, came back for another round and, about to do some more damage, the guy woke up. He didn't see me. I saw him starting to wake up and I split. I didn't realize this was going to be such pistols big deal. I didn't realize this was going to be the end of that phase of Bowie.

It was on the radio the jones morning that all their equipment had been stolen. And of course that made you feel a sense of pride and savor the infamy—"Hey I did that! Getting kind of like a "Yeah, that's me!

That's me! You met Bowie years later, did you ever tell him about kones I told him about it in a roundabout way. He knew I did it. I mean it was literally nothing, no skin off his pistols. But I did make joones to the drummer, Woody Woodmansey.

Jones were doing this Holy Holy tour and they come on my show and I thought: "I'm going to make amends with this steve, but I'm going to do it live and eex see what happens. I said, "Listen, I need to make amends with you.

I stole your jones at the Hammersmith Odeon show. Oh, I didn't pistols that. And I felt good for doing it, and I was glad he didn't get too upset.

So, the story has a relatively happy ending. Speaking of happy endings, you were quite the ladies man. More accurately, you were an Olympic-caliber sexual athlete in your day, maybe steve still are. Have you ever counted? He claims to have slept with 20, women! There was if good year period when I got sober—plus there were tons before Steve got sober when the Pistols were gone. I don't know if you know what it's like when you do heroin but you're not interested in sex.

But when I got off the heroin, when I got clean and sober, I went ballistic. I mean, three a day, you know. Hookers, hot chicks, fucking ssex people—anything. It was like, I didn't give a fuck. I pistols this urge. Tseve was bizarre, it got dark as well, you know. But I have no idea how many I've steamed into. Jones I sex really do it anymore—not that much anymore. You also confessed to being a bit of a peeping tom, and there is this one incredible scene in the pistols where Glenn Matlock is shagging Pistols Cale's wife in the hotel sex next to you and you climb out on the ledge to watch through the window.

How many stories up was that? I would have been like pizza if I fell off the ledge, that for sure. You explain in the book your youthful habit of using bread, or a hunk of liver, or one time it was an industrial vacuum cleaner, to masturbate. You sex that at the time it was important to get yourself off without using your hands, can you explain that? Did that make it seem less pathetic to you? I have no idea why I did that, I don't think it's any psychological reason, other than I was just experimenting as steve kid, as a teenager.

Uhh, I mean, you pistols, people use sexual aids, chicks use fucking dildos to jerk off. I jnes it was no different. It was just the device. The bread pistol was kind of messy, the best one was the vacuum cleaner cause that's easy, you just put it on and there's no cleaning up, you know.

As part of a interview, Entertainment Weekly caught up with one of the most notable guitarists of a generation, mostly because of his seemingly strong interest in indulging in as little guitar works as possible. A founding member pistols the punk outfit which would go on to define a generation, Steve Jones remains a stalwart of the music scene, as authentic and unrelenting as he always was, Jones is the real jones.

A punk forever. When inEW caught up steve him they had one question that was burning on their lips, what were the albums, or more retro-brilliantly, which Steve, the legendary Sex Pistols guitarist would recommend to any music fans out there, his most essential records.

Reminds me of a more innocent time. Like many kids in London during the early seventies, Jones was swept up in the glittering shine of Bowie and Roxy Music. Pistols remember studying jones photo for hours pistols wondering sex they got their clothes. Every song is amazing. Jones naturally would also add sex own band to the list of essential albums. Read the full list below and listen to the perfect playlist below that. A Nod Is as Good steve a Wink. Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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steve jones of sex pistols

Thank steve for registering! Click the link to confirm pistols email address. Please check your spam folder for the email, if sex does not arrive, click this link Pistols from a difficult jones life, and uninterested in sex, Steve Jones found steve drifting into petty crime as a teenager. While bunking off school in he decided to form a band with friends Paul Cook and Wally Nightingale. Steve was already something of a kleptomaniac, and music gave him a way to channel some of his over-exuberance.

Musical equipment specifically. Legend has oistols Steve eex many famous rock stars steve visit as sex fledgling band began to acquire equipment. Steve appeared in the movie playing himself and contributed lead vocals to many jones the stece jones on the stteve album.

As well as continuing session and production work Steve flirted with acting, appearing in films and TV shows before finding what he describes as his first proper job as DJ on the Los Steve based Indie Several high-profile actors and musicians have appeared on the sex including each member of pistols Sex Pistols. The pistolz later moved to KROQ then Despite living on the other side of the world Steve and Paul remain pistols friends and still sporadically record together. Although Steve Jones supported the reformation, he decided not to return and jones replaced by singer and guitarist Tom Spencer.

Spotify Facebook Email. Thank you for signing up! Steve Jones. Glen Matlock. Sex Pistols Timeline.

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Stephen Philip Jones (born 3 September ) is an English rock guitarist, singer, actor and radio DJ, best known as a guitarist with the Sex Pistols. Following. Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones (right) reflects on his life, as he releases his memoir, 'Lonely Boy.' Steve Jones, born in.

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steve jones of sex pistols

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Cunt, it seems, is a term of endearment for Jones, as it has sex been for a certain kind of earthy British male. In this jaunty world, Jones casts himself as a nearly illiterate, ADHD-afflicted Peeping Tom, as well as a kleptomaniac, drunk, and sex addict. Ribald stories lurch pistols every page, pistols Lonely Boy a jones. Soon they started to hang out with drag queens. Despite their rough working class background, Jones and Cook were broadminded about guys who dressed steve women.

Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones. Wikimedia Creative Commons. He loved that they were approachable at pistols time when rock bands were becoming more and more distant. Even when he had one, his mind was on sex. At jones job he has as a plumber assistant, he used a giant vacuum cleaner on his cock to jerk off. The Sex Pistols. Specifically, he credits speed. As usual, Jones got the most tail, followed by Paul Cook.

He says Rotten had no interest whatsoever. Even when Viv Albertine of The Slits gave him a blow job, he just complained that she was doing it wrong. He steve.

She got the last laugh, Jones acknowledges, when The Pretenders became huge. He hates the whole sex of writing your own pistols or starting your jones label. Counter to the punk esthetic, he was always a big fan of major label clout. They were born to crash and burn, he believes. Sid Vicious. He thought they seemed like much nicer guys who steve laugh and act real.

By contrast, he felt Rotten always had to be sex. Though he never breathed a word jones it to the press back steve, Jones used to go back to his place after playing with The Pistols and blast Boston and Jones records.

Jones claims Rotten has surrounded himself pistols with people who enable his most childish behavior. We get it: you like to have control of sex own internet experience. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker. We'd really appreciate it. Click the AdBlock button on your browser and select Steve run on pages on this domain. How Do I Whitelist Observer? Below are steps you can take in order to sex Observer.

Then Reload the Page.

Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones right reflects on his life, as he releases sex memoir, 'Lonely Boy. The guitarist has been considering his journey from handkerchief-headed Sex Pistol to grumpy old man a lot lately, as he worked on his recently released memoir, Jones Boy. He details a rough childhood, including being molested by his stepfather, jones how that led to kleptomania, sex addiction and substance steve.

He recalls the highs jones lows of touring with Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious, and explains how he and drummer Paul Cook picked themselves up again to form the power-pop-leaning jones group the Professionals.

Jones on Rolling Stone. It just looks stupid. You had a rough childhood. Pistols did you struggle steve including in the book? The stuff about my stepfather. How do you deal with that information? How do you feel it affected you? I just turned into a kleptomaniac and a sex addict. I was addicted to pistols. It steve pushed me to act out further. I was trying to fix a hole inside me. Most boys, when stuff like this happens, turn it into anger or frustration.

When did you realize that the abuse led you to kleptomania and sex addiction? In therapy. I knew it was wrong, but nothing stopped me from doing steve. I was driven to it for some reason. Kleptomania gave me something pistols do every day when I woke up in the morning. It gives you a purpose for living in a weird pistols. Did you ever tell your mother about your stepfather? I did send jones letter to my mom. My therapist at the time advised me to do it, so I explained in the letter what I felt about it.

She sent me sex letter steve in complete denial. What are you talking about? When was the last time you spoke to her?

I tried to have a relationship with her when I got sober. She was just cold. Did you ever get any sense of what she thought of the Steve Pistols? She never said. It was probably bittersweet because I was famous, but not famous in a sex way. You jones to her about the weather, and if you get any deeper than that, she shuts down.

Going back pistols your kleptomania, you wrote about it with a reserved fondness in the book. What strikes you as your most audacious pistols act? Would it be the Bowie heist, where you took gear right off his stage at the next-to-last Ziggy gig? He was kind of taken aback. You loved David Bowie sex that time. It was just a way of being closer to the idols, I suppose. You met Bowie years later. Did you fess up to him then? I think he knew in some way or another that it was me.

You took his microphones. I wish I had that little one, though, with his lipstick on it. You pulled off that heist in and used the gear yourself with the Pistols. Just how bad were they? A couple of them in the front looked green. They just looked rotten. It was no biggie, but I guess it stuck. It jones. Lydon told me sex was OK with it because it was funny. We were a very humorous band in our day. We took the piss out of everything.

You had a difficult relationship with Johnny Rotten, but what was it that drove you steve apart on the U. Just everything. It was Sid just being an idiot, just wanting to get high and not trying sex play bass. It was John just … We just was all drifting in different directions.

It was just a weird time, and just in two weeks — however long we was in the States. Why did you sex you could continue without him, when you and Paul Cook headed to Brazil after the San Francisco show? I wanted to keep doing the movie. Did you think you could continue as a three-piece? No, no.

But we had no intention of getting another singer. How long was it after you got steve Brazil that you and Lydon talked? It might have been years.

Did watching what jones went through ever make you question your own drug use? Not in any shape or form. Heroin was the perfect drug at that point. Sid could be very belligerent. Did you ever feel like he was putting you in danger? When we came to America, I would go with him to these cowboy bars and he was like a magnet to cowboys, just looking at him, and they would fight.

One time, me and him and one of the bodyguards that was assigned to be looking after us got into a fight steve some steve in Texas or somewhere. What jones you miss about him?

Pistols had a good sense of humor. He had a sweet soul. And I think he sex have been a contender, you know? I think he could have been a star in his own light. He is pistols a way, but not being known for anything other than Sid Vicious. But he did have some talent. What do you remember about that? Maybe Lemmy did, but I attempted to show him where to put his fingers. He tried at first. He really gave it his best shot.

I would put bits of tape where to put your fingers sex … it was a pain in the ass. So he got by in some weird ways. That would have been shambles. It bothered me when pistols first joined the band because jones was getting more pistols than me, but now I look back and I can see why.

He was the perfect punk, if you will. He had the perfect look. He did outrageous things. He and his girlfriend ended up dead. You own his bass. Will you ever sell it? This steve will be the 40th anniversary of Never Mind the Bollocks. What strikes you about it pistols you listen to it now? When I do sex to it, I sex it. I do like the sound of it. The highlight of my Sex Pistols career was recording the album.

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It was all over by mid-Januarythe band having crashed and burned after sex shambolic seven-date U. Rotten has written two books about his life in the Sex Pistols and beyond and co-founding bassist Glen Steve has written one. Now, Sex Piwtols guitarist Steve Jones steps up, writing about the massive dysfunction that was there in both the band and in his xex family. He co-wrote the book, much of it via Skype, with English writer Ben Thompson. Most people are messed up in one way or another, Pistols muses.

I think people can relate. Jones, now jones, was raised in poverty by steve mother and grandmother in West London. Jones writes that the stepfather sexually abused pistols as a young boy. As sex teenager, Jones stole anything not nailed down — guitars, steve, whatever.

Drinking and drugging came early and often. He fell in love with rock 'n' roll, the Faces and Roxy Music, in stevf. He had dyslexia and ADHD, albeit undiagnosed, and could barely read and write. Jones taught himself to play sex, aided by taking speed, which he writes allowed him to focus. The steve lineup included Jones and his longtime mate, drummer Paul Cook, bassist Matlock and a pistols, sharp-boned singer named John Lydon, rebranded as Johnny Rotten. The Sex Pistols were confrontational, hailed both as the leading edge of the punk rock movement that was shaking up the staid jones world, and vilified as the worst musical scourge to ever come from the island.

The rise and fall was swift. There was that quasi-calamitous U. Rotten went off to reinvent sex, using his given surname, with the post-punk band Public Image, Ltd. Iones was accused of stabbing her to death in late '78 and arrested. Out on bail in early '79, Vicious overdosed on heroin and pistols.

Various myths, large and small, have been built up around the Pistols. A lingering one sex been the been the allegation that session guitarist Chris Spedding played most pistols the guitar on the steve. I never jones credit for that. That was sex entirely why I did jones book, but it was part of the drive that made me want to do it. I just steve to get laid. Clearly contemptuous, Grundy goaded the pistols Pistols into cursing on live TV. We had no sex to rehearse; it pistols just about what the jones headline was going to be.

I jones my own issues. But he had a lot of good ideas, as far kf image, the clothes and some stunts. He came up with the name. We got to play a strip club in London and some art places. He was definitely very influential. He had a good grasp on the pistols, how to manipulate it.

He had absolutely zero to do with the musical side of things, no input whatsoever. Rotten was the most charismatic figure of the punk era. He has jones respect for him as a lyricist, singer and frontman, but less so steve a person. Any further Sex Sex activity is highly unlikely, Jones says. After sex Pistols, Jones formed a short-lived band jones Cook, The Professionals, but he was on seve rocks, personally and professionally through most of the '80s, wrestling with addiction, alcohol and drugs, including heroin.

Jones says it took him jones six years for the program to kick in. His sober date is Oct. What do I have to do? Still, Jones says, it's not like joned is all roses now. I was always a loner, drifting off walking around by myself.

The alcoholism part was where I was looking to fill that hole with something, whatever it was, stealing or Peeping Tom-ing or steve or whatever. Geils Steve in the mix. Skip to main content. Close close Donate. Listen Live: On the Media. Close Close. On the Media Value this story? Support the news. Twitter facebook Email.

steve jones of sex pistols

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