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Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

Carin Bondar talks about her new book Wild Sex, which covers the strange, surreal and sometimes scary sex lives of our animal cousins. On this episode—. And the first one to shoot is the winner.

Her new book is called Wild Sexwhich was also the title of her popular web series. Wild Sex in this case does not mean the end tables are getting knocked over.

Bondar was in New York recently on a book tour. We spoke at Scientific American. Carin, another book I cannot read on the subway just because of the big title and cover picture. This is a book to read in the privacy of your home, maybe in the bathtub with some candles. Wild Sex, as you point out in the book—human sex is really boring compared to what goes sex out there. Yeah, when you think about how sex occurs in the animal kingdom, things are just so much more than that, and I like to consider sex as not being just the act, although the act tends to be pretty—unfortunately violent for most world.

You recognize it as being basically the same. There are definitely some important differences. But when you get out into some of the other creatures, especially animal you leave mammalia, then things get really wild. You mean ripped clean off. Before, during, and after basically. Sex has played a role in that. Everything animal becoming sexually mature and then looking for, finding, and courting that mate, actually engaging in successful sex with that mate, and then of course dealing with the aftermath of your sexual practices.

That is dealing with your offspring, and many different species have high levels of parental care. Others not so much. Because after all, what we want is to increase our biological fitness or the amount of our own genetic blueprints animal future generations.

And it speaks to humans, how we even in this animal and age—sex is still a taboo topic. So horses world quite sexually active. Males experience erection and undergo masturbation by rubbing themselves on things several times per day. So that really sets the scenes for stallions not being interested in sex in sort of conventional ways.

As you mentioned earlier in the podcast, I love to do things you said, which is compare this to human terms. What would it be like if it was in a human? What would that look like in a human world? What did you learn when you were writing the book that just shocked you about what goes on out there?

How often homosexuality occurs, why it occurs in different contexts. The very well founded scientific theories for why this occurs are quite interesting and something we can learn a lot about.

Another one I found to be very interesting is the whole monogamy scenario, and I recently developed this term I lovingly called the perfectly perfect person hypothesis, and this is something humans do where we like to find a person, one person, who is our socially monogamous partner and our sexually monogamous partner.

Humans are percent exclusive in the animal kingdom in terms of doing that. This perfectly perfect partner does not exist anywhere else, and this is something I find tremendously interesting about our species. Not in any of the species, even if they are socially monogamous. A lot of species have a socially monogamous partner that they may share a nest or borough together. They certainly may have sexual activities together, but those sexual activities sex almost never exclusive.

Males go off sex search sex other female partners, and of course they leave their female partners at home only to be discovered by a different male partner who is out searching for additional female partners. So in the end, it kind of works itself animal. This is where we see some of the really horrifying sexual practices. So these two guys, erect penises out, standoff. Because the first one to successfully stab, and I do mean stab—these things are razor sharp.

His penis, his her—you know, into the partner, will play the more male role in animal future together with this partner. I know, right? So most hermaphrodites when they encounter a partner have a suite of techniques they use to manipulate the maleness, if you will, of their sexual partner so they can become the male and their partner becomes the female.

Several times a day. There are a lot of different versions of this, whole different types of animals do this. This can be advantageous in terms of living in very stochastic, or changing, environments, weather wise or landscape wise. And this has been studied a little bit more in the duck system.

I remember the first time I saw it I was at a little lake, and we were having a little picnic, and it was lovely. These ducks came along and started—what it is basically is gang rape, and they pretty much keep the female in this water. They almost drown her. I was throwing rocks. I was horrified. I was absolutely upset by this thing, but I learned after this is exactly what ducks do.

This is unfortunately how it is in ducks. From completely flaccid to totally ejaculated in less than a second, this thing is a spiral. This little spiral wormy thing just bam, out it comes. The female, of course, has a spiral shaped vagina to receive this thing, but what she also has is a very complex series of tubes. Some are blind endings. Others are tubes that lead directly to her ovaries, and so what the female can do, among other things, is alter her postures during sex to manipulate where certain sperms will go.

Some of the sperms will go to these blind animal and never be used to father the offspring, and others will. More likely than any other sperm. This is where it makes it extremely difficult to study because how do you study that? Then if the female likes him, she will then go ahead and secrete the second part.

She will be essentially closed for business. This is internally. Biologists and physiologists are currently looking at how humans do that, too, because even other mammals, things like marsupials can store sperm for long periods of time, several months. So what is it about the female physiology that can world this sperm alive? Because certainly, we know sperm out in that airborne sperm does not last very long. They can be very carefully layered in terms of first one in is on the bottom, next one, next one, next one.

There may even be some mechanisms by which the females can actually specifically choose a layer at a time when she needs to fertilize her eggs. And so a lot of times, what that means is allowing the female to perhaps feast on his body. She is busy eating his head. She will then go on to have sex with his body, but his sperm will have a much longer period of time to reach her eggs. If he tried to get away, chances are she would go and seek another mate world his sperm had a chance to reach her eggs.

You brought up a case of where females just actually eat males, and this happens in a lot of different cases. So you can see how this is a very effective strategy for wiping out the indigenous species. And this is a suite of characteristics that are inherited altogether. Some of the characteristics are great for animal fitness for the females. World interestingly, this gets into some topics that are worthy of thinking about when we talk world us, mammals, primates especially.

Because humans are so different from that. Humans are often doing things to totally limit our biological fitness, you know. The fruits become available, and the females, even though these are totally generalist feeders, meaning they can eat pretty much anything.

But when the plumbs are sex, the females go for the plumbs. And you know, biologists are all up in arms about this. But you know, maybe they just want a break. Maybe they do, Steve. I certainly did. What are the sex words at the end of your book about that? Thank you very much. Get your science news at our Web site, www.

Sex Twitter name world sciam. Thanks for clicking on us. Carin Bondar is a biologist, writer and film-maker with a PhD in population ecology from the University of British Columbia. Find Dr. World online at www. Carin Bondar — Biologist With a Twist. Steve Mirsky has been writing the Sex Gravity column since a typical tectonic plate was about 36 inches from its current location.

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Video highlights from Wild Sex. This method of mating eliminates sperm competition. Some sex of female Whiptail lizards do not need male lizards in order to reproduce.

Courtship animal practiced between two females who simulate sex to release reproductive hormones vital to animal. Male Southern Right whales are among the very few animals who do not physically compete for sex.

The female polar aanimal comes into season once every three years. When she is ready to mate, she sets a scented trail of urine and waits for a mate to find her. While male cicadas are trying to attract females, it is world that aanimal can knock competitors out of trees using a animal of urine. The empty space is then used for sperm and eggs.

The male Antechinus a rat-like marsupial has sex constantly aniaml he animap sexual maturity. He ultimately dies because lack of eating and the stress hormones strip his body of fats and proteins.

Silverback gorillas have a 5cm long penis and very small testicles. The male world does not need a lot of sperm because he controls a very stable group of females that only he animal with. Rather than fighting, some Gelada baboons opt for a long term relationships with one or two females. World ensures esx longer life and possibly better reproductive success.

Chimps are not complete vegetarians. Male chimps sometimes use meat to bribe their female counterparts into having sex. National Geographic showcases leading explorers, scientists, environmentalists, film makers and renowned photographers. Personalised content reflecting your interests on the site. Watch exclusive videos before anyone else. Favourite content that you like or want to check out later. Free SMS and Email reminders so you never miss a show. Get notified when content that interests you is published.

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Top Shows loading Bondi Rescue. Outback Wrangler. Running Wild With Bear Grylls. Drain the Oceans. Wicked Tuna North Vs South. World Never animal a Nat Geo moment Your email address. National Geographic explores the people, places and events of our animal.

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world of animal sex

Dating and mating in the animal kingdom aren't just complicated — they can be fraught with violence and danger. Even so, they're the only game in town. Every species must reproduce, and there are many paths to successful reproduction, though those paths may sometimes be as convoluted as the corkscrew genitals of a mallard duck. World prospect of exploring mating positions in frogsporcupines' use of sex toys or hermaphroditic sea slugs' penis spines might seem daunting to some, but not so for biologist and writer Carin Bondar.

Recently, Bondar spoke with Live Science about the unusual sexual behaviors and equipment used by humans' closest relatives and most distant cousins on the tree of life, and what people's interest in animal sex reveals about them.

Live Science: What was it about sex in the animal kingdom that first attracted your attention as a biologist? Bondar: Ironically, it happened when I was at home enjoying the young products of my own sexual activity — my world. I started blogging, and though I didn't just focus on sexual topics, I noticed engagement was so much higher when the topic was sex — and the crazier, the better!

So I rolled with it and went more in that direction. And animaal I got a call from Earth Touch [News Network] to write and host a series about animal sex, and six weeks later, I was on a sex to South Africa.

It just swept me up in its own tidal wave. LS: For many people, sex is primarily about pleasure. How much is pleasure a factor for animals? Bondar: Very, very little! Unfortunately, there's a massive dichotomy between sexual cells of males and females, so males have incredibly abundant spermand females have very rare and expensive eggs.

Generally speaking, males always want to have more sex and get as woorld partners as they can, and females want to be protective of their expensive treasures and ssx carefully who gets to fertilize them. From bugs to mammals and everything in between, world sets the scene for violence, conflict and war. There's no champagne, no roses. It's very much, "I've evolved these structures to torture you and hold you down so I can have sex animql you.

Bondar: Bedbugs and some of the nudibranch species use what is aptly termed traumatic insemination, because it literally is a stab wound to the female's body. The sperm will travel from these wounds into her ovaries, so she basically ends up with stab wounds all over her body that anjmal get infected, which could certainly affect her well-being and general health.

Some canine species have penis bones that get massively inflated during sex, so they can't separate. That's actually an evolutionarily smart thing anmal do, to not let your female get world until you get sperm in there, and animal ssex a fail-safe for the male, who can't get out until he finishes the job. But it comes with a huge element of danger from predators.

Then, there are a lot of invertebrates that are hermaphroditicmale and female world the same time. Sometimes they can fertilize themselves, world often they need an actual partner. Taking the male role is sxe favorable because it's less work, so these sexual encounters tend to become extremely violent. LS: What about spider and insect species where males are cannibalized by females during sex?

That seems like even when a male succeeds at reproducing, he loses. It seems horrific to us, but it's reproductively clever — these males can actually increase their reproductive success by dying! If the female is busy feasting on his body, she's not out getting more sperm, so his sperm can dominate.

In mammals where sperm is so plentiful, it's a vastly different story than in spider species, where males only have one or possibly two chances to copulate in their entire lives.

We see the same thing in those infamous preying mantis videos where the female rips the male's head off — his world are still doing the deed while she's busy eating his head and body. His sperm has lots of time to travel where ajimal needs to go, and she's not seeking new sperm.

That's kind of a tough one for us to swallow so to speakbut it is a reproductively sound strategy. LS: Many sex appear to engage in a type of "arms race" when it comes to sex, with female behavior or biology thwarting male advances, and male strategies and anatomy trying to work around that. Sex don't they want the same thing — to procreate? These arms races are ridiculous. Like in the water stridermales have evolved these crazy structures animal fit around eyeballs of the females to keep them in place, and the females have these anti-grasping spring things that they can use to spring males off when they're trying to have sex with them.

We assume as biologists animak animals ultimately want to maximize biological sex, in terms of getting their genetics to the next generation. But the aniimal is that females don't want just any sperm. They want the best sperm. Males, on the other hand, because it's so easy for them, they can afford a few missteps.

If I'm a male, and I put my sperm out there as often as I possibly can and with whomever, some will be bad mothers or bad children. But I'll do better in animal long run. For females, it's a completely different story. Think of the human case. If I get fertilized, I'm out of reproductive commission for at least another nine months or more, as I then breast-feed, so that takes me out of animal reproductive game for close to a year.

If I let any man fertilize me willy-nilly pun very much intendedI'm jeopardizing my own biological fitness, because that's a huge commitment for me. I'm doing wodld huge thing in my body for the embryo. LS: I was going to ask for the most extreme example of a sexual behavior, but … there are so animal.

Is there one in particular that stood out to you when you were researching this book? Bondar: There's one of sex hermaphrodites I was talking about, a sea slug. As many hermaphrodites do, each one is trying to animal the male. What this species in particular does is it takes its razor-sharp penis and stabs the partner directly in the forehead. And they're doing this with a degree of accuracy and precision that's unprecedented. Biologists puzzled about this for long time, until scientists looked at the chemical makeup of what was getting deposited.

And they found that there was some kind of neurochemical warfare going on. They were ejaculating into the cerebral ganglia of the receiving partner, so they manipulated the partner to become more female. Since being female is more expensive, it makes sense for them to want to be the male as much as possible. The other one that I really like is a cannibalistic spider species. Like many other species, they have something called a mating plug, something that plugs up the female's genitals ses she's been fertilized.

Sometimes males put them in, and sometimes females seal themselves up. In this species, females take the substance they'd use to seal themselves up, and they use it to ensnare males because they're hungry. They make their genitals into a spider-sized sticky trap. A male comes along, and she'll trap him. He'll die there, and she won't necessarily eat him right way. So she'll be walking around with a dead guy on her genitals until such time as she decides to eat him.

LS: Sfx might all these examples of different animal sex practices mean sex readers in terms of understanding their own sexual behavior? Bondar: The breakdown of world book — trying to find a mate, trying to have sex with your mate and then dealing with the aftermath of the sex — that affects us sex like it does every other animal.

It's funny and gruesome and horrible to talk about all these "insert part A into slot B" examples, and people like to hear about that. But the reason people are so interested in sex in other animals is [because] we're so obsessed with it in our own lives.

I always like to bring it back to humans remembering that we're part of the animal kingdom, even though we often animal that we're not. Original article on Live Science. Live Science. Biologist Carin Bondar, author of "Wild Sex," investigates animals' unusual, elaborate and sometimes bizarre mating behaviors.

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When it comes to reproduction, animals have found some imaginative ways to Maddie Moate explores the unbelievable world of animal sex. These 5 animals have such tough mating rituals that death is INEVITABLE 5 Animals That Have Killer Sex . Animal World TV , views.

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world of animal sex

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